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Found 25 results

  1. I am almost certain that I will buy the Corsair 680x (White) in the near future. Does anyone know if there are mod companies who sell a mesh replacement for the front and top glass of the 680x case?
  2. Bonjour. Je voudrais savoir si il serait toujours possible d'acheter des filtre à poussières pour le crystal 680x rgb. Je le trouve sur le site de Corsair mais impossible de l'ajouter en panier, cet article est-il toujours en vente? Merci. Top Magnetic Dust Filter
  3. Hello, I own a Corsair 680X case and was wondering if it is possible to remove the ssd tray, and if so how to do so. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. Hello! I recently bought a Corsair 680x and a ASUS Z490 Gaming G motherboard. When I connect the front panel USB 3.2 cable to the motherboard and run Windows, I keep getting that sound of connection and disconnection of the USB. When I look the Device Manager, I can see that this particular USB (USB-C) keeps getting recognized and unrecognized. This cycle goes on and on forever. My BIOS is already updated with the latest version and I simply cannot solve this problem. Did anyone have the same problem?
  5. Hi. I purchased a Corsair 680X case. As you guys know, it comes with 3 LL120 fans. However, because these LL120 fans only has RGB on one side, I wanted to buy an extra QL120 to cover the 3 remaining fan spots in the case. If I understand correctly, using the Lightning Node Core from the QL120, The LL120 should be able to light their RGB but only one side of the QL120. Or maybe use the Light Node Pro that comes from the case? This is because I plan to have two 120mm at the bottom for intake and, thus, LLs would show their back... Correct me if I'm wrong? Cheers. P.S I know there's a supposed firmware update that will allow mix-and-match but this is in the meantime.
  6. I am planning to build a computer and have heard that there are problems with the 680x Case and radiators ... I wonder if there is space for an H150i ELITE CAPELLIX in the front and an additional 240mm radiator below? If someone asks why: I plan to put in an all in one gpu water cooling. Does anyone have the answer to my problem?
  7. Hey all, I recently bought the corsair 680x case and iCue H115i Elite Capellix. I also purchased a Commander Pro Before bothering anyone with this, I've had a read of the manuals but can't seem to figure out how they all work together RGB builds are completely new to me and im going seriously wrong with this somewhere in regards to getting the lighting to work. So currently, ive got the H115i fans plugged into its own controller on both fan and RGB I've got the rest of the fans plugged into the commander pro, and the lighting goes back to the h115i controller. If i plug them into the controller that came with the case, no lighting comes on :p: I made a diagram of how it's plugged in but haven't attached incase it confuses the matter! Can anyone give me a tip? I'm currently just unplugging and replugging things in to see if it makes a difference Thank you all (is it too soon for happy holidays?)
  8. Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu hier und hätte mal ein paar Fragen :) Ich bin dabei mir einen neuen PC zusammenzustellen den ich auch selbst zusammenbauen werde. Und für mich stand schon fest das ich das 680X haben will, weil ich das Gehäuse einfach liebe - ist auch schon bestellt. in der Front sind ja bereits 3x LL120 Lüfter vormontiert, zusammen mit einer Lightning Node Pro. Ich habe aber geplant mir noch eine AiO-WaKü einzubauen - und zwar die iCue Elite Capellix (hier will ich auch die Lüfter tauschen und LL-Lüfter drauf setzen). Zum einen würde ich gerne wissen, wo ich den Radiator am besten montiere. Habe bei verschiedenen Builds gesehen, das der oben oder unten montiert war, bei manchen auch vorne ein 360er Radiator (das wäre aber ziemlich eng für die Kabel und von der Grafikkartenlänge). Sollte ich für oben/unten eher einen 240er oder einen 280er Radiator nehmen? Habt ihr hier ein paar Tipps für mich? Das nächste wäre der Anschluss der Lüfter. Wenn ich vorne 3 Lüfter habe, 2 Lüfter an der WaKü und 1 hinten, komme ich auf 6 Lüfter. Die kann ich ja leider nicht alle über die Lightning Node Pro anschließen, sondern brauche hier vermutlich den Commander pro. Laut der Seite der Elite Capellix WaKü ist dort ein Commander Core bei (wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe). Was ist hier der Unterschied zum Commander Pro? Kann ich den genauso nehmen für alle Lüfter? Un wie würde das aussehen, wenn ich auch noch 2 weitere Lüfter auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite der WaKü montieren wollen würde, da ich dann ja auf 8 Lüfter komme? Kenne mich mit den ganzen RGB und Lüfter Anschlüssen nicht aus, da ich darauf bisher verzichtet habe xD Würde mich freuen wenn mir heir jemand etwas weiterhelfen kann :) LG Felian
  9. Hello, I recently built a system in the 220t case, however I am going to purchase a 3080 when they are released and it seems they will not fit inside the 220t (I also have a front mounted radiator) and therefore am considering getting the 680x (my fault for not looking at dimensions originally). The 220t came with 3 SP120 fans and the 680x comes with 3 LL120 fans, and I read that you can't use the same RGB controller for two separate fan types. Would it be possible to remove the Lighting Node Core from my 220t and place it in the 680x and use that for one set of fans and the already installed one for the other set or is there a better way? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, please forgive me as I wasn't sure where to put this post as I didn't see a category for lighting hardware. Let me start by saying I'm a complete noob... this is my first computer build EVER, so I apologize if my question seems really dumb or basic. Even though it's my first build I want to make it cool with lights and all.. This is what I have purchased: Corsair 680x case Commander Pro QL120 x 6 RM850x H100i I have ordered the Crosshair VII Hero and probably the Ryzen 3900xt So, very basic start here.. the 680x comes with a node / hub. But what I don't understand is that do I leave the RGB hub that it came with in there, plug all the fans RGB connectors into that, and then from that hub I plug into the Commander Pro (CPro)? Do I remove the node thing that it came with that is labeled LED 1 and 2 cause the commander pro has the same thing? Once again, I'm sorry if I am really stupid on this but this is my first build ever. I am just glad Corsair has a forum. P.S. I love corsair so I'm doing as much of it in Corsair that I can
  11. During the night while my computer was shut down there was a power outage (the only thing that I think may have caused my issue) and when I turned my computer back on my fans are stuck on whatever lighting effect they were last on (the effect doesn't move but the fans are running) and my corsair LED light strips are not on. In iCUE it doesn't detect my lighting hub that my fans and lights came with plugged into (the hub that came with fans in the Crystal Series 680X case). I tried updating iCUE, restarting it, and repairing it through the program installer and none of that worked. So i decided to post on here.
  12. Hallo, ich habe mir ein 680x und dazu 3 weitere ll 120 gekauft. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage, wie bekommen alle Lüfter Strom ? ich kann ja 6 Lüfter am RGB hub anschließen, aber mein Mainboard hat nicht genügend chassifan anschlüsse, wie bekommen die Lüfter nun Strom? Viellicht kann mir ja jemand helfen. LG Johannes
  13. Hello people, let me start off by saying that this 680X build is my 2nd pc build. The first one is my current 900D (AIR) only. Due my work, being away alot, I am a little hesitant going full water... So pls no comments on the 900D that it is overkill for just AIO.. I wanted a white build. It has to do with some factors I want to add to the case later on, like the figure of a crab /cancer logo because I've lost my mother to it, and my father is currently in his last phase with cancer.. On Tweakers (A Dutch tech/nerd site) I've got a bunch of photo's to look at, if someone is interested so far. ( https://tweakers.net/gallery/413684/fotoalbum/?MapID=95528 ) I am still somewhat in the planning phase on what to do, take looks in consideration, routing the cables (length) etc. The thing is: I have a decider to make considering a AIO. I wanted as much Corsair as possible, even had the new 280 rad, but opted to go for a 360 rad in white, so that is unfortunately a Asus LC RGB 360 (with white QL's push pull) I had mounted the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom of the case towards the pump. Last night I changed that to the tubes starting at the top of the rad, going slightly down towards the pump in a bend config around the RAM-sticks. Then this morning GamersNexus posted on YT a topic about the AIO orientation, and how it is mostly mounted wrongly. Long story short: Air (between 2% and 10%)-bubbles in a AIO tend to go to the highest point in a loop (logical). Is the highest point the AIO, then with 99% of the current pumpconfig the pump will run dry and dies over time. So then to my debate... My first opt; was on the bottom of the 680X, but didn't want the 240 rad in white. Best option according Nexus is placing the radiator at the top of the case, the air will stay somewhere in the radiator. I want the 360rad push-pull to the front. Do I place the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom side of the rad, straight up to the CPU/pump; which is slightly lower then the top of the rad. And let it run for some time on the back of the case so the air will flow to the (then oriented up position) radiator and after e few hours on the normal position or do I mount the rad with the tubes starting from the top side of the rad, in a fancy curl around the RAM sticks to the CPU/pump? New build specs: Case: 680X Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A CPU: 9600K NVMe: 1 M.2 500GB Samsung NVMe: 1 M.2 1TB Samsung PSU: Corsair RM850x (2018) White RAM: 32GB 2Dimms Corsair White 3000Mhz RAM: 2Dimms Corsair Light Enhancement kit Fans: 5x QL 140 white, 6 or 7x QL120 white AIO: Asus ROG Strix LC 360 White Edition Keyboard: K70 MK.2 SE GPU: Asus 1060 DUAL O6GB White
  14. Older players to the upgrade games here on the Corsair forums might have seen my previous build where I threw a Plex server in my 1000d. So after living with the changes for a few months, I noticed that having the Plex server inside my 1000d running all the time drove the temps in my GPU loop up 3+ degrees. While it wasn't too much of a change for the 1000d. That 3+ degrees push the ITX loop to 33->36c at load. I don't like running my liquid loops that hot, especially coming into the summer months. Additionally, I also didn't have a GPU on the Plex loop, and while the iGPU on the Ryzen 3 2200g is ok, a dedicated GPU would give the Plex transcoding a little more grunt. My solution to the problem was build a dedicated Plex box, reusing as many of the components I had sitting around on shelves as possible, but creating a system I feel comfortable leaving on 24x7x365. The Build: Gigabyte Aorus x470 Gaming WiFi 5 Ryzen 3 2200g Zotec RX-480 8 GB (I know it's old, but it's what I had....) EKWB RX-480 Waterblock (Also old, but an eBay steal when I found it NIB) 2xXR5 280mm Radiators XD3 Pump-Reservoir Combination 16 GB Corsair 3200 Dominator RAM Corsair HX850i PSU Crucial P1 500 GB M.2 3xLL120 Fans 5xLL140 Fans Commander Pro 2xRGB Hubs 1 Silverstone 8 PWM Hub Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SSD 7 GB worth of assorted HD Drobo 16TD Array Fergus Approval of the New Case RX-480 with the new Waterblock Stripped out Ready for Building Radiators in PSU Installed Major Pieces Installed Loop Complete - Pressure Testing Final Result Final Result Part II Final Result with Glass
  15. Ich habe heutemein vorhandenes System von dem Sharkoon TG5 in das Corsair 680x eingebaut. Dazu habe ich mir noch 3 LL 120mm Lüfter geholt. 2 davon Oben ans Gehäuse und einen Unten. Die Lüfter Vorne habe ich dran gelassen, und an die meinen Radiator von der H150i RGB befestigt. Die RGB-Kabel der 3 Lüfter hab ich an den Header gemacht, und die 3 Verbindungskabel der Lüfter an dem Lüfteranschluss von dem Kühler der CPU geschlossen. Mein Problem nun ist, die Lüfter gehen nicht an und leuchten auch nicht. Den Header hab ich per USB aAnschluss ans MB und mit SATA an Strom befestigt. Wieso funktionieren die Lüfter nicht? Oder muss ich die direkt ans Mainboard schließen? Das geht nicht, weil ich die CPU FAN Stecker schon belegt habe und dann die WaKü keine Lüfter erkennt?
  16. Hello, I'm having issues with the LL120 RGB fans as they don't react to colour changes made in iCue. Current setup: 6xLL120 RGB fans (power connected to motherboard, RGB connected to lighting hub on channel 1), 3 fans bought as a LL120 lighting pack, the other 3 came with the 680X case 680X case with Lighting Node PRO and RGB Lighting Hub Commander Pro Latest iCue software and latest lighting node pro firmware Problem: iCue detects Lighting Node Pro, no issues Set channel 1 to 6xLL120 fans Fans are on, spinning and RGB LEDs are illuminating (but the fans do not have the same colours showing) When changing the fan colour scheme in iCue, the fans do not change colour correctly. Some fans will change slightly (but incorrectly) and others won't change Tried changing to 'static colour' in iCue, e.g. red. Some fans show partial red, whilst others show no red at all but show blue instead Memory and CPU cooler respond properly to iCue RGB settings Attempted resolution: Tried connecting 1 fan at a time with iCue configuration updated accordingly Tried a new Lighting Node Pro and RGB Lighting Hub Tried using Gigabyte RGB Commander instead of Lighting Node Pro and RGB Lighting Hub (Gigabyte RGB Fusion since uninstalled to avoid conflict) Tried different USB port to connect Lighting Node Pro to motherboard Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to test the output signals from the lighting node pro?
  17. Just got the Crystal 680x (white). I was trying to remove the HDD bay box since I don't plan to use it at all. I took off I think 4 or 5 screws out from the outside, which I thought were attached to it. And I removed one other screw from the back inside compartment right next to the HDD slots. But I can't get it off the thing. I tried looking into the manual... but the manual doesn't really show much other than pointing out that this is the HDD bay.
  18. [ame] [/ame] I am seriously considering one of these cases but at £200 its quite the investment so wanted thoughts and comments before commiting. I currently have a *correction* Carbine 400c and everything is a squeeze and i dont like it. With the coamnder pro, led strips, 4 ssd's its all a crush to get the back panel on the case. I saw the 680X and its entire bay for drives, PSU and cabling so obviously a hit but theres a Lighting Node Pro included with the 680x which i wouldn't need due to the CoPro. It also comes with 3 LL120 fans, now I have 3 HD120 fans and would use them all if i can so this is where the LNPro would help? Read I shouldn't mix fan types on the CoPro. Everything else will fit in nice, vertical GPU mount (MSI 1660ti) also appeals to me though it has no RGB itself, I have spare LED strips to help with that. Anyone got thoughts on this case, building in it, or a better alternative?
  19. Hi Guys! I got myself a 680X and a 9900KS, and I need tips on how to do the cooling. Should I leave the 3 front fans on top and use a 280mm AIO on top or change it to a 360mm Radiator in front and put 2 fans on top? Also, I plan to add 1 or 2 fans on the bottom of the case, should I make them intake or exhaust? The front 3 will be Intake, the rear one is exhaust I will make the top (fans or radiator/fans) exhaust out also Should I make the bottom intake too, that way front and bottom intake, top and rear are the exhaust? Lastly, if I do the radiator on top, whats better, fans on top of the case (on the outside, with radiator on the inside? Need help please!
  20. Friends. I'm very indecisive at the moment and need some input. I'm looking at doing a new build in the next week or two but can't decide on going with a 680x build or a 280x build. I'm going to be going Ryzen 3900x build with an Asus ROG Strix 2070 (already in my current build) My current case is a fractal design meshify C. My main concern right now is the size of the 680x. It looks quite massive from the specs and videos I've seen. The 280x is couple inches wider than my meshify c but is shorter and not as long (I think) Worried the 280x will be a little compact with my GPU and have read some negatives about airflow - whats up with no rear exhaust? Also don't like having only one mobo option for micro Atx and Ryzen 3900x I like the idea of verticle GPU mounting in the 680x and all the room for fans but the size is kind of putting me off. What say you fine folks? Should I go the micro ATX route and keep a nice small form factor or really go monster mode with the 680x. Anyone built in both of the cases before?
  21. Hello, I am planning to transfer my PC components to a new case, specifically the Corsair Crystal 680X. While transferring my components, I would like to install some new cool RGB fans as well. I've already read multiple threads and created a basic schematic of how I think I must connect the new fans and led strip. A more high-resolution version can be found on: https://i.imgur.com/GGpAS3H.png Please comment if the provided schematic is perfect or which connection changes should be made. I look forward to your help. - Tjeu
  22. Hello there, I am wanting to do my first ever custom water cooling loop with Hydro X in my Crystal 680X RGB case. I have been using the configurator but have had problems with it providing the GPU block for my 5700 XT Anniversary Edition, so I am not confident my plans will work. My plan is to have one 360mm (XR5 or XR7, not sure which) radiator on the front of the case with the XD5 pump/res combo attached on the front of the case. I would then ideally like to have the pump feed to the GPU on the XG7, then on to the CPU XC7 block, then finally to the radiator. I see that on the reference build guide (attached) this is very different from what is recommended, my main questions boil down to: First, do I need the 3 different radiators? I was under the impression the general rule was 120mm of rad per component (so 240mm ?) Is this recommendation due to the thickness of radiators used? Second, will vertically mounting the GPU allow for any additional room or configurations to have the pump mounted in the "hot" chamber with a 360mm radiator on the front? I would love to show off the XG7 block, so I am really considering going with a vertical mount. I am worried that the 5700 XT not showing any cooling options in the configurator means there's no room for that block in my system with the 5700 XT. Thanks for any advice offered!
  23. New build - clarity on fan connections please 1) corsair 680x case with 3 rgb fans plus standard rear fan. 2) Corsair H100i rgb platinum aio cooler. 3)ASUS ROG STRIX z390-e mobo. I have the 2 h100i AIO fans connected to pump harness. Pump tach connected to CPU_FAN. Rear case fan to CHA_FAN header. Asus board has small MOS fan - connected to CPU_OPT as instructed. That leaves the 3 front rgb fans from the 608X case to connect. Asus mobo also has 4 additional fan headers - AIO_PUMP (next to rear CHA_FAN connection) and at front edge of board CHA_FAN2, W_PUMP, and M.2_FAN. My issue is of the 4 fan headers available - 2 are 100% AIO_PUMP AND W_PUMP. So two of my front fans can be adjustable but the 3rd will run full speed if I am not mistaken - what are my options? Will this affect the rgb synching all fans to operate alike? Should I switch the rear fan to 100% (AIO_PUMP header) to free up the CHA_FAN 1 to use for one of the front fans (if even reachable to the back)? Side note- (All 5 rgb fans attached to included node pro for rgb connections). Thanks.
  24. New build - clarity on fan connections please 1) corsair 680x case with 3 rgb fans plus standard rear fan. 2) Corsair H100i rgb platinum aio cooler. 3)ASUS ROG STRIX z390-e mobo. I have the 2 AIO fans connected to pump harness. Pump tach connected to CPU_FAN. Rear fan to CHA_FAN. Asus board has small MOS fan - connected to CPU_OPT as instructed. That leaves the 3 front rgb fans from the 608X case to connect. Asus mobo also has 4 additional fan headers - AIO_PUMP (next to rear CHA_FAN connection) and at front edge of board CHA_FAN2, W_PUMP, and M.2_FAN. My issue is of the 4 fan headers available - 2 are 100% AIO_PUMP AND W_PUMP. So two of my front fans cam be adjustable but the 3rd will run full speed if I am not mistaken - what are my options? Will this affect the rgb synching snowball fans operate alike? Should I switch the rear fan to 100% (AIO_PUMP header) to free up the CHA_FAN 1 to use for one of the front fans (if even reachable to the back? Side note- (All 5 rgb fans attached to included node pro for rgb connections). Thanks.
  25. I have a Corsair 680x case, corsair h100i SE RGB cooler, 4 corsair LED strips and 8 corsair ll 120 fans. I cannot picture how I'm going to get this to work, maybe i have bit off more than i can chew, so I'm looking for some help. All of my parts came in and i want to start my build this week sometime. I will have 3 corsair ll 120's in the front of the case (replaced the black ones with all white), I will have a corsair h100i SE RGB in the top (with 2 ll 120 fans on it), a ll 120 fan in the rear and 2 ll 120 fans on the bottom. Is anyone willing to make a diagram on how i can get all of this hooked up and what else i will need. Would be willing to paypal someone for your time of making a visual diagram to help me with this. thanks! -Chris
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