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  1. My H115i is rattling all of the time. This is the 5th Corsair AIO cooler that has suffered this problem in about 3 years. They seem to get to 6-9 months then start rattling. In Australia our RMA process requires us to send the units back to Taiwan, at around 80% of the cost of the original purchase price of the unit. ($123 AUD vs $155 respectively). So I've just been throwing them in the garbage one after the other. Seems a pointless exercise. I thought it might be my usage patterns that are causing the problems.. I run the pump quiet mode most of the time. It only gets changed to performance when I'm rendering videos or playing games like PUBG. The fans likewise are on very low duty cycles. Most of the time they are at ~ 350RPM. I use 2x Commander Pro's to manage the speeds of the 11 fans as loads increase. Regardless of whether I return the unit to the re-seller or send it to Corsair I'm without a cooler (From my last one I did send back), for around 4-6 weeks. On an overclocked Skylake-X system, I need a capable cooler. Needless to say, I'm starting to lose faith in Corsair coolers. I can't go NZXT because it's incompatible with Avast AV, CAM software is extremely buggy and the telemetry thrashes hard drives/ssds and bogs my system down. And I've got 10 systems all running Corsair. 5 of Which are also using Commander Pro's.. So I have a significant investment in Corsair Products. I would appreciate any advice or thoughts on this matter...
  2. So I just recieved a new mouse as a replacement for a broke one but its sort of warped on the bottom and doesnt lay flat on the mousepad. I'm asking for another rma, the question is: will I have to pay for the shipping even if the mouse was already broken when they delivered it to me? (the package had absolutely no damage on it so it must've been a faulty mouse from the factory)
  3. I'm at my wit's end trying to complete this RMA for my PSU. tl;dr: When I log into support.corsair.com I am greeted with "Error - Unknown Error". See attached image. The URL of the page is https://support.corsair.com/app/error/17. Long story: I cannot access the account under which I purchased the PSU (purchased on Corsair.com), so I created a new account. The old account can still log in, but cannot create a ticket. The new account can log in, but cannot access tickets. Longer story: I purchased my PSU through Corsair.com a few months ago (around March/April). I recently built my computer and discovered that the fan in the PSU knocks against the inside of it. I tried creating a support request, but I cannot currently access the email for that account, which is apparently required when creating a ticket. I called support to ask what I should do, and I was told to create a new account that I did have access to and create the RMA under that account. So I registered a new account under a different email address. When I went to log in to support again (with my brand new account), I was greeted with the super helpful error message seen in my screenshot. I called support again to inquire, and the representative said he would create the ticket for me and that I would receive updates through my email. That sounds great, and at this point I was thinking it was something to do with my account being so new. I check my email and indeed receive my RMA information, but I can't do anything about it because any links or anything that are in the emails require me to log in to the support site, which will only ever give me this error message. I called support again and spoke with someone for probably an hour trying to troubleshoot. She was very helpful, but we weren't able to figure out the issue, so she said she would follow up and let me know. She even went so far as changing my password to test it on her end, and she saw the same results. It's been over two weeks now and I've still heard nothing back, and she hasn't responded to any of my emails. Things I've tried: • Different browsers (my primary browser is Opera, as seen in the screenshot, but I've tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox) • Clearing browser cache and cookies • Disabling extensions Again, my old account can still log in and see the support page, but my new account, the one the ticket is under, brings me to this error page immediately after entering my username and password. I can access all other parts of the site except that page, which is the only one I need to complete my RMA. I can do some browser debugging and the exceptions I'm encountering have this message: [font="Lucida Console"][color="Red"]"Failed to execute 'querySelectorAll' on 'Element': '*,:x' is not a valid selector."[/color][/font]
  4. Paid for an Express RMA on the 18th of July. New keyboard has been received. Sent my keyboard back on the 23rd of July and it was signed for at Corsair in Bolton on the 24th of July. Still waiting for my refund: it hasn't even been issued. I thought the refund was supposed to be issued in about 48 hours after you receive the faulty unit? Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  5. Hallo Gestern ist mein RX 750i abgeraucht, also es gab tatsächlich Rauchzeichen von sich. Da das Teil ja 7 Jahre Garantie hat und ich es 2016 gekauft habe dachte ich erstelle ich hier eine RMA. Das ist aber nicht möglich da man sich auf der Seite in einer Endlosschleife befindet. Ich soll immer und immer wieder das Bundesland eingeben. So gehen natürlich 7 Jahre auch rum. Wie könnte man nun einen RMA Antrag stellen? lg Thomas
  6. Has anyone else been having trouble with the Corsair one customer service? I’ve filed an advanced RMA request days ago and was told to call back in order to process the advanced RMA. I must have called back 7-10 times and every time I have been put to the side and told that the Corsair one team is not available, not in, in a meeting, etc. This is unacceptable. I have a faulty unit that isn’t working and they just throw me to the curb? Ticket number: 736762
  7. Hello everyone! I'd like to ask here first before doing anything else. So my CX550M PSU will be almost two years old now. Bought it in July 2016. I had no problems till few months ago, so about September last year. The fan starts to make really annoying whirring / vibrating sounds. This happens only after I did something intensive with PC (so gaming, YouTube, etc.), so essentially after the PSU had some bigger load to deal with. It's definitely the fan in the PSU, I made sure by disabling every other fan in the case. Searching on the internet revealed this is pretty common, and I decided to try to flip the PSU. Originally, the fan was facing down pulling air from bottom of case. This is where the noise was annoying the most. So I flipped the PSU few weeks ago so that the fan is now facing inside the case. This, initially, helped but that lasted only few days and the noise / vibrations are back. I tried to clean the PSU and the fan a bit with compressed air, that did nothing. But I think the fan is removable without opening the whole PSU and thus voiding the warranty? (correct me if I'm wrong). Should I try to clean it that way (pulling it out?) Maybe even replacing it? What are my other options? I'm in EU, so there's 2 years minimum of manufacturer warranty, the CX-M PSUs have 5 years warranty. Should I wait two more months and then go for RMA directly with Corsair? I have bad experience with RMAs here in Eastern Europe. Usually, if they even bother to accept RMA (the retailer that is), issues like this, with fan noise etc., they take full 30 days to send the item back saying no issues have been discovered. I RMAd a Gigabyte GPU like this for almost a year. If needed I'll try to provide sound/video Thanks in advance for any helpful comments Regards Jan
  8. Alles fing im Februar an. Mein Netzteil stirbt, und grillt zwei HDDs, zwei LL140 RGB Lüfter und eine lighting node pro (halt alles auf der SATA schiene). Mir wurden Ersatzteile, und eine Kompensation für die HDDs versprochen. Das neue Netzteil funktioniert Einwand frei (Ticket#688366). Hier beginnen die Probleme: die Kompensation hätte SPÄTESTENS letzte Woche ankommen sollen (ca. 65€). Davor kam der Ersatz für das RGB zeug. Sowohl Lüfter, als auch RGB streifen waren schon aus der box heraus nicht funktionsfähig. Also: neues RMA Ticket (# 709464). Die fehlerhaften Produkte werden zurückgeschickt, woraufhin erstmal Funkstille herrscht. Nach einer Woche habe ich eine mail geschickt, in der ich fragte, was mit meinem Problem passieren wird. Als Antwort bekam ich die Benachrichtigung, dass mein Problem zum Customer Support geschickt wurde (ohne meine Frage wirklich zu beantworten). Danach folgten zwei weitere Wochen Funkstille. Ich habe mehrere E-mails geschrieben, und sogar ein neues ticket eröffnet (# 725320), um die Aufmerksamkeit des Supportes zu kriegen, doch ich werde weiter konsequent ignoriert.
  9. So I have a broken (Pump stopped) h100i v2 and I've already asked Corsair for a shipping label so the shipping would be free. However, They've sent me a UPS label and because I live in NZ, the barcode won't work. If there's anyone who can help me further into being able to ship it, it would be much appreciated. Also, this is my first time RMA'ing anything, so forgive me if I don't really understand.
  10. Bonjour, j'ai effectué une demande de RMA auprès du support de Corsair, j'ai envoyé mon alimentation qui a été réceptionnée aux Pays-Bas le : Arrived 2018-03-30 20:06 Elle est depuis au statut : Processing 2018-04-04 14:58 Cela fait presque 2 semaines que rien ne bouge, est-ce normal ? J'ai parcouru des forums où certains clients indiquent une rapidité sans faille... J'ai envoyé 2 messages dans le fil de discussion de ma demande qui sont restés sans réponse. Pouvez-vous m'aidez ? Merci Status of Ticket #613851
  11. Hi, I sent the faulty PSU as requested in the ticket by the RMA staff and it arrived to The Netherlands 3 weeks ago (12 March 2018). Its been processing since that day but it also says that the ticket is closed (Note: Your ticket is closed. Please contact corsair support or create a new ticket for further assistance) Both Corsair and UPS have said it arrived in The Netherlands. I want to know if there is a problem with my RMA or is it normal that the ticket is closed before the replacement is sent to me. Thanks Edit: It's solved now
  12. Wanted to post my experience so far with the K95 RGB Platinum and Corsair support. I bought the K95 RGB Platinum in december, and within a month started to get some horrible key chatter (multiple key inputs for every key pressed). I hit up corsair support, who after some back and fourth had me perform a hard reset and firmware rewrite on the board, after attempting to write their provided firmware file the keyboard no longer functioned and showed the firmware on the board as being a 0kb firmware.bin file rather than whatever I'd write to it. So, I started the RMA process. I was told I would receive a replacement unit and sent in the faulty board, after over a week I received a "replacement". It was the same keyboard, with the same part number and serial. It had been cleaned up a bit and it looked like they attempted to fix the firmware as it now had colors working again when plugged in, yet now no inputs register and it doesn't get detected when being plugged in (tested on 3 PC's running both Windows 10 and Arch Linux latest kernel), tried a soft reset to no avail and not going to attempt another hard reset after it bricked this same board last time. So I'll get to pay for shipping again for another RMA, I guess I will just try and stress I want a replacement unit this time and not a half-assed attempt at a refurbish.
  13. As title says I've been having nothing but bother, I originally RMA'd two kits of 2x4Gb DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz RAM - making a total 4x4Gb sticks - when these were in my system I received nothing but memory errors, windows crashes etc. So, 14+ days later I received a new lot of RAM this morning via RMA and low and behold this has issues too - not memory errors or crashes etc but a rather irritating one that has just been annoying the hell out of me - it will not run past 2800mhz when all four sticks are installed either via XMP or manual timings as suggested here on the forum - these are on the QVL for my motherboard and my CPU - 6700k, I should note that the previous lot of 4x4gb sticks I sent back all ran at the rated 3000mhz with my CPU mildly OC'd to 4.4ghz using just the XMP setting. I've tested for hours on end and this RAM you sent me as replacement will only run at 3000mhz when only one individual kit is installed - in short, runs good when I just put one kit of 2x4Gb sticks in - in any configuration with the RAM channels - this is the case for either kit. But all four sticks together? nah they don't place nice at all! Not happy and well, the RMA service was a total shambles - no updates and constantly having to contact your customer service team via live chat or skype was a nightmare when 1) you're in the UK 2) neither customer service person I spoke to knew how to help or what was going on with my RMA's Because it was two separate kits purchased at two separate times your support team thought it best to handle them individually - two RMA's for the RAM kits, which was irritating as all hell to keep track of, the codes for these should any corsair rep wish to look into it was 660413 and 661178
  14. Das RMA Ticket ist geschlossen und der Status hängt bei "Approved", laut DHL ist das Paket aber angekommen. Wollte nur wissen wie es aktuell aussieht da ich so ziemlich im dunkeln gelassen werde. LG
  15. I RMAd my keyboard last week because of a high pitched noise and double tabbing issue Today the replacement keyboard arrived which shouldn't have these issues since the last one was apparently from an old batch. ...well the double tabbing issue is gone but the high pitched sound is still loud and clear, especially on its brightest setting. none of my friends can hear it, my parents, etc can't either, only my little brother and his friend and me ofcourse,... turning off the lights would defeat the asthetical reason I bought this thing for... returning this for money back is out of question since it has been a year I got this. ._. not really sure what to do here... should I RMA again for the same issue?
  16. Hello, so my package arrived at Corsair about two weeks ago, and Corsair has not updated my RMA with any response. It still says that my product has not been received and UPS Ground delivered it there on the seventh of December. Please help, as Corsair has not contacted me at all.
  17. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, its my first time in this forum. So about a month ago i booted my PC up and it posted saying there was no CPU cooler detected, while i had my h100i v2 installed, which had been there since February 2017. I removed the cooler and reinstalled it, computer booted up fine. Later that night while gaming i started experiencing stuttering and after checking CPU temps i noticed my 4770k was running at 100c, i immediatly turned my PC off. I removed and reinstalled the system again with fresh thermal paste but that didnt work either. I dont really know whats wrong with it.. I guess maybe the pump is failing, fans are ok. Sadly my CPU actually has been working worse at 100% performance since then but nothing to do about that. Ive been running on the stock 4770k cooler and temps are manageable with that only getting up to 70c or so. Anyways, i live in Argentina and i have a relative who is travelling to the US soon, i was wondering how the RMA system works and how would i go about getting a replacement? I bought the unit off Amazon in late January or early February, my relative is traveling to the US in early november, hopefuly its not too late. Sorry for the long post and id appreciate a reply !
  18. Hi, I received my new Corsair ONE Pro (still unopened), and was prepping the return unit to ship back. I uninstalled my programs, backed up my data, and started a secure Windows Restore. When it reached about 5%, the screen went blank. I had the system set to wake the monitor on mouse and keyboard activity, but it isn't working. Also, during a Restore...it shouldn't have put the display into low power/sleep mode. The system itself is still on, fan running...etc. I can only assume it's continuing to perform the secure Windows Restore, but as it's a slow process (Full Restore with data wipe) I have no way of knowing when it will complete. It's likely to take half a day at the pace I saw getting from 1 to 5%. As this is the system intended to be shipped back as part of an RMA, please advise. I'm reticent to just turn it off in the middle of a Restore, though it should be able to be Restored with a Windows Restore flash drive. Please see photo to show I was in fact performing a normal Restore.
  19. Hello hello So my RMA got approved and I was told this: " For your convenience, click on the shipping label link at the top of your ticket to access the return address label and further shipping instructions. Please use this label when shipping parts back to Corsair." Clicking on the shipping label and I only see my own shipping information being displayed. Did I miss something?
  20. Hallo, Ich habe vor kurzem über einen von Corsair zertifizierten Händler ein hx 750i gekauft, Einkaufspreis etwa 158€. Ich habe bereits eine Anfrage für einen direkttausch im Support gemacht, rma #6952147. Das Angebot von Corsair ist jetzt eine Rückerstattung des einkaufspreises im Webshop, da das für sie zügiger zu regeln ist, was mir allerdings herzlich wenig bringt, da der Einkaufspreis für den neues hx750i im Webshop bei rund 210€ liegt. Nachdem an diesem Wochenende nun das komplette supportsystem down war, kann ich auch nicht mehr auf das Ticket oder überhaupt irgendeine Art von Support zugreifen, da ich eine amerikanische "Provinz" eingeben muss um von meinen persönlichen Angaben (shipping information), zu denen ich direkt nach dem Login geleitet werde, in das nächste Fenster zu kommen. Deshalb kann ich das problem leider nicht weiter an dieser Stelle klären und hoffe, dass mir hier weitergeholfen werden kann. LG
  21. Having purchased a RM650i which was DOA, it seemed wise to determine Corsair's UK RMA policy. The RMx series has a 10 year warranty, but (here is the sting) I have been informed via Corsair support chat on that the RMA policy is with a support hub in The Netherlands (postage 50% of a new PSU). So what has happened http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/support/warranty which states Bolton as a hub? Obviously if the support hub is not in the UK, I'll take my money and run to a manufacturer that has.
  22. I noticed that my keyboard has a slight discoloring on the "O" key, no matter what color I pick, there is always a little read in it. Should I make an RMA or is it a bug?
  23. Hallo, ich habe große Probleme mit einem RMA-Vorgang (Ticket Nummer 6913454). Nach Austausch des defekten Speichers (vorher telefonisch Express RMA beantragt) habe ich den alten Speicher (mit Label vom 12.4.2017 aus dem Ticket) an Corsair RMA Center in Bergheim (genaue Adresse schreibe ich hier nicht) geschickt (inzwischen steht in dem Ticket ein anderes Label mit Adresse in den Niederlanden). Da ich die Gegebenheiten vor Ort nicht kenne, frage ich hier mal nach. Besteht eine räumliche oder sonst eine Gemeinsamkeit mit dem Corsair RMA Center und der oben genannten Firma? Was soll ich in der Situation tun? Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!
  24. Hello, I sent my h100i via eco post and it may take up to a month to arrive to the Netherlands. Now my question is: Is there a limit to how much an RMA case can stay open? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello, I sent my H100i v2 to corsair after i got approved and paid for the shipping. So muy question is, Will i be asked to pay for the shipping from corsair to me? I live in israel. Thanks in advance. Best, Mukordi
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