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Found 5 results

  1. I recently purchased a Corsair One Elite, running the 8700K. I have also had an offer for a very very reasonably priced 9700K, so reasonably priced that I would be able to sell the 8700K, used and be in profit so I very intrestd in possibly switching out the 8700K to the 9700K, enjoying the slight speed increase and making a bit of money in the process. My issue is with motherboard comparability. Looking at CPU-Z it seems to show the motherboard as a 'Z370I CORSAIR ONE (MS-7B43)', which when googling comes up as the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC, which states it should support the 9th gen processor in question however I would like to confirm before going ahead as the board is quite obviously running custom software / bios and seems to have the top VRM heatsink removed for space saving reasons. The bios version is 2.CA and dated as 06/25/2018. Is this a custom BIOS version for the corsair one? Would the Motherboard be compatible with the 9700K? Or is this a board specifically modified and locked for the one CPU?
  2. as title say CPU 8700k cooler H115i GPU 1070 mother Aurus gaming 7 gigabyte thermal paste Arctic Silver 5 ( i put it 3-4times) 50-55C idle 85-90C gaming auto clock at 4400hz memory profile at 3000hz i see auto vcore max is ~1.22 i really dont know what to do :(
  3. Hey Everyone, I am editing my old post since I think I was being a little to vague. As the title says, I am new to overclocking and I just finished building my first rig. I listed all my system specs in the profile but not the h100i v2. Could not find a place for it. I have read through the whole Liquid Cooler FAQ Guide from DevBiker and have tried my best to follow the troubleshooting scenarios that he has described. I followed Boosted Media's Overclocking Guide for the 8700K and mismatched some settings from der8auer to help with my overclocking. I should mention that I am only trying to go as high as 4.8 GHZ at the moment until I fully understand more of the principles of this fine art. I do have some questions on how I can use my AIO Pump to its full capability: 1.) The forums mention that the pump has to run on full 12V for it to operate properly. Devbiker says to put the CPU Fan Speed at 100% in the BIOS. I tried finding this option on the Asus Prime z370-A BIOS and I could not locate it. The only this I could find was the Q-Fan Control. Is this the same thing? Should I disable this or does anyone know where I can turn the CPU Fan speed to 100%? 2.) If I am understanding correctly, this model of AIO only runs in 2 modes. Quiet and Performance. There is an option for Balance but it wont allow me to select the Pump only the fans. I am using the ICUE to control my Corsair RGB and the Pump as well. When I look at the RPM for the Fans on the H100i it says 0 RPM. Is this something to do with my BIOS Settings? 3.) How do Fan curves work on this ICUE system? I am trying to keep my temps as low as possible in idle and full load but I dont know what temp averages I should be seeing. I live in Long Beach, CA where weather right now is at 26C - 31C. I will not be gaming on this computer as I am a console person, sorry guys and gals, this system will be used for Visual Effects, editing, 3D Modeling, texturing, compositing, etc. Sorry for the rant but I am just trying to learn as much as I can and pass the knowledge on.
  4. After getting temps up in the 35C-39C, during day, I thought maybe the paste was not as good so I've changed it to arctic and it still the same thing. When I don't do anything, it literally stays at 34C-35C and I have spikes up to 50 each time I open something, refresh or even when I open task manger. 8700k + h115i. My room is very hot during the day. No AC. Around 30C during the day. I didn't really force anything or play around with it when I installed. I applied a fairly good amount of thermal paste. In the Z370 Gigabyte BIOS, temps are always 3-5 degrees higher? Up to 38-40C ? Thank you for any replies! Also, can anyone tell me if the AIO is installed OK? It doesn't seem forced and it went down very easy. Although I keep looking over and it seems the tubes are too tight? Like right where they go inside, with the plastic on top, it feels to me like they might "pop" at any time? Lol sorry, this is my first time and I have no clue! All builds I've seen have the radiator on top but I didn't have space on top so I had to put it in front. Does it sit in an OK position? Thanks (During day was really hot in my room around 30 or more, now at night it gets really cool under 25C so I'm hoping the water might stabilize a bit?) Updated Temps (the room is now much cooler than it was during the day):
  5. Bustle

    H115i pro help

    Hello so I'm new to using an AIO and I'm unsure if I have something installed wrong or if it's just the fact I'm using an overcooked 8700k that's not deluded. I am getting very high temps hitting 80c on a stress test on gpuz after about 30min and 95c in aida64 after only 5-10 minute runs. My cpu is running 5.0ghz at 1.370v kinda high and if my mobo didn't vdroop so much even on llc 6 I could probably go a little lower but that's irrelevant. So specs for my h115i pro starts at 24.5-25c. Ambient is about 22-23c Installed in the front of my 750d case as an intake with upgraded fans there performance version of the fans that come with the cooler so they can ramp up to high rpms At a full load after about 15 mins the cooler temp goes up to 30-31c normally stays there even after 30mins So I'm not sure if this is normal to be that much lower on the AIO then the cpu. I have reset the pump on the cpu and reapplied the tim 4 or 5 times and temps are always the same. I have read that it's normal for the back plate to be loose before the pump is installed I did use some washers which did help my temps a little at that point. I really just want to make sure that my temps are normal on the AIO before I go the way of sending my cpu to silicon lottery to be delidded. Thanks for any advice on the matter!
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