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Found 6 results

  1. Hey! I recently upgraded to the 220t RGB case that includes 3x SP120 RGB Pro fans, as well as a H150i Elite Capellix cooler that includes 3x ML120 RGB fans. All 6 of the fans are installed into the Commander Core and everything is detected by iCUE. I have access to all the lighting features and they function as intended. However, on the cooling side of things, the 3x SP120 RGB Pro fans run at a constant ~1300 RPM and there's no way to turn them down. I HAVE tried creating my own cooling curves in iCUE and they only affect the 3x ML120 fans. The SP120 fans remain at ~1300 RPM. I have also set everything to Zero RPM and, again, only the ML120 fans will change to 0 RPM. The SP120 fans remain at ~1300 RPM.
  2. Right, I have scoured the internet; watched videos, ready forum posts, spoken to people in fb groups, the lot! And nowhere can I find an answer to this and it’s so frustrating that it made me cry last night. A year ago I bought the 220t RGB airflow case. It had 3 RGB fans already in the front plugged into a lighting node. So I put the rest of my pc parts in the case and been working fine. However the fans are so loud and my previous case had sliders to adjust the fan speed so it was quieter. I wanted to adjust the fan speed and read online you need a commander pro for it. So I saved up for one. Also upgraded my psu so I got a commander pro recently and installed it all again. Everywhere online said you don’t need a lighting node if you have the commander pro as it does both for you. However, upon turning my pc on after finishing putting it all together I open my iCUE and the fan speed says 0 even though the fans are running as they always have been but also the RGB lights in the fans weren’t on. And even though I tried to turn them on in the iCUE nothing happened. Questions: Have I plugged it in wrong? If so how can the fans be running at all? Do I need the lighting node and the commander pro? If I do why do people online say you don’t? FYI: I have NO RGB light strips. Just the RGB fans that came already in my case. I keep seeing videos on YouTube explaining this situation but with RGB strips and extra fans but that isn’t my situation and doesn’t help. Please please please can someone help?
  3. Bonjour, J'ai récemment acheté un boitier Corsair le iCUE 220T, avec lequel j'ai reçu 3 ventilateurs pour la façade avant qui sont les SP120, j'ai également acheté le refroidissement par eau Corsair H100 platinium qui contient 2 ventilateurs LL120, je compte M'acheter également un troisième ventilateur LL120 pour le mettre à l'arrière du boitier. Cependant, je me pose la question, à savoir si je peux synchroniser et contrôler le RGB des 6 ventilateurs (par exemple tout mettre en blanc) avec le Hub Controller que Corsair fourni avec le boitier qui à 6 slots sachant que ceux de la façade sont des SP120 et les 3 autres des LL120. Merci de vos réponses!
  4. Bonjour, Je m’apprête à acheter le Boîtier moyen-tour intelligent en verre trempé iCUE 220T RGB Airflow mais avant de le faire, j'ai juste une question. Est-il possible de mettre water cooling de 360 mm en haut du boitier ou est-ce trop grand ? Sinon, dois-je prendre la version 280 ou 240 mm ? Merci d'avance
  5. Hi, I've got a Corsair 220T with Lighting Node Core. Attached to it I've got 5 LL120 fans which looks really cool. But can I put a LS100 led strip in the last available spot in the Lighting Node Core? And can I see the Led strip as a led strip in ICUE? Or do I need another Lighting Node Core or a Lighting Node Pro? And which would be best/easiest? Thanks in advance! Kidiot
  6. I am having difficulty with the Case fan lighting. It is quite dim and is not controlled by the iCue software. I have a Corsair RM650 PSU, a H100i controller and a 220T RGB Case lighting controller, which are on separate SATA power connectors from the PSU. I also use a separate SATA power connector for my 2.5" SATA3 SSD. My boot disk, which is an M.2 Samsung NVMe SSD is in an adapter. The M.2 boot disk is plugged into a PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard. I am currently unable to control the cooler fans and the case fans with the iCue software. I forced an update of the cooler firmware, but it has made no improvement. It worked well once at the initial setup, but afterwards the Case fans were and currently are very dimly lit. There are more details on my setup in my profile. I would appreciate some help in setting this up.
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