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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've just upgraded to a custom water loop (Non Corsair....sorry) I'm trying to connect 11 LL120 RGB 120mm fans and 1 iCUE QL140 RGB 140mm fan. I have the commander core xt that came with the case, a commander pro, several RGB hubs, 2 PWM corsair fan hubs as well as an (open) RGB hub that came with another Corsair case. I have the Corsair 7000x case, Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero, 1200 Watt Be Quiet Dark power pro PSU. WHen I connect 6 fans to the Commander Core XT, it only recognizes 3 of the LL fans, it never recognizes the 140mm QL as a 140mm. It only recognizes the 3rd, 5th, and 6th fan. All fans work, I've tested them severasl time. I've came up with several configurations and the closest I've got is to exclude the commander core xt completely and run the commander pro with an rgb hub.....one of the exposed ones with a usb connector. I've spent several hours on this. I've researched all over the net, I've read Zotty's posts but none have the XT since it's new. I've called Support and went through what seemed like what he was reading off of a troubleshooting guide (like they are supposed to do) but no suggestions of experience with my question. I'm so frustrated with iCue and trying to set this up and not being able to find any help. I'm tp the point of wanting to remove all RGB fans and icue software to just settle for some plan fans to cool PLEASE, is there someone here than can help me and restore my love for RGB??? Thanks for any and all help with this.
  2. Hello all! I've just transplanted my PC into a Lian Li 011D xl. In doing such, I got fan happy. I updated my cooling solution to an H150i pro. I used my non rgb fans in a pull config on the top of the rad, then 3 rgb in push. (managed to mount on top!!!) I then mounted 3 in pull config at the side and bottom. My main issue is wiring this bad boy. Clearly the H150 wants to power the non rgb fans. I just don't know what to do to power the remainder. I suppose the software doesn't care if it's plugged into the H150, or a Commander Pro, in regards to rgb or general software control, right? With a Commander I can power 6 fans total? Possible to use a pwm splitter cable? Safe to do this with the H150 and forgo the Commander all together? One thread I found showed using 2 pwm repeaters off of the H150 and NO Commander. Another showed a Commander powering 9 fans and the H150 powering 3, with 2 rgb controllers. (This was the first I found and based my build on) There are 0 local pwm repeaters and will be Saturday before delivery. I already own the pwm splitter cables and the Commander (unopened). I'm going stir crazy and want to get this beast going today, but do not want to fry my Mobo or H150 trying to pull too much current. Update: so after further research and applying some logic, I'm seeing the Commander as exactly a pwm repeater, but with led strip and temp sensor ports. Amirite? The X99-E has a high amp fan output, so if these fans are only .225a each, I could effectively Daisy chain 4x 1 to 3 pwm splitters, giving me access to 9 pwm connections to power the rgb fans, then plug my 3 non rgb fans into the H150, then the rgb controllers into a single lighting node and eliminate my need for the Commander AND PWM repeaters? Thanks for reading and/or input! Well, we got there. All my fan headers support pwm. I was able to run one splitter on each header (CPU, opt_cpu, chassis) and plug the h150 pump into the available water pump header. Everything spins at max speed without blowing up so far. So looks like we didn't need a consider or pwm repeater. This is not going to be the case for every Mobo though. I'm now trying to figure out why the RGB is not lit. The lighting node isn't recognized by iCue. Definitely have plenty of sata power on that psu to cover it. Assuming the lighting node is bad or possibly an rgb controller? Will update in the AM.
  3. Hello there First time posting here. My question is how can I connect 12 Corsair LL120 Fans in my Case? Planning to make a custom waterloop build. I'll be using the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case and want to put 6 120mm fans and between a 360mm radiator on both top and bottom of the case. Can someone tell me how to connect these 12 fans? Kind regards swifty05
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