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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Corsair experts! I'm just starting a new build which will be my biggest ever so far based around the new AMD 7000 CPU and GPUs. It will have full custom loop water cooling and my main aim is for silent running rather than max overclock. I just got my new 7000D Airflow (Only ever use Corsair cases) and now trying to figure out what radiators to get. I will go a bit overkill (before anyone mentions it 😉 ) And thinking 3 rads, front, top and side where the side mounted one will be slim and passive (no fans). For front and top I'm planning on 45mm thick ones and all will be push oriented (in front out top). Now I wonder what sizes I can get away with for this setup and still be able to run tubing. It looks like I can get away with a slim passive 360/480 mounted to the side without interfering with windows offset top and side rads regardless of thickness (only the tubing might be an issue?). What about mixing front and top with 45mm RADs? Will 360 top and 480 front work, or will I be limite to 2 360's (planning to keep all ports on top). For the side mounted rad I'm guessing the ports will be the main issue and maybe a centered slim 360 might sort that? Please share your experiences and thoughts. (pictures if you have them). TIA and best Wishes Thomas
  2. Hey there everyone! DevBiker from deep in the heart of Texas and I'm just starting down the path of rebuilding my rig into a Corsair 7000 series case. I've gotten my hands on the iCUE 7000X RGB in white as well as the front and top panels for the 7000D Airflow editions (also in white, though black may have been an interesting contrast). I do plan on playing around with it a bit ... to rearrange things a bit and rebuilt it several times, looking at different options. Over the next month or so - before I do the actual build - I'll be playing around with the case and measuring things and seeing how different things may or may not fit. I'm not going to go over all the marketing fluff - except for a single Obligatory Marketing Image - because y'all can read all of that stuff on all the various reviews that are out there. So with that ... this should also be a discussion. What ideas do y'all have for the 7000? I've already talked with one other forum member that was looking to put a monitor screen on the PSU window and I got some measurements for that. You'll that info in the FAQ as well (under PSU installation) I'm using the new Album feature for the FAQ; comments are enabled for each photo so you can ask questions there or here. It's best to view the Album by Caption. I like the List View, personally. Table of Contents - each link points to the first image in the 'section' . 0001: Intro, Marketing Image, in the Box 0002: Devices, including the Commander Core XT 0003: Motherboard Mounts 0004: PSU Shroud, including vertical GPU mounting 0005: PSU Installation 0006: Drive Cages and SSD Mounts 0007: Front Fans and Radiators 0008: Side Fans and Radiators 0009: Top Fans and Radiators 0010: Outer Glass and Panels (In Progress ...) Corsair 7000 Series Cases / HydroX Options : This is an ongoing list of different configurations with HydroX and the 7000 series cases. Diagrams: RGB Diagram for 7000X with 2x XR5 420mm Much thanks to the folks at Corsair as well for helping with this by answering questions and providing a LOT of goodies for this build!! Links to the 7000 Series Product Pages: iCUE 7000X RGB Tempered Glass in Black and White. 7000D AIRFLOW in Black and White. The system that will be going through this will be my main rig: Asus Zenith II Extreme ThreadRipper 3970X with HydroX XC9 8x 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB @ 3466Ghz nVidia RTX 3090 Founder's Edition with HydroX XG7 (I paid MSRP for this!) MP600 1TB (System Drive) MP600 1TB [This will be replaced with an MP600 Core 2TB] MP510 960GB [This will be replaced with an MP600 Core 2TB] Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS 10TB I have lots of RGB in there (of course) but all that's likely going to be replaced. I've even got 4 LL140 RGB fans in there from way back just after the LLs actually launched ... and they are still going. Those things have seen some use. On of them even has an RGB cable that I had to cut and re-crimp because I snipped the wire. I've got Commander Pros, Lighting Node Pros and Fan Hubs that are around 4 years old or so ... still going. Of course there's gonna be a ton of Corsair in here because that's just how I roll. None of y'all are going to be surprised by that in the least.
  3. Hi All! I'm looking at upgrading my current case to the Corsair 7000D Airflow (black), however i'm slightly worried that the glass is too tinted. I have RGB Strips, but I wanted to vertically mount my GPU but because it has no RGB on it I am worried you wont be able to see it. Is it possible you can buy a less tinted glass from elsewhere? I know corsair sells the glass seperatly, but the less tinted glass has a white border which I feel wont look good with the black case and will look out of place. Has anyone got the black 7000d and can confirm if the glass is 'too tinted' or if you can buy replacement less tinted glass from anywhere? Thanks for reading, ximplo
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