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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I own the Obsidian 500D rgb case, I would like to replace the front dust filter with a simple model, without a grid (honeycomb). The dimensions of the front dust filter on the 500D are: 15,66 inches x 8,26 inches x 0,23 inches (thickness) including frame. if anyone knows a filter of the same size, magnetic if possible and black in color. Corsair or other brand ... Thank you to everyone who will measure their filterđŸ„° to help me find the right one. The 500D RGB filter: For a uniform pattern like the one below: Thanks everyone, Bye..
  2. Bonjour, je possede le boitier Obsidian 500D rgb se, est j'aimerais remplacer le filtre a poussiĂšre en facade par un modele simple, sans grille (nid d'abeille). Les dimensions du filtre avant sur le 500D sont: 39,8cm x 21cm x 0.6cm(epaisseur) cadre compris. si quelqu'un connait un filtre de mĂȘme dimension, magnetique si possible et de couleur noir. De marque Corsair ou autre ... Merci a tous ceux qui vont mesurer leur filtređŸ„° afin de m'aider a trouver le bon. Le filtre du 500D RGB: Pour un modele uniforme comme celui ci-dessous: Merci a tous, A+
  3. I have the some light strips inside my 500D SE and I've noticed that the lights bleed through the back of the case and on to my wall. Do you guys have any good ideas on how to reduce this without messing up the airflow?
  4. I'm planning my first Custom loop on a Corsair Obsidian 500 SE and would love to get a new Quantum Kinetic FLT 360/240 instead of a regular corsair pump. There's any way you guys can confirm it's possible to mount it facing to the side panels like in the picture attached? I asked EK and they said that the FLT is 120mm wide, so if you have enough space there, then it will be possible. but I haven't purchased the case yet Thanks, :[pouts:
  5. Gracias, amigos Tengo una caja Obsidian 500D RGB SE Premium. Entiendo que Ă©sta caja permite colocar de forma vertical la GPU. Sin embargo, no sĂ© quĂ© accesorio comprar para esto. Hay algĂșn accesorio oficial (Corsair)? o con quĂ© caracterĂ­sticas debo buscar uno? Hasta ahora he visto esta opciĂłn: http://www.phanteks.com/PH-VGPUKT.html Esta me sirve? Muchas gracias
  6. hey all, noob here after some advice/help! looking to build my first PC and decided this is the case i want! my only question is could these components fit within the case and actually provide gaming performance cooling together or am i fighting fire with fire? my question is: will a Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB, 360mm All-In-One Hydro CPU Coolerfit inside the case along with a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE either top or bottom fitment for either im not too fussed if they will both fit. ive seen videos where the H150i fits fine but i want some advice that i could get the waterforce fitted in the oposite position? the measurements for them both are (if you need it), AORUS - 240mm Radiator & 2x 120 mm Fan H150i - 360mm Radiator & 3x 120mm Fan now if they WOULD fit, is it a bad idea to have two radiators blocking up two large venting points? or would it be a viable solution for gaming and keeping the GPU and CPU and cool temps? Huge thanks for your Advice and help! cheers. Ollog.
  7. Hey! Can you guys please advise regarding the Hydro X Cooling and the 500D SE RGB case and its radiator support? Ok, I know that the case supports 120 radiator on the back, 280 up top and 360 in the front, but does it support all of them mounted at the same time? I'm planning to use hard tubes and cool both my GPU and CPU. GPU (2080 TI Strix OC) will be mounted vertically and the pump will be attached to the front 360 rad. Considering above I'm really wondering if all will fit? Thanks!
  8. Ich habe heute Nachmittag festgestellt, das nur noch 2 der 3 LL-120 RGB LĂŒfter meines 500d RGB SE leuchten... Heute frĂŒh, als ich ihn eingeschaltet hatte, kann ich definitiv sagen: es waren noch alle 3! Nach viel „Rumprobiererei“, Neustarten des PC‘s und der Software und sogar löschen der iCue Software habe ich keine Lösung erzieht :( Als ich dann aber an den Fan Hub dachte, etwas probierte und feststellte, dass nur der LĂŒfter nicht geht, der am Port 3 ist, stellt sich mir nun die Frage: Kann es sein, das das Ding nach nichtmal einem halben Jahr in Gebrauch kaputt ist? Die Software kann ich ja jetzt ausschließlich und etwas anderes fĂ€llt mir, leider, nicht ein! Vielen Dank schon Mal im Voraus fĂŒr die Antworten! LG Kicki!
  9. drkwpn

    500d RGB SE

    Hey guys, planning my new build and just wanted some advice on my fan choices. Going to have the H150i pro mounted to the front with the 3x included LL fans pushing air in through the radiotor and then using the 3x ML fans included with the cooler to pull air into the case. I orginally was going to use 2x 140mm ML pro rgb fans for the top and 1x 120mm ML pro rgb at the rear for exhaust. Have now changed those exhaust fans to LL. Should I revert back to the ML fans? Or stick with the LLS? Thanks.
  10. Hi Guys, I am building a new system and have some concerns. I am planning on getting the Corsair 500D RGB SE Case for my build and plan on using the Zotac 2080Ti AMP Extreme Gfx card. My concern over here is, will the case be sufficient in providing enough air flow for this card? i ask this because i have been hearing that the card runs hot as it is around 80+ on full load and everyone is recommending for a good airflow case. I am going to use the H150i pro on the front using the fans that come with the cooler + the existing 3 LL fans in the front in a push pull config; additional 2 LL on the top for exhaust and 1 in the back as a exhaust. I will also be vertically mounting the GPU, will there be enough space for the GFX card to pull in air between the glass panel ? Do you think this config will cause any heating issue? i want the card to run as cool as possible as i will not be upgrading in the near future.
  11. Hi everyone, I‘m looking for help from you experts! I want to build a new pc and after reading for weeks, I find myself coming back to Corsair components again and again. The 500D RGB case seems really nice, but since my last build dates back to 2012, all the corsair link / commander / RGB etc. stuff is new to me and I‘m not sure whether there are inherent mistakes in my plans. Besides normal everyday stuff, the system will be used for gaming (1440p, 144Hz) and photography (LR, PS, occasionally some video). i9-9900K Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero WiFi Corsair H150i Pro Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB (4x, 8GB, DDR4-3200, DIMM 288) MSI GeForce RTX 2080 TI Sea Hawk X Samsung 970 EVO (1000GB, M.2 2280) Samsung 860 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5") Corsair PSU AX860i Corsair LL140 2x Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB Any incompatibilities or flaws there?? The idea that CPU and GPU both have their AIO cooling system seemed appealing. The idea was to have the 360mm rad on intake at the front using the 3 120mm fans from the case. The GPU and its 120mm rad would be on the rear exhaust, the two 140mm fans would be on exhaust on the top. An idea was also to replace the fan from the Sea Hawk with another Corsair 120mm LL or ML fan. The two products which may not like all the Corsair stuff are the motherboard and the GPU. Fans (6x) would be connected on the Corsair Commander and controlled by iCUE, but not sure whether this makes sense for the GPU Rad Fan and also whether it would collide with any motherboard software. Same goes for the RGB: The idea was to connect everything to the commander, but then the motherboard itself seems to have RGB of its own and again I‘m worried there are going to be software conflicts. Currently there is no plan for RGB strips, but if not evenly lighted, I may consider this as later addition. For all the regular PC components, the 860W PSU seems sufficient, but then again I have no idea how much power all the fans and RGB lighting are pulling. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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