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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! This is going to be a fairly long, and drawn out post... These circumstances are extremely uncommon as far as I'm aware. Any help on the subject is much appreciated. So I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I have the corsair 460x RGB case which comes with a built in button controller for the SP120 fans that are included, and up to 6 total fans. That's great and all... But the button controller severely limits your colour choice as well as the lighting options. I want to remove the button controller, and swap my system over to iCUE-based lighting. Where I run into one of my biggest issues, is that my H100i v2 cooler failed on me a couple years back, and I requested an RMA. That RMA went through but they did not have the H100i v2 in stock, but instead asked if I was okay with upgraded to the H100i RGB platinum. I am aware that the H100i V2 does not have RGB capable fans by default. So they were just normal SP120's, not the RGB variant. As for the coolers, they were both the same sized radiators, and same sized fans, so I thought nothing of it. Corsair support assured me that they would work in the same way as well. Wonderful! Free upgrade! Little did I know that the fans on the RGB platinum AIO are different than what comes with my case, they are the ML120 fans instead of the SP120 fans that my whole system was using at the time. I need a workaround, or just options in general, where I can combine both of these fans to get my RGB syncing properly. My original plan was to attempt to find a lighting node CORE (to replace the current built in RGB hub, and connect it to the motherboard for iCUE support), but it is not something that's available for purchase?? Because I cannot purchase the lighting node CORE, I feel as if I need another way to sync all 6 of my fans. I am also aware that the SP120 fans will not even work on the same RGB hub as my ML120 fans. How do I workaround this? Do I need to scrap my ML120 fans and purchase two additional SP120's? But then which RGB hub would I need to buy? I would love to buy the lighting node CORE, but it is not sold standalone as far as I can tell. It is always in bundles. Do I need to purchase a 3 pack of SP120 fans with a lighting node core included to get the core? As for the lighting node PRO, it always comes with at least 4 RGB strips as far as I can tell, pumping the cost up tremendously. I only have use for the lighting node PRO, which I would then connect to my 6(if I replace the ML120 fans) SP120 fans all which are plugged into the integrated RGB hub with the Corsair 460x RGB case. Sorry for the massive wall of text. I'm really struggling here in terms of adjusting my RGB for my case. I feel like it just gets exponentially more and more expensive for getting all my lights together. It especially hurts when I see the new 4000X case from corsair which by default has it all controlled via software. I wish I could buy that hub standalone, but once again I've looked to no avail. TL;DR: How can I swap the 460x RGB to a iCUE controlled (lighting-wise) system, with the ML120 fans in addition to the SP120's?
  2. This is just a quick feeler question. I currently have my h100i v2 front mounted in my 460x. I bought both because it's what my old build was, this one is just white, and wanted to have somewhat matching builds for my gf and I. However what I DIDN'T take into account was that my Corsair Vengeance RAM is taller than my old Ripjaws and so the radiator didn't fit on top like it did before. I(like many) do prefer a top exhaust radiator, and was wondering if anyone has, or if it is officially a TERRIBLE idea to mount the radiator to the vent holes on top vs the actual fan mounting points. I want to say only one half of the holes will actually be lined up incorrectly. Obviously this goes against the design of the case, and I have no idea if the metal for the vents is noticeably thinner/weaker than the mounting points. When I first put it together I "tested" it out and it IS possible, I just didn't go through with it because I didn't have time to get a second opinion(too excited to get it together the RIGHT way hahaha). So, no issues or is this a HORRIBLE idea?
  3. Sehr geehrtes Corsair User Forum, Gestern mittag habe ich meinen PC gebaut mit dem Gehäuse 465x. Ich war gerade fertig und mit dem und wollte nur noch die Seitliche Glasscheibe einsetzen als sie grundlos einfach in meiner Hand explodierte. Ich hatte die Glasplatte fest in der Hand ich trage keine Ringe und wollte sie gerade ansetzen als sie einfach so und tausend Teile zersprang. Meine Frage ist wie ich jetzt damit umgehen soll. -Gibt es auf solche Teile eine Garantie? -Soll ich den Online Verkäufer informieren und dort einen Ersatz verlangen? -Wo bekomm ich eine ersatzt Scheibe ich konnte nirgendwo was finden. -Würde die Ersatz Scheibe vom 460x auch beim 465x passen. Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus, ich hoffe das mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Die zerbroche Scheibe macht mir sehr zu schaffen.
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the thumbscrews sold here are compatible with the Corsair 460x case? https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/570x-thumbscrews-config/p/CC-8900102 Thanks Alex
  5. I have a Corsair 460x RGB case and recently put my new pc parts in. Everything works fine with the PC itself, but i've been having trouble with the 3 front fans and the extra one I installed on the exhaust (all SP120.) The fans themselves are spinning as they're connected to the mobo, and the controller is connected to my psu, yet only the middle fan at the front is being lit up in green. The buttons on the controller dont work either. Any suggestions?
  6. I have a Corsair 460x RGB case and recently put my new pc parts in. Everything works fine with the PC itself, but i've been having trouble with the 3 front fans and the extra one I added to the exhaust. The fans themselves are spinning as they're connected to the mobo, and the controller is connected to my psu, yet only the middle fan at the front is being lit up in green with the rest not being lit up at all.. The buttons on the controller dont work either. Any suggestions?
  7. Is the Commander Pro flat enough to fit in the cable management area of the 460X RGB case? Will the Commander Pro fit in the area where the SSD racks are (SSD racks removed)? There does not appear to be enough room to fit the Commander Pro in the cable management area without removing at least 2 of the 3 SSD racks. I will be using the NVMe M.2 slot on my motherboard for an SSD so I plan to remove all 3 SSD racks. My concern is the thickness of the Commander Pro compared to the width between case cover and the cable management backplate. Where was the Commander Pro designed to be installed in the 460X case?
  8. I just finished my first YouTube video where I give my thoughts on cable management. [ame] [/ame] This seemed a better way instead if typing up a lot of words. I decided to make this video because it took me 3 tries to get a pretty good final cable management scheme behind the motherboard. The video goes beyond just showing a picture. I point out where every cable went so any first timers would have a guide (if they so choose) to build in the Corsair 460X RGB case. Please forgive the long intro as it was my first ever youtube video also. My sister has already commented "get to it already"! Also, I said Radeon instead of Ryzen … didn't want to go back and redo the video.
  9. Looking to upgrade my case and cooling. Can the radiator of H100i pro rgb be top mounted in the 460x case? mb is Asus Z370-E and using the Vengeance rgb pro RAM. Will there be enough clearance? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all! Quick one - I know the 460X is electronically compatible with the Corsair LINK Commander Pro (CoPro or CLCP). But to people with both of these products - where did you physically install it? I've got my new 460X coming in the mail and I've been confused as to where it belongs. I've seen a user remove the SSD rack to make room for it but I'd rather not be pushed to that. There's the top of the shroud, too, but I wouldn't know the neatest way of keeping messes concealed. Where did it go in your builds?
  11. Heya, can anyone tell me if I can set up 2 of the Corsair 460X RGB case's fans (SP120) to "work with" the H100iv2? I'm guessing just putting the 3pin connectors in the 4pin headers won't play nice. Can I just use mobo (Asus Prime Z370-A) headers for the radiator (also, case) fans for speed control (through Link..? Or other software then required?). Many, many thanks, close to pulling the trigger on H100i but I'm a bit dazed with all the different constraints. Help much appreciated!
  12. Hi guys, i have been part picking for my next rig and really like the look of the corsair 460X RGB case however after much searching i cannot find any details regarding the included fan hub, i know its main purpose is for controlling the included SP120 RGB fans however i wanted to know if you can also control the fans speeds via the HUB? does it connect to the MOBO anywere and can i link it to the corsair link software? Thanks in advance for helping :)
  13. Apologies if this is in the wrong category. I have the Corsair 460x and just purchased the Commander Pro. This case is already tight on space and I'm wondering where anyone can recommend to install the Commander Pro. Bear in mind I can only just close the rear side panel at the moment as there is very limited room. These are the only solutions I can think of: Detach the 3x SSD bays on the rear, attach the C-Pro in its place and place SSD's in HDD tray using an adapter fitting Place C-Pro in an empty HDD tray (Not the easiest to access cables in/out of the C-Pro) Place on top of the PSU Shroud (on display and kinda ugly) Any other options? What would you recommend? Thanks.
  14. Can somebody please measure the height of the case's feet? I'm limited regarding the height on my desk and with the feet attached, the case doesn't fit to my desk (by 1,5cm). Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone! I bought an 460X RGB to replace my old CM Storm Tropper. I also got more 3 SP120 RGB fans. I've mounted my ssd in the PSU shroud, but it barely stands out... So, i want to put a single led strip in the bottom of the case, to bring some light to that area. First i thought to simply buy the Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit, that brings 2 strips, and daisy-chain them to 2 fans in the included SP controller of the case. But for what i've read, that's a no-no. I know i can buy the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO, and control everything from the link app. But i don't really want to pay all that much, and i want to use the 3 buttons to control everything. So, anyone knows an option? i don't want to address different LED's in the strip. I simply want one strip with the same color of the fans, and controlled the same way. Any hints how the SP120 LED's are controlled is also helpful. I'm not afraid of soldering or arduinos :D: Very appreciated! ;):
  16. hey guys, happy new year, i'm thinking on swap my sp's for the new ml rgb fans , can i use the original light node on the case?
  17. I currently have a Asus x99 Deluxe, and want to get the Crystal 460x but looking at the specs the motherboard might be to long :(: Can someone verify this for me? :bigeyes: It would be a huge help. I want a Corsair case as now my RAM, PSU, Cooler, and LED controller are all Corsair. Just need a new Case :sunglasse :cool: Thanks! :bigeyes:
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