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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, so I have two questions regarding some AIO coolers and the 780T Option 1 so my best case option is to mount a Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Pro XT 63 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler in the front of the PC with the hoses at the bottom. I currently have two 120mm fans in the base and two 140 mm fans in the front. All of these are intake fans. Now I noticed the mounting points for the front 140 fans that side inside a Fan area in the front of the case (not inside the case but in there own little cubby if that makes sense…) and the mounting points for an AIO cooler are different. Now I’ve ben informed that the hoses on the “pro” (not sure if the corsair rep is referring to this pro or just, a pro.) is 17 inches long. Now here’s what I want to do. Having looked at my case I would like to mount the cooler in the front with fans on both sides. Since the mounting holes on the 780T for radiators is indented. (there’s a dip exterior side for screws so they don’t interfere with fans.) I should still be able to have my exterior LL fans and have the interior fans in the following configuration. Pull fans - AIO radiator – push fans – exterior panel to fan cubby – LL fans in cubby So here’s my worries, if I put it in this configuration would it be beneficial or detrimental to the radiator and would the hoses / tubes be long enough to reach my CPU. (the 780T is massive) I have a Gigabyte X399 AORUS XTREME EATX sTR4 Motherboard with Corsair Vengeance RGB 32 GB (8 x 8 GB) DDR4-2666 CL16 Memory, so the ram is tall. Also I have two EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB BLACK GAMING Video Card Video Card in NV link so the tubes will have to make an S bend. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My second option would be easier but less preferable I have 3 120MM LL fans in the top in an outward configuration and I do have a Blue-ray drive in the front of the PC. I could try mounting a 360 AIO radiator in the top with two fans pushing air in to the radiator and 3 pulling air out. Is that a viable option? I will admit I’m not to keep on this option as I have an open shroud GPUs that would be pushing hot air upwards.
  2. Hi, guys! ;): I built the war machine of my dreams earlier this year and bought a Corsair Hydro H115i (1st generation) watercooling to cool my Intel Core i9-9900K overclocked at 5.1Ghz on all its cores. Now, this cooling is a bit noisy in games and with the overclock the chip reaches 90/100°C on load and the water about 45/50°C... Could you advise me a better Corsair watercooling adapted for my processor ? Will the gains be significant ? Do you advise a delid or direct die cooling ? (seems very cool but touchy !) I don't care about RGB, my only criteria are the cooling capacity, the noise generated and... the price... a little bit... anyway... My case is a Corsair 780T, so it accepts 360mm watercooling... I ask a question here about them : https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=1041975#post1041975 Thank you per advance! Here's my configuration: - Intel Core i9-9900K CPU overclocked at 5,1 Ghz on all cores - Asus Strix Z390-E motherboard - Corsair RGB PRO DDR4 2x8 GB 3600Mhz RAM/memory - Corsair Hydro H115i (1st version) top mounted - Asus Dual OC Nvidia RTX 2080 - Intel Optane M10 32GB - Corsair AX760i power supply - LG Bluray disc reader/writer - a few drives... 5 actually
  3. Hi, guys! ;): It's been a while since I've been here! About four years... But here I am at the beginning of this year, I've built the ultimate PC that all my computer engineer ends up having and (of course) I've stuffed it with Corsair ! :biggrin: My question is entirely in the title: my case is a Corsair 780T, I'm thinking about mounting a Corsair H150i watercooling system (pro or pro XT) on top and in pull mode, will I be able to place the radiator in the upper part of the case without being hindered to pass the cooling hoses? :roll: My objective by mounting it on top is to regain access to the top 5,25" bay Thanks per advance for your answers ! :sunglasse Here's my configuration: - Intel Core i9-9900K CPU overclocked at 5,1 Ghz on all cores - Asus Strix Z390-E motherboard - Corsair RGB PRO DDR4 2x8 GB 3600Mhz RAM/memory - Corsair Hydro H115i (1st version) top mounted - Asus Dual OC Nvidia RTX 2080 - Intel Optane M10 32GB - Corsair AX760i power supply - LG Bluray disc reader/writer - a few drives... 5 actually
  4. Guten Tag Ich möchte meinen aktuellen alten und langsamen Computer aufrüsten/verbessern. Ist mein erstes mal dass ich das selber machen will, es kann also sein dass ich ein paar dumme Fragen stelle :laughing:. Ich möchte mir das Corsair Graphite 780T kaufen, doch bevor ich das mache möchte ich ein paar Sachen klären: Meine Idee war: Corsair Graphite 780T + inkl. 3x140mm Lüfter Corsair H115i RGB Platinum CPU Kühler (280mm = 2x140mm Lüfter) Corsair LL120mm (1x120mm Lüfter) Siehe Bild für bessere Übersicht Ich möchte die CPU Wasserkühlung auf der Front montieren, sodass die kalte Luft von aussen ins innere de PCs geht. Das eine mitgelieferte Lüfter (1x140mm) auf der Rückseite und die anderen zwei mitgelieferte Lüfter (2x140mm) oben montieren. Alle drei dienen für das austreten der warmen Luft. Der Lüfter LL120mm würde ich unten montieren, zwischen PSU und HDD Cases, sodass die kalte Luft auch von unten durchflossen wird. Meine Fragen: 1. Wenn ich die CPU Wasserkühlung auf der Front montieren, würden die HDD Cases immer noch platz haben oder würden sie dann wegfallen? 2. Wenn ich der Lüfter LL120mm unten anbringe, zwischen PSU und HDD Cases, wäre dies möglich oder müsste ich die HDD Cases weglassen? 3. Was denkt ihr vom ganzen? Wird der Airflow gut sein/Positives Luftdruck…? PS: Es gibt ja zwei HDD Cases. Meine Idee war das obere wegzunehmen, sodass ein besseres Airflow herrscht. Jedoch würde ich gerne wenn möglich das untere drin lassen, bis wann ich alles auf M2/SSDs umgerüstet habe, denn zurzeit habe ich noch HDDs. PPS: Falls ihr noch irgendwelche Tipps oder so etwas für mich habt, würde ich mir sehr freuen :biggrin: Vielen Dank
  5. Can you add sound proofing foam etc to Corsair Graphite Series 780T ? Trying to decide between a Fractal Design Define XL R2 £119 (Before tax) and a Corsair Graphite Series 780T £189 (Before Tax). The main advantage of the Fractal case other than being a lot cheaper is the sound proofing. I really like the Corsair case, but the sound proofing is not so good. But was wondering about a customising cheat like possibly adding sound dampening foam sheets. Has anyone tried this or know if it is possible and if so how effective and how expensive would it be? Plus how would it be done to even it up with the Fractal or Be quiet cases
  6. Has the Corsair Graphite 780T been discontinued? I can't find a black one almost nowhere in stock, let alone NewEgg. I'd like to know before I commit to a new build using this case. Thank you.
  7. Hello all, I am about to splash out on my new gaming rig and I have a question. What layout of fans would you recommend for the 780T? I was planning on simply having two 140mm fans at the front and one 140mm fan at the rear. My CPU cooler will be a NH-D15. Thanks!
  8. [i have a Corsair Graphite 780T white case] [ WILL the LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan — 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO...] [fit on the top of the case underneath the filter or will i have to get the..] [LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan — 2 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO..] [i will add a attchment so you can see what i mean..]
  9. Hey guys I know that the fan controller on the Graphite 780T is powered by SATA which provides up to 9A to the controller so does that mean that each channel on the controller has access to 1.8A? Or is the distribution different. I was wondering because I wanted all my fans which are the Corsair SP120 Q Edition which only have 3 pin connectors to be powered by the controller using splitters so I wanted to know if each channel does indeed provide 1.8A or something different.
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