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Found 6 results

  1. I have updated iCue to lastest version and installed that lastest vbios for the 3080 and the lastest game ready driver. Whenever i set a custom fan curve in iCue for the 3080 it immediately puts the 3080 fans at 100% no matter what the fan curve is set to. Can I disable the fan control in iCue so i can use other software to Control the fan curve? I would still like to use led control, and i am happy managing the fan curve in something like afterburner. But if I have afterburner open it fights with iCue for control of the 3080 fan Ideally I would like the fan curve in iCue to work, but will settle for disabling it if possible. I have opened a support ticket, but want to see if their are workarounds while i wait
  2. Hi and afternoon. After many years of being a console gamer , I am starting my 2nd PC build. It is a big step from my first PC build which was from the Pentium P3-450 era lol 😄 A lot of time has passed since then (and technology) so I started to get myself a few things on my shopping list..... Can you confirm that the following connections on my RM 850x PSU are the correct ones to connect my Geforce 3080 into ? Many thanks 🙂
  3. Bonjour, Ayant des soucis de stabilité avec des cartes graphiques haut de gamme sur mon PC (crash). Malgré plusieurs changements de cartes (RTX 2080 puis RTX 3080), changement de la RAM, réinstallation des drivers, réinstallation de l'OS windows et de mise à jour du BIOS ; j'ai toujours ce problÚme. J'en viens donc à me demander si cela ne vient pas de l'alimentation et notamment de son réglage par défaut en multi-rail (Corsair HX750). Avec une RTX 3080 (Asus TUF OC). Vaut-il mieux privilégier du mono ou du multi-rail ? Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.
  4. Hi all, so I recently got my RTX 3090 ASUS Strix OC gpu, and I thought that it would automatically show up in iCUE as I launched it, however it does not appear at all. I have already had my ASUS Motherboard appear in iCUE for a couple months now obviously using the installed plugin, so I thought I wouldn't need any further tinkering to have my new gpu show up. Has anyone else had issues with their GPUs not showing up in iCUE? Other information is that the gpu also doesn't even show up in Armoury Crate either and I can't seem to find a solution for that but I didn't think that would matter since I just want it showing up in iCUE. Thank you
  5. Hi All, Have read through a few threads but still a little unsure of best option for powering a 3rd 3080 off of my HX1200. Have attached 2 options that I'm thinking about, I'm thinking that Option A has more power lines running to it so the load is distributed more evenly, although it introduces additional splitters. Option B seems to be possible based on the pig tail cords each being able to support full 150 watts...this is based on previous thread discussion however there seems to be a lot of back n forth. If you had to choose between the 2, what would be considered the better option? (more lines with Molex, or less lines without Molex) Thanks in advance
  6. Hello guys, just have two quick questions. 1. I currently have a Corsair RM 650 watt for my 3080 build and was wondering if that is going to be enough for it. 2. The PSU plug is a US plug, but soon I will be in another country for while and was planning to bring my pc there(Hong Kong). Obviously would love to buy a brand new psu again so I was wondering if buying this cord will work so I can just switch the main power cord/plug. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1373781-REG/gefen_cab_powercord_uk_iec_c13_outlet_ac.html
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