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Found 20 results

  1. Hi. new here so sorry if this has been asked! ive just built my 1st Gaming Pc. Plugged it all up, hit the power on the PSU, pressed the power button and all it turns white, the pc turns on, fans kick in and colours change. GPU powered up too and all seems great. Press the power off button. Nothing. Hold it. Nothing. Press and hold the reset button, Nothing. i am yet to install windows - is this my issue? (Noob sorry) i figured it should still turn on and off. Swapped the pins around and that didnt help, created a short over the PWR pins and it turns on fine. i just cant get it to turn off. Ive shown where my PWR and RESET pins are. I assume they sit horizontally which way is the + is it where i have circled on the diagram? any help would be great. Thank you in advance i have the TUF GAMING X570-Pro wifi Mobo i followed the diagram attached and ive tried the PWR and RESET in various orientations
  2. I bought the 4000X RGB and installed everything, seems to work fine for the most part. The three fans on the front panel light up fine with RGB, but only the top fan is spinning. All the cables were labeled, so I plugged the one fan into the MOBO fan channel, which I guess I assumed was daisy-chained with the others like modular power, so that one being powered would power all three, but no, only the top fan spins. Which is weird, because all three are lit up fine. Are there two additional fan power cables that I'm missing somewhere? I'd prefer not to take it apart again but I can if needbe, but I didn't see a single other plug that was ready to plug in, unless it's hiding somewhere. MOBO is the B560-A by Asus ROG, if that matters. Thanks.
  3. I'm going to get a Corsair 4000X because of the 3 fans at the front and I was wondering if the 4000D airflow front panel would fit if I removed the existing one on the 4000X (Because I'd want to have the same amount of airflow as the 4000D for performance).
  4. Bonsoir, la led du bouton d'alimentation est éteinte, bien que le PC soit allumé et fonctionne correctement. Elle a commencé à faiblir et clignoter très faiblement puis s'est éteinte. J'ai vérifié les branchements, le logiciel iCUE, rien n'y change 😅 je suppose donc qu'elle est morte, ou pas assez de jus? (je ne pense pas que ça soit le problème, j'ai une alim' qui fait 550W, une RX 5500 XT, un R5 5600X, 5 ventilos, un clavier, tapis de souris, casque, souris (le tout avec RGB), une manette Xbox Series, un HDD externe, deux SSDs et un NVMe constamment branchés, donc oui je ne pense pas que l'alimentations soit le problème). Le bouton en lui-même fonctionne parfaitement, c'est juste la led. Merci pour votre aide!
  5. bien le bonjours, j'ai un problème avec mes ventilateurs Corsair. j'ai trois SP RGB PRO venu de mon 4000x rgb et un LL120. Ils sont tous connecté à un commander pro qui après quelque minutes n'est plus reconnue par icue et disparait. A partir de ce moment la les ventilateur font N'IMPORTE QUOI les couleurs sont aléatoire et tellement rapide que ca vire au blanc a des moments. J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car ca devient énervant je ne sais plus quoi faire . Merci d'anvance
  6. I finally was able to salvage all my parts for my first pc build and was super excited to build it. But to my disappointment, when I completed building the inside components (mobo/cpu/ram/aio cooler) and finally reached the point of getting my case open, I noticed that the glass side panel is shattered beyond use. Thank god there’s a protective film on it or else I probably would have glass shards everywhere. I just really want to keep my case because its so pretty and it took me 2 months to get it with no further stock instores near me. I was wondering how the rma process is to find a replacement side panel? Has anyone had a similar problem? I contacted the store I bought the case through and they just told me to contact corsair’s rma service but it has been 5 business days and I have yet to hear anything back.. How long should I wait to hear back from them? Side note: I did end up just putting my mobo and things inside the case because I can’t have those parts lying around for who knows how long and I’m honestly not sure what to do with the already attached cooler :(
  7. Hi all, I am currently researching parts for my new pc that I plan to build in a couple of weeks. I have made a parts list but ran into a problem; the case and AIO combination don'support all RAM modules due to clearance issues. The relevant parts of my list: - CPU: Intel i7-10700k - Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming - CPU cooler: Corsair Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler, 280 mm - Case: Corsair iCue 4000X Tempered Glass Black Originally I wanted to buy some Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, but quickly found out that this particular RAM kit will interfere with my AIO cooler. My question is: are there any RGB RAM kits that will fit my case/AIO cooler/motherboard combination? I am looking for 32GB (2X 16) 3600Mhz kit. Help will be very much appreciated!
  8. Bonjour à tous, J'ai récemment acheté un boîtier Corsair 4000X ainsi que de la RAM Vengeance RGB PRO SL. Le Watercooling AiO H115i elite Capellix est-il compatible avec ma config ? Merci d'avance,
  9. When I go to bed I'll simply put my PC to sleep to be able to easily access it the next morning. I have a Corsair 4000X with an h100i elite capellix, and all my 6 fans are plugged into the included Commander Pro. Whenever my PC goes to sleep, whether automatic or manually, once it is awoken the fans don't light up, though the AIO pump does and iCUE is still running. The only fix is to go into iCUE, click the "lighting setup" tab, and then click "lighting effects" and then my lights are back until the PC is asleep once again. It also sometimes happens when the PC was restarted or turned off. Anyone know of a fix?
  10. Hello. I've seen similar posts about 3D printing here, so I think it's not restricted here... I did clips 3D model for my other case (non Corsair one) some time ago, so I have an experience, and interested in making such for the 4000D /4000X (these https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/iCUE-4000X-4000D-4000D-Airflow-Front-Bezel-Mounting-Snaps%2C-Black/p/CC-8900444) and publishing to the Thingverse. Think it will be good for the community. And these are almost permanently out of stock, so it makes sense I quess. I need small assistance of a person who has one of these cases, an ordinary 2D paper scanner and a caliper (for size measuring). What I need is scan (2D ordinary black/white scan, made by any paper scanner) of flat surface of the clip, and some measures with a caliper (in millimeters, tenths of a millimeter precision): item width (see attachment 2): and some other measures (see attachment 1): Thx
  11. Hi Everyone, We've noticed that there have been some questions about the best way to handle the side panels on the 4000 and 5000 Series cases, so we've gone ahead and put together this quick how-to video for reference. [ame] [/ame] Happy PC building!
  12. Bonjour, J'ai récemment monté un nouveau pc et je me trouve face à un problème un petit peu gênant : Icue ne me permet pas de contrôler mes ventilateurs ( Rgb ou vitesse ) J'ai acheté : un boitier : Icue 4000x Rgb ( 3 ventilos ) un Watercooling : H100i elite capellix 240mm ( 2 ventilos ) un ventilateur en plus : SP 120 Rgb Avec le Watercooling était fournit un Commander Core pour relier tout ça. J'ai donc 6 ventilateurs à relier et j'espérais pouvoir les contrôler via Icue. Ils sont donc tous branchés sur le Commander core ( les 3 du boitiers / le watercooling et le SP en plus ) Sauf que mon logiciel ICue à bien détecter le Commander Core mais il ne me permet pas de gérer ni la vitesses des ventilateurs ni leurs couleurs. A chaque fois que je souhaite changer la couleur rien ne se passe. ( ils fonctionnent via le pattern arc en ciel de base que je n'arrive pas à changer ) ( Icue reconnait cependant ma RAM et mon clavier que je peux modifier à ma guise ) ps : d'ailleurs mon boitier n'est pas reconnu non plus mais je ne sais pas si c'est normal ou pas ça par contre? Qu'est-ce qui coince ? :C
  13. Hi all, I'm making a fresh build with a few Corsair products including the new 4000x RGB and some Vengeance RGB Pro RAM. However I'm unsure about the CPU Cooler to get, and more importantly, what size. Half my parts have arrived and half are still pending. The Case arrives in a couple of days, and I already have the RAM. For the CPU Cooler, I'm either going to get the new Corsair Elite Capellix H100i/H115i, or the Kraken X53/63. Does anyone have any experience with the new 4000x cases? I was going to get a 280mm AIO unit, but this Vengeance ram looks pretty tall, so not sure if it will fit? Any ideas? My preference would be for the 280 for cooling, but don't want to commit if it doesn't fit. The case specs say that if you have tall RAM, go for a 240mm unit, however looking at the pics it's the depth of the units that seem to be a determining factor, and both models (in the case of the Elite) are the same. I think people are only just getting their hands on the new Corsair AIO, but would be great to hear people's thoughts on that vs the Kraken as well.
  14. Hi, I've recently upgraded my PC and I am new to the whole RGB and fan controller thing. I built it yesterday and I've just found today that only 1 out of the 3 case fans that came with the case is spinning. All of the LEDs on each fan are working but only the top one is spinning. I've connected the fan header to the motherboard, the USB header to the motherboard, the SATA power cable to the PSU, and made sure that all three fans were connected to the fan controller. I didn't mess around with the fan controller, to begin with as it seemed like everything was already connected, I just made sure that they actually were. My motherboard is MSI Mag x570 Tomahawk WIFI Is this normal and is there a way for me to check if they are in fact working?
  15. I recently bought an iCue 4000x case. I setup everything and installed the iCue software, but it won't detect my fans. Ive reinstalled and restarted everything, but no help. The fans are spinning, but aren't lighting up and aren't being detected. I am using a Maximus 8 Hero motherboard, and ive checked to make sure both the USB 2.0 and the Sata power cable from the fans are plugged in, which they are.
  16. Hi, As the title states, I am wondering which exact model fans come with this case? I would like to buy 1 additional fan for the back, and want to keep the same model as the front 3. Thanks
  17. Building a new pc for my 11 yo daughter for Xmas. Went for a 4000x white / grey case, which is absolutely stunning! It’s been a few years since I’ve built From scratch and tbh the Corsair instructions were a little lacking, especially with regards to the fans / controller. But as I say the case is absolutely brilliant. Really great quality, fantastic cable management and rgb front fans look amazing. The iCue software is pretty cool and there appears to be endless customisation choices. I’ve fitted a NZXT Z63 to the i9:10850 which also looks the biz, but took me a little while to figure how to mount radiator - wasn’t enough room at the top as I planned, so had to go behind the front fans. Resulted in a push pull setup which seams to give very good cooling. Samsung 970 evo plus on Asus b460f is blooming insane. Loaded windows from usb3.0 flash drive in less than 2 minutes! Waiting for the 3070, but put in 1070gtx to test. Got some nice FPS. Come across a few queries to which I would welcome any advice ... 1. 3 fans but only 2 headers on motherboard. So I’ve looked this up and the solution appears to be 4 pin splitter for 2 fans to run off 1 header. The query I have with this is..... Will the fans all run at the same speed? I guess the the 2 fans sharing the header will split the voltage and run at a slower speed than the 3rd. 2. 2933 vengence RAM showing in win10 as 2666. Ok not a massive drop but I’m just interested why this is the case. 3. What to do about exhaust fan? Case doesn’t come with exhaust fan, should I get one? Was thinking about getting a white Corsair RGB, but wasn’t sure about the extra cables as I quite like the neat minimalistic look behind the glass. There is a spare header near the cpu, but I guess I would have to route the rgb cable to the rgb hub (rear side) Well had some fun building, few things to sort before sending to Santa. She’s going to love it!:laughing:
  18. Hi all! I''m looking to build a new PC with the 4000x as my case and the h115i Capellix Elite as my AIO. I know Vengeance RGB Pro ram won't fit this setup, as there isn't enough clearance with the 280 AIO, but would Dominator Platinum RGB ram work instead? Would greatly appreciate the information and assistance, as I'm so close to locking down this build! Thanks
  19. Aloa. Ich hab für mein Officesystem das 4000X Case gekauft. Meine Frage; ich finde nicht die gleichen Lüfter. Kommen die noch auf dem Markt das man die separat nachkaufen kann? Vielen Dank.
  20. Hello, I'm thinking of buying the 4000x RGB for my first build. I want to put the h150i in the front, however, I don't know if my GPU will fit. GPU: msi rtx 3080 trio, 323mm max card length in 4000x: 360mm h150i thickness: 27mm That leaves (360mm - 323mm - 27mm) = 10mm to play with. Will that work? Because I don't know the gap in front of the radiator, but maybe the 360mm is just an understatement just to be safe... Fans do not need to be accounted for, as they're already in the case and I assume calculated in those 360mm. Sources: https://tekdeeps.com/corsair-4000d-airflow-and-icue-4000x-rgb-case-review/ (what google gave me for the query "corsair 4000x maximum card length") https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-4000x-4000d-airflow-review (also says 14.2in ~ 360mm)
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