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Found 7 results

  1. i have a 2x8 corsair rgb pro, i have it set to the custom wave settings with 7 colors. i am trying to figure out the tail and velocity along with lights per second. every configuration, after it cycles the rgb flickers and then resets. does anyone know the right settings for this?
  2. Curious why icue does not show psu efficiency or power output, also, does not allow fan control. PSU works fine as far as I can tell and so do all the other devices. I'm concerned that the PSU might be defective. Thanks gents
  3. I recently switched to a corsair h100i AIO cooler, but when I install the icue software the rgb is really laggy and it flashes a lot. Seems to only be happening with spiral rainbow effect or rainbow wave, but that just happens to be the one I like the most. It only happens with icue installed, before it worked perfectly fine.
  4. Hi all, This is my first ever forum post, so please keep that in mind. I have the Corsair Vengeance 5180 Gaming PC, and I didn't have a single problem until about a week ago. The h100i pro cooler wouldn't follow the static color I set it too in iCue, it goes on its default color shift. Then the h100i stopped showing in iCue, and I would constantly get the windows hardware add/disconnect sound like every five seconds. The cooler it self works but the colors dont sync up and it wont show up in iCue. I have done the following already; made sure iCue was updated, restarted the pc, restarted the iCue service, did complete uninstalls and reinstalls of iCue, made sure the cable was plugged in, and unplugged the micro usb and plugged it back into the cooler. I also installed Nirsoft USBdeview to view the connected devices. The h100i pro says it is disconnected, when I know both connection heads are secure. Do you think that micro usb Icue integration cable went bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Hi, Hope everyone had a great day! I certainly did, built up my new setup, everything worked. I have 1 Corsair Node Pro and to Port 1 a Corsair RGB Hub and Port 2 LED-Strip. On the RGB HUB I connected 4 120mm fans. Everything worked, see picture. Installed Windows, Installed Windows 10 x64, Installed Updates, installed MSI motherboard software/update. Somewhere here my PC wanted to restart, when it came back up no fan had RGB colors. What have i've done after this: - Reconnected everything - Added seperate power from PSU only for Node Pro and RGB Hub - Firmware reset from 0.10.XX to 0.5.XX - Reconnected fans RGB contacts in different ports - Disable Fast Boot in windows Suddenly only 1 port is working on the RGB hub, i can see that fan in iCue and Link. Port number 2 on Node Pro is not working. What happend? How can it be fixed? http://www.dropbox.com/s/7edlizmng4vp27s/Sk%C3%A4rmavbild%202020-01-22%20kl.%2021.53.19.png?dl=0 Link to image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7edlizmng4vp27s/Sk%C3%A4rmavbild%202020-01-22%20kl.%2021.53.19.png?dl=0
  6. I bought a K95 RGB Platinum few days ago and somehow i discover the following problem (May be due to my setting :( ) During iCUE is opening, pressing Esc to F4 will also pressing F6 to F10. Hovever, this problem will disappear when I close iCUE intentionally. I tried to move F6-F10 to G2-G6 before, and I dunno whether it led this problem or not. My firmware version is 3.21.28 and iCUE version is 3.23.66. Thank you for all the coming helps
  7. Please help! I have six hd120 fans all connected to the corsair hub that then goes to the jcorsair1 header on my msi z370 gaming pro carbon motherboard. I can control everything fine now with the mystic light 3 software except the fifth fan. I set everything to a static color but the fifth fan has two led's colored correctly while the rest are cycling through colors like its set to the rainbow setting. I swapped fan six with five in the hub to see if the problem is the fan or the hub. Lo and behold the sixth fan that normally worked fine is doing the same thing in the fifth spot on the hub. Thankfully I have another hub. I put it in and the problem persists. I'm to the point now thinking the problem is the motherboard or there's some software issue. I've recently updated icue as well to 3.12.118 to control my mouse and keyboard dpi and polling rates and what not. Mystic light 3 controls the rgb fine with them. Any advice will help!!!
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