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  1. Hi there! Recently I contacted Corsair RMA for a LED problem with my K70 Rapidfire keyboard, but it has been 6 days that nobody answers me about nothing! The last atualization was that my keyboard was under analysis! Help please!
  2. Hello, my ticket number is #2000792177 I am a bit at a loss here because they shipped my package to Schiphol in the Netherlands. I asked the Support why they were shipping it to Schiphol when i am living in Germany and i got this answer: 22. Aug., 16:12 PDT Dear customer, We have received notification from our shipping carrier that your replacement package has been delivered at your address. Thank you for being a Corsair customer! Kind regards, Corsair Customer Service after that i got an email to evaluate the support. So i wrote a message on the 23. Aug and 27. Aug if everything is alright and if i could get a tracking number from Schiphol to my address(if there is a second tracking number cause the first one was from Taiwan to Schiphol) but no response anymore and it worries me. Everything was fine till my package got shipped to the Schiphol in the Netherlands. I really hope someone can help me. Thanks Coho
  3. Re: 2000796334 I submitted a ticket & waited. Finally got told that it was "lost in the system". So on Aug 3rd I started a back & forth with who I assumed was support wanting to replace my malfunctioning cooling until only 6 months old. Every so often I'd get a question, sometimes they only needed to look back at previous emails to get the answer like what was my name or address! Then, I get told that my request was being put through to tech support.??? That was 10 days ago. All I was wanting was an RMA # on my unit that is/was still under warranty. But after reading all the complaints here about months of waiting and expensive customs fees & getting refunds for that, I worry it's just going to get worse for my situation that I thought was already bad.
  4. Hello! When my pc is turned off (power supply switch is still on), my power supply emits a buzzing sound, which can be heard from about 1.5 meters away, when the room is quiet, for example at night. When the pc is turned on, the buzzing sound seems to disappear, at least I cannot hear it while the others fans are working. The psu is the Corsair RM750x, I just bought it. It is connected to a power strip, if that matters. It bothers me, because this psu is supposed to be pretty quiet unit. Should I get the unit replaced? Is this problem eligible for RMA? Rest of the system: ROG Strix Z390-E Palit RTX 2080 Gamerock i7 9700k HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16 GB
  5. RESOLVED (see later post) tl;dr Offered inferior replacement even though appropriate replacement was in stock. Agent took just enough time to respond (5 days) for it to become out of stock. I began on the 11th of June reporting a RAM fault under #2000420344. Putting aside how much time it has taken to reach this point, on the 26th July, finally some progress. An ARMA was setup under #2000787791. I was offered an INFERIOR replacement. To put it in context, about 20% cheaper than equivalent. Imagine my surprise when I checked the website and a perfect alternative (albeit black instead of blue) was in stock! I immediately replied that the black version would seem a more appropriate alternative. Every day I checked the stock. Still in stock....still in stock. I checked on the evening of the 30th of July, four days later, still in stock! Then on the 31st I noted it was no longer in stock. What a surprise that that I finally received a reply that day, telling me it was out of stock. The email also suggested no way forward. I replied, but won't hold my breath for a reply for about a week!?! Truly disappointed, JohnBoy
  6. Hallo, ich habe 2 2x4gb Ddr3 RAM kits, memtest86 hat mir nun etliche viele Errors angezeigt und mein PC begrüßt mich desöfteren mit einem Bluescreens. Ich würde den RAM zur Reperatur gerne einschicken, doch ich kann niemanden erreichen, ich habe vor über einer Woche eine Mail an Corsair gesendet, doch erhalte keine Antwort, ein Ticket ist auch nicht eröffnet, komischer weise auch nicht möglich. Ich habe auch keine Rechnung mehr aber die Ovp's natürlich, hoffe man kann mir weiterhelfen Liebe Grüße
  7. ARMA request from ticket # 889274 [incident: 190501-000231] After having an issue with a RAM module I created and RMA and it was granted quite quickly. However, being a single 8GB module from a 16GB kit, you required the entire kit to be returned. I asked for an advance RMA and you gladly accommodated my request. Standard procedure is to charge my credit card, usually after so many days, but you chose to charge it right away. Not a problem (other than doing refunds in foreign currency involves some percentage losses on my side through the credit card company)... I sent back the product on May 29, 2019. Upon checking the status of the RMA, the original link in the email no longer goes to the RMA site it once did. I have since sent a couple of emails to corsairsupport@mailpc.custhelp.com as presented on your website, however no reply as of yet.... and no refund as of yet. This makes 26 days... Is it normal for Corsair to take so long with the RMA process? Awaiting a reply / refund / some form of communication. Thank you.
  8. So the title says it , I had two Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DRAM sticks (CMW16GX4M2C3200C16) , which one of them turned out to be defective , and the support approved my RMA ticket. However I bought the product while I was in the United States during the spring semester which is a month ago , and the problem is that I'm currently in Egypt , so I can't go through the RMA process which requires me to send the product back to corsair. The only solution is to wait until I'm back and I can't wait this long. I checked if there were any authorized distributors in Egypt and it turned out that there's one , so my questions are can I go through the RMA process with the local authorized distributor? Will the international warranty allow me to get an RMA even if I'm abroad? My ticket number is #896810
  9. Bonjour, Depuis une semaine, j'ai un genre de vibration en basse fréquence à un régime de 600-900 tours minute. J'ai l'impression que ma table de bureau vibre ou qu'on refait le bitume de la route dans ma rue. Je les ait fait tourner à 300 rpm en mode manuel, et, ça a bien vibré. J'ai un ventilateur qui n'atteint pas les 2340 rpm qui reste à 2045 rmp. L'autre, tourne maximum 2345 rmp. Que dois-je faire? Retourner chez Tones.be (là où je l'ai acheté)? C'est loin... J'ai presque 100 bornes à refaire plus le retour. Comment ça se passe le Service Après Vente chez Corsair?
  10. I'm waiting for like more than 2 weeks for you account number in dhl. Please help me. I got prepaid shipping label, and in order to arrange a pickup, dhl need your account number. Please reply me in the ticket or here TICKET #866084
  11. Hallo, habe letzte Woche meine H115i eingeschickt, da anscheinend die Punkte defekt ist. Fehlende Teile habe ich mit dem Support-Chat besprochen. Rechnung und S/N sind als Bild beigefügt. Auf die Frage, wie lange es noch dauert, habe ich bis jetzt noch keine Antwort erhalten. Die Ticket-Nummer ist #850298. Hoffe, ihr könnt mir helfen. Danke!
  12. Hello! My support ticket number is #865702. I've been told by a customer service agent that my RMA has been approved and further instruction have been sent via mail. This was 6 days back. I did not receive any instructions and I replied back in the ticket but there has been no response. Could someone please let me know what I need to do to proceed with the RMA? Also, as mentioned in the ticket, I live in the middle east and it would be really helpful if you have a return address in the middle east. Do you have one? Thanks, Ashwanth
  13. Hello, i am facing some issues with my Corsair H100iGTX water cooler. The pump seems to be not working properly. I had bought the device nearly 4 years ago. I had purchased the device from an authorised vendor. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the invoice and i don't think i can find it as it is a long time since my purchase. Is there any way to proceed with and my claim an RMA for the faulty device. I have all the original boxes and parts with me. Please let me know if there is any hope. My ticket no. Is #866595 Thank you.
  14. Hello, I am wondering on a progress update on support ticket 860560? It was submitted on Feb 26th, 2019 and i have yet to receive any communication that it has even been viewed, and is still listed in my tickets as "open" status. Any help in expediting this process would be greatly appreciated so i can get back in action! Thanks Corsair! Oak_22
  15. Hello Regarding closed ticket #683959 (Faulty T1 chair, ball bearings falling out of wheels, and metal frame on chair base touching the PU leather causing discomfort and pain). I was given a full refund RMA on the 7th August 2018 which went unnoticed due to the ticket being open for 6 months before getting anywhere. To be honest, I had lost hope in getting it sorted. Just out of interest, I've logged in tonight and noticed the RMA was finally granted, but obviously, I have missed this update. I've got the link to print of the RMA shipping label which has a Bolton (UK) address. Am I good to go ahead and get this shipped to you via a private courier now and finally resolve this matter? It appears that I only got the RMA as I submitted a feedback report, which seemed to put my support ticket the gear it needed to get moving after sitting dormant for so long. I'm happy to send this back to you tomorrow for the refund and I'll be a happy chappy. Thank you, Alec
  16. Hallo, wie lange hat bei euch der Austausch einer Ware gedauert? Habe es letze Woche Montag abgeschickt, es ist Donnerstag angekommen und heute ist Mittwoch und der Support Verlauf aktualisiert sich nicht. Laut Support sollte die Ware auf Lager sein, die ich erhalten soll. Vielleicht weiß ja ein Admin mehr? Meine Ticket ID lautet 812697. Ich wäre für jede Hilfe dankbar :D Liebe Grüße Nhaser
  17. Hello, my ticket number is 84016, and I have not gotten a response in regards to an RMA for my Corsair RM750 PSU, which died on me last week. I would like to be updated on this matter since theres no one giving me any word on if my PSU is eligible for Warranty. Much appreciated!
  18. my sf600 platinum died and I express rma it to corsair, it got there december 27 and I still have not been refunded and no one is answering me when contacting support to any corsair rep viewing this here is my ticket id 806021
  19. I opened a support ticket for an M-65 Pro RGB wired Corsair mouse back in November, it had a squishy right click and some weird noises. This was all well and good and I sent it in for an RMA replacement in early December (ticket 803014) The problem is, the replacement they sent me was a brand new product, but was in even WORSE condition than the one I shipped to them. BOTH the right and left click were squishy, the whole click assembly felt loose, and pushing in the left click required noticably more force than the right click. I already opened a brand new ticket over this (ticket 827719), but the concern I have is am I going to have to pay postage AGAIN for a product that was faulty before I even TOUCHED it? I'm in canada and paid over $20 to ship it, and having to pay that AGAIN for something that was out of my control seems a bit much, not to mention the additional waiting I'm going to have to go through for it.
  20. Hi Corsair Folks and Friends alike. I am writing to ask for help on my RMA 823952 to accelerate the movement of what is going on. On my file I have spoken to 2-3 people and try to reach through customer service and support a number of times but to no avail. I am not mad, I am very confused as the one customer support person that helped me the most was online 'Vincent' we'll call him. I explained to Vincent that I have already sent my unit Scan/Corsair returns office in Manchester via DHL this Monday from Scotland, Vincent has/had offered to try and get a unit from Ontario in Canada to me however when I called back for the progress of what's going on around 2 hours later, I found out that my unit would be coming from Amsterdam and I was also told there is no way to accelerate the process. Can ANYONE help a brother out? I would like them back this weekend as I am working over the holidays and won't be home all the time for deliverys. Please? I wouldn't normally ask but it's worth a shot to see if I can get a new pair for Yule's Eve. https://www.dhl.co.uk/en/express/tracking.html?AWB=7799927693&brand=DHL
  21. Hi, Could anyone tell me the process to get my RAM replaced in India? I have already created a support ticket but just came to know that I need to walk into a Kaizen outlet. The concerned RAM stick is about 7 years old so I am not even sure if it is under warranty. The part number is CMV4GX3M1A1333C9. Also, do we need an invoice to claim warranty? I have lost mine.
  22. Moin, Von meinem 2x8GB Kit ist ein Modul laut Memtest fehlerhaft und hat meinen Computer mehrmals abstürzen lassen, das andere läuft gerade ohne Probleme. Also habe ich am Wochenende ein Ticket eröffnet und mir wurde am nächsten Werktag mitgeteilt, dass es sich um einen Garantiefall handelt und es ausgetauscht wird. So weit so gut. Da ich als Student derzeit meinen Computer täglich benötige, ist es sehr problematisch, dass ich den RAM im kompletten Kit einschicken muss und dann ca. 7 Werktage (da gehe ich mal von ca. 2 Wochen aus) auf Ersatz warten muss, also meinen PC nicht mehr nutzen kann. Deshalb habe ich im Live-Chat gefragt, wie denn die Konditionen sind um einen Vorabaustausch zu realisieren. Die Antwort kann ich gar nicht fassen: Ich soll für den Austausch eines 16GB Kits (Kaufpreis 88,39€) mit 1.100 USD per Kreditkarte in Vorleistung gehen und das Paket auf meine Kosten in die Niederlande schicken. Der Mitarbeiter teilte mir mit es täte ihm ja leid, aber so stehe es da nun mal und da kann man nichts machen. Mal abgesehen davon, dass ich so eine Summe nicht mal eben über habe (auch nicht für "nur" ca. 2 Wochen), steht diese Summe als "Pfand" in keinem Verhältnis zu einem Produkt, welches keine 100€ gekostet hat. Ich hätte da doch gerne einen Lösungsvorschlag, der für beide Seiten akzeptabel ist. Danke (Ticket ID 812500)
  23. meine RMA (#791598)wurde genehmigt Adresse und Namen sind im Profil aber nicht richtig (Dadurch ja falsche Versandinfos"Etiketten") wenn ich auf Profil ändern gehe kommt jedesmal eine Fehlermeldung, und JA Cache gelöscht andere Browser prob. Hab das auch im Ticket schon vermerkt nur reagiert dort niemand. Würde ja gerne meine Kreditkartendaten für Expresss-Ersatzoption senden aber das Paket würde warscheindlich nie ankommen. vielleich kann wer das Profil ändern. mfG
  24. Hello, I'm currently packing up my H80i for RMA. And in the instructions it says: "Coolers: Please note to include all fans, pump and the radiator when packing your defective unit. Missing parts will cause your RMA request to be rejected." So, do I only have to include the fans the pump and the radiator or do I also have to include screws and the mounting brackets? Thank you.
  25. Hi! My ticket number is 802866. I made a support ticket about my keyboard and I have already updated the shopping invoice. The status of ticket hasn't been updated for three days and it is still open. What am I supposed to do?
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