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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings my fellow iCue users, recently I have upgraded my iCue software from the third gen to the new fourth gen. Certainly an upgrade and everything, love the new UI. Yet I have encountered an issue with the now somewhat working Asus VGA and MB plugin. Before, it didn't work at all, which I accepted since it was in a beta. Now I'm able to control the lights of both my MB and 3090, yet not to the full extent. The issue is the following: Half of my GPU RGB is frozen using random static colors, perhaps it's just the lights receiving some sort of power at random. Now my question is, are there fellow users experiencing similar issues? If so, have you found a fix or a solution to the bug? In the attached picture, the GPU was configured to solely purple. As you can see, it's not working as it should! :D I appreciate any kind of help! :) Thank you guys in advance. Happy gaming!
  2. Hi! Mi name is Yolenzo I have a workshop in Russia Here is build in Obsidian 1000D
  3. Hi all, so I recently got my RTX 3090 ASUS Strix OC gpu, and I thought that it would automatically show up in iCUE as I launched it, however it does not appear at all. I have already had my ASUS Motherboard appear in iCUE for a couple months now obviously using the installed plugin, so I thought I wouldn't need any further tinkering to have my new gpu show up. Has anyone else had issues with their GPUs not showing up in iCUE? Other information is that the gpu also doesn't even show up in Armoury Crate either and I can't seem to find a solution for that but I didn't think that would matter since I just want it showing up in iCUE. Thank you
  4. Hi all, Been looking to pick up a waterblock for my strix 3090 and have been leaning towards the xg7 over the ek vector. My only real concern is the lack of thermal pads over other areas when compared to the ek backplate, or even the stock cooler which has pads over the back positions of most of the power delivery components. From what I've googled it seems like on the previous generations the backplate has used either 0.5mm or 1mm pads. My plan would be to use the ekwb guide to determine the thickness for the other areas, and use the xg7 vram pads as a reference. So if the xg7 stock backplate thermal pads are 1mm, then using the ek backplate install guide, those vram pads are 1.5mm, then I could assume that taking the difference and applying it to all the other areas should give me an accurate thickness. 2mm thermal pads on the ek would then be 1.5mm on the xg7 and so on. If anyone can confirm the thickness it would be great, or if you have other suggestions I'm open to hear those too. Thanks!
  5. Anyone know what brand of RTX 3090 is in the Vengeance i7200? I just bought this system - very nice - but the card looks generic. What is the brand? Can I check somewhere on the system for this? Thanks!
  6. Diese Frage richtet sich in erster Linie an die Corsair Mitarbeiter: Wie lange wird es dauern, bis ein HighEnd HydroX Wasserkühlblock für die Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090, oder wie auch immer die Karte dann im Endeffekt heißen mag, im Handel verfügbar ist? Ich bedanke mich bereits jetzt für jeden hilfreichen Beitrag.
  7. So I have a 3090 FE powered with 2 separate "pig tail" PCI-E cables from a RM850X (rest of build specs in profile). I occasionally do some machine learning that creates power spikes. Specifically, the GPU can load back-and-forth from ~20W to ~340W. Unfortunately, these spikes lead to an immediate computer shut down. While it is a hungry system, the build is otherwise stable even under heavy steady load (at most I get to 600W total) - however any large GPU spikes as mentioned crashes the entire system, even if total load is way below 850W. No shutdowns happen when I use a 1KW PSU, which means the RM850X is the culprit here. Possibly OCP is being triggered. Is an RM850X supposed to handle those ~300W spikes and therefore I have a defective unit? Or will all RM850X have OCP triggered because of those spikes?
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