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  1. Hey Folks I'm new here but i've had a quick look and can't see anything that helps my problem. So i have the H100i CPU cooler and I've installed 2 further LL series lights. (1 intake at front of case and 1 exhaust at back) Ive connected the fans together for the h100i and connected the other 2 fans to the commander pro(CP). Ive connected the USB from h100i to the USB on CP. Ive then connected the RGB connections from the 4 fans(2 from the h100i and 2 on their own) to the RGB Hub and then connected this hub to the lighting node on position 2, ive then connected position 1 to the RGB on CP. ON icue ive set the CP to 4 fans as this is the only setting I can get the 4 fans to light up even though 2 of the fans arent connected in the CP as they are connected through the h100i. Sorry if I haven't explained it well enough. I will try get a diagram drawn up for it to show it properly. But onto my problem. So i have all 4 fans running, ive got all 4 fans running, 2 through the cooler and 2 through commander pro, and when I play any scene it runs through them fine....but when I run the visor scene now it runs through them all and once its done its sequence it goes black for a good 5-7seconds as if its trying to continue the sequence through some other RGB connections. Can anyone shed light on this as I want the visor to just keep running and going through the sequence instead of having ghost fans to light up Thanks
  2. Hallo zusammen, neben dem Support #2004464995 frage ich hier mal nach Hilfe. Nach knapp einer Woche Betrieb, weigert sich der zentrale Lüfter des Corsair One seit gestern im Normalbetrieb zu laufen. Die Folge ist, die Temperatur in den Kühlkreisläufen steigt und er geht dann mit laufenden Lüfter in den Alarmbetrieb (blinken der LEDs und volle Drehzahl). Ich behelfe mir gerade mit der Auswahl des individuellen Lüfterprofils und nach Bedarf höhere Drehzahl. Mit Auswahl des Standardprofils verstummt der Lüfter wieder und geht mit steigender Temperatur nicht mehr an. Da das Gerät neu ist, richte ich es immer noch ein. Die letzten Handlungen waren Windows Update auf 21H1, KB 5004945, Aktivieren Duo Link Logitech Software, Zugriff auf NAS Laufwerk, USB-Festplatte einstöpseln, Dropbox einrichten, spezielle Programme (HSETU). Alles andere wurde vorher installiert und lief auch ohne Probleme. Maßnahmen waren jeweils, Deinstallation Windows Update und Sicherheitsupdate, ICUE mit Löschen der Registry Ordner, Neuinstallation ICUE 3 und auch mal 4. Es ist zum Haareraufen. Der Lüfter will nicht laufen. Frage an die Community, einen Hardwarefehler kann man ausschließen (hoffe ich), liege ich mit der Annahme richtig, dass das Standardlüfterprofil (nicht editierbar) sich an irgendetwas stört? Wenn ja was könnte helfen? Ich bin verzweifelt. Wenn man von oben in die Büchse schaut, dann sieht man andere farbige LED leuchten. Was ist das denn? Viele Grüße und besten Dank im Voraus
  3. So today I updated iCUE on my laptop and after the update the audio started stuttering. (it was still v3) I uninstalled the software with IOBit to perform a clean installation. Downloaded v4 and installed, the issue was there again. I did the tests with my Corsair VOID Elite Wireless headset, a pair of Xiaomi earphones and without any headset, the stuttering was always present. To people that may have the same issue the fix is: Open the iCUE installation folder and locate "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe" Kill the Corsair CpuIdRemote process with the task manager or any process manager Quickly change that file extension to anything you want, for example "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.dumb", this will prevent the service from restarting Enjoy Waiting Corsair to fix this...
  4. Hi All, I'm hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on an issue I'm having. I have a H115i Elite Capellix CPU cooler, this has 2 LL120 fans mounted on the radiator. The cooler and fans are plugged into a Commander Core controller. For some reason I have no control over the RGB lighting effects in iCue. The software see's the cooler as it's displayed in the top bar of the software along with my keyboard. I also have 3 front mounted fans on my case and a rear exhaust fan, all LL120's plugged into the same Commander Core. I have no control over any of the lighting effects in iCue, all the speeds etc seem to be displaying fine. I wanted to add an extra couple of fans on the bottom of the case. So I purchased a couple of extra fans, a Commander Pro, the extra fans came with an RGB hub. I now have the 3 front fans, the exhaust fan and the 2 bottom fans plugged into the Commander Pro and the extra RGB hub and these are all working fine, they are listed and the RGB lighting is controllable via iCue, however the 2 radiator fans and the CPU cooler are the same, just stuck in the default rainbow effect and I have no control. If I plug the radiator fans into the separate3 RGB hub, they work fine. Am I right to suspect the RGB portion of the Commander Core is faulty? The computer is only a couple of months old. Oh and finally, port 6 of the separate RGB hub doesn't seem to be working either, there's no RGB lighting coming out of that at all I'm so confused, can anybody help?
  5. I have connected my Hue lightstrips to the iCUE software and they work as I would expect them to. However, my question is, does iCUE, like Razer Synapse, provide an ambient light setting for HUE lights, or any other light for that matter. I am trying to get most of my RGB onto one platform, and this seems to be one of the only things holding me back.
  6. Good night, I would like to know, how much longer are we Corsair users going to have to continue to suffer with all those games that use the "famous" EasyAntiCheat, since it seems disrespectful to me that we have invested in the products of a company with a great "reputation "as is Corsair, in which EasyAntiCheat recognizes the iCue as a threat" Game Security Violation Detected (# 0000000D) [iCUE.exe] ". In this way, I have to finish a task of the iCue.exe in the windows administrator to be able to play games, making it impossible to use peripherals corsair since if it is removed, for example my Harpoon RGB mouse in which the side buttons and even the sensitivity of the mouse cannot be use. Please, we need a solution, since we have been presenting this problem for several years now, and the only solution provided is to pass the problem saying that it is the fault of "EasyAntiCheat that does not put you in the Whitelist", because I give you the solution, get in agreement with EasyAntiCheat once and for all and stop making users who buy your products dizzy. We wait for an answer. Thanks.
  7. My mouse was fine after updating to the latest version of iCue initially. I then did the update for the wireless dongle to v.5.0.84 and now my mouse is no longer detected. Tried a reset Tried a clean install (deleted all corsair folders including those in the registry) I tried reinstalling a previous version of icue. Tried uninstalling the devices in Device Manager No luck with anything. My mouse can connect to my computer using bluetooth, but pairing using the 2.4GHz method with the dongle no longer works. Has anyone encountered this and found a fix? i attached screenshots for reference. You can see the version number for the dongle and also that the "Initiate" button to start pairing is grayed out and can't be selected. The last screenshot shows my mouse connected to my pc with bluetooth. This sucks since i can't load my profiles on bluetooth.
  8. Last updated 18th of March 2021 Clickable Direct Links to each section of this Faq (click them and each will open a new page/tab.. close that page/tab to return here) Commander Pro/Lighting Node Pro/Lighting Node Core/RGB Fan LED Hubs/PSU's/AIO Coolers RGB Fans/RGB Strips/LS100 specs/info iCUE Enabled Cases Basic Questions Answered Diagrams and Videos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Faqs/Guides My 1000D Build Guide iCue FAQ DevBikers General Cooler FAQ Inheritance's iCUE Tutorial Community iCUE Tutorials/Guides iCUE Early Access - Video Tutorials ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We request you refrain from posting questions or requests for help in this thread. It is for reference only, Please start a new thread with any questions or requests for help. Thank You Links for correct Section's of the Forum for Question's you might want to ask iCUE 'Click Me Corsair Cooling & Coolers 'Click Me' Corsair Link 'Click Me' Corsair Power Supplies 'Click Me' Corsair Cases 'Click Me' Corsair Memory (RAM) 'Click Me' Corsair Solid State Drives 'Click Me' Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) 'Click Me' Again, Please don't ask for help or advice in this Thread as it will make it unmanageable for both my self and the Corsair Administration Team, Start Your own thread in the correct section from above. To add. I Do not mind taking Pm's for questions or help and will always answer you.. but in the art of helping others we need your questions to be public really so that future members in need of help can find similar questions to their own while searching for answers.. hope this makes sense guys & gals.. and GOOD LUCK!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thought I would Knock this thread up for people to find when searching for Setup help of Corsair iCue & LINK Hardware, RGB Fans, Commander Pro's, Lighting Node Pro's, Corsair LED strips ETC. I will keep adding to it in an attempt to cover most iCue & Link Wiring/Hardware Setup type Questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ iCue & Link Control Products Button Controllers Only compatible with HD or SP RGB fans Must use HD version on HD fans only and SP version on SP fans only Plugs into the Corsair RGB Fan LED hub Cannot be used along side Corsair iCue/LINK Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub Sata Powered (none Removable) Connects via an LED channel of either the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro and would allow RGB control via Corsair iCue/LINK (SP & HD fans also have a button controller option, Note:- no Corsair iCue/LINK Control when using Button Controllers) Compatible with All Corsair RGB Fans up to a total of 6 Via 6 x 4 pin Headers Only 1 type of fan per hub. All SP or All HD etc etc Ports must be used in order When bought on it's own you don't get the RGB 3 Pin (twin cable) data connection cable with it for connection to CoPro or NoPro Corsair Lighting Node Core http://i.imgur.com/KWQuNJsm.png Sata Powered (none removable) Connects to a USB header (none Removable) Supports 6 of Corsairs RGB Fans 6 x 4 pin Headers Allows RGB Control via Corsair iCue/LINK Auto Detected in iCUE Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) Sata Powered (none Removable) Connects to a USB header (Removable) Support 2 LED channels. via 2 x 3 pin headers, Each channel supports a single RGB Fan Hub or up to 4 strips in LINK and 6 Strips Limit in iCue Allows RGB Control via Corsair iCue/LINK Auto Detected in iCUE If you have 6 QL fans on the Lighting Node Pro then you can not use the other RGB Channel. it becomes unavailable in iCUE Commander Pro (CoPro) 1, Sata Powered (none Removable) with 4.5a Limit for the entire unit... this includes its MCU as well as a 1a limit per fan header. (note.Not Officially supported but there is no reason why you can not use Fan header Splitter cables but its been noted triple fan splitters cause issues) imho no more that 8 fans in total. 2, Connects via USB Header (none Removable) 3, Has 2 USB headers 4, 2 LED channels. Each channel supports a single RGB Fan Hub or up to 4 strips in LINK and 6 Strips Limit in iCue via 2 x 3 pin headers, 5, 4 Temp Probe Channels and 4 Supplied Probes 6, Comes with 2 RGB data connection cables for RGB Fan LED Hubs. 7, Allows RGB/Fan RPM Control & System Monitoring via Corsair iCue/LINK 8, The LED on the Commander Pro will Flash green upon boot and any time it communicates with the Host PC.. it will go Red when in Boot loader Mode or has a communications Error. it is not illuminated normally Commander Core (included with the iCUE Elite Capellix AIO Coolers) http://i.imgur.com/mkbkQJzm.png Sata Powered (none removable) Connects to a USB header (none Removable) Supports 6 of Corsairs RGB Fans 6 x 4 pin Headers Controls the Speed of up to 6 Fans both PWM and Voltage controlled 6 x 4 pin Headers Allows RGB Control via Corsair iCue/LINK Auto Detected in iCUE Allows controls of iCUE Elite Capellis AIO Coolers Has 1 Thermal probe 2pin header and a 2nd sensed from the Elite cooler in iCUE Corsair I Series Power Supply's Connects Via a Mini usb Connection or Supplied 4 pin connector lets You monitor and log fan speed, voltages, power consumption and Temperatures. Lets you control fan speed. Lets You configure +12V rail operation. Auto Detected in iCUE Corsair I Series Hydro Coolers Pro Series Coolers Have a Single Zone RGB Pump head only, No RGB Fans are Supplied Platinum Series Coolers Have a Multi Zone RGB Pump head and ML RGB Fans are Supplied Connects Via a Micro Usb for the Pro/Platinum Series and Mini usb for older versions lets You monitor and log fan/Pump speed and Liquid Temperatures. Lets you control fan & Pump speed. Lets You configure the Pump Heads RGB Lighting (and The fans RGB on Platinum coolers) Auto Detected in iCUE (Note.. some coolers are not compatible with iCue currently. more info to follow Compatibility List) Elite AIO Coolers http://i.imgur.com/jappoRPm.png more info here H series Elite Cooler Faq Corsair RGB RAM http://i.imgur.com/EXgMvBkt.jpg All of Corsairs RGB Ram is Compatible with iCUE Requires No Cables to connect Auto Detected in iCUE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RGB Fan & LED Strip Specifications Note. None of the below Fans/Fan Kits are supplied with a Voltage/Pwm Fan controller of any type. For this sort of control (in Corsair iCue/LINK) you would need a Commander Pro And all Corsair's RGB fans need to be Connected to a Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub and the RGB Fan LED Hub goes to either the Button controller (HD RGB and SP RGB fans only) or Corsair's Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro Triple (120mm) & Double (140mm) packs of Fans come with, SP/HD fans 1x RGB Fan LED Hub & 1x Button controller... LL/ML fans 1x RGB Fan LED Hub & 1 Lighting Node Pro All Corsair RGB fans have these 2 x 4pin connections and Strips and Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan have just 1x 3pin RGB connection) Note (Strip's RGB plug is 3 pin and Fan's RGB plug is 4 PIN. Strips work with Strips... Fans work with Fans... simples) SP RGB Fans: 4 LEDs around the centre hub. all 4 LED's display the same colour at the same time, These are 3-pin, DC-controlled fans and cannot be controlled from the Corsair Liquid Cooler fan connectors. The RGB effect is visible on both intake and exhaust. Only available as 120mm. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. Can NOT be mixed with Corsairs other RGB Fans including SP Pro RGB Fans on the same Lighting Node Core or RGB Fan LED Hub . SP Pro RGB Fans: 8 Individually addressed LEDs around the centre of the hub, These are 3-pin, DC-controlled fans and cannot be controlled from the Corsair Liquid Cooler fan connectors. The RGB effect is visible on both intake and exhaust. Available as 120mm or 140mm. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. Can NOT be mixed with Corsairs SP RGB Fans on the same Lighting Node Core or RGB Fan LED Hub . SP Pro Elite Fans: 8 Individually addressed LEDs around the centre of the hub, These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). They have a clear fan body and are visible from both intake and exhaust. Available in 140mm and 120mm versions. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. . HD RGB Fans: 12 Individually addressed LEDs around the outside of the fan. These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). They have a clear fan body and are visible from both intake and exhaust. Available in 140mm and 120mm versions. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. . LL RGB Fans: 16 Individually addressed LEDs, 12 around the outside and 4 around the hub. These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). The RGB effect is only visible from the intake side of the fan. Available in 140mm and 120mm versions. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. . QL RGB Fans: 34 Individually addressed LEDs, 12 around the outside and 4 around the hub on the front and 12 around the outside and 6 around the hub on the inside of the fan. These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). The RGB effect is visible from the intake and exhaust sides of the fan. Available in 140mm and 120mm versions. Rated current for the fan: 0.30A. Note. If Using 6 QL Fans on the Lighting Node Pro. you can not have anything on the Lighting Node Pro's other Rgb Channel. Can be Used with RGB Fan LED Hubs Like any other Corsair RGB iCUE enabled Fan . ML RGB Fans: 4 Individually addressed LEDs around the hub of the fan. Optimized for the best combination of performance and silence, using the same technology as the Corsair ML Pro fans but with reduced speed. They are identical to the fans that ship with the new series of PRO coolers. These are 4-pin PWM fans and require a 4-pin PWM connection for control; the magnetic levitation requires the full 12V to operate properly. The RGB effect is visible on both intake and exhaust. Available in 140mm and 120mm versions. Rated current for the fan: 0.225A. . Pro RGB Strip: 10 Individually addressed LEDs, Length: 410mm, IP65-rated transparent silicone coated, 4 magnets per strip and full-strip tape, 5v. 4 strip Limit in LINK and 6 Strip Limit in iCue NOTE* (not to be confused with the older and now EOL CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting Kit which only contains 2 Strips.. this kit will NOT work with the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro..) . Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan: 6 Individually addressed LEDs per Fan. Dual 50mm RGB Fans. Designed for Cooling Corsair Dominator Platinum memory modules (but will fit over most other Ram types. Clips to the Clips that hold the Ram in place. RPM: 3700, PWM controllable. Voltage: 5-12V (DC) comes with a supplied Lighting Node Pro and is selected in LINK as an 'Airflow Platinum' or in iCUE as an LED strip. it would then appear as a single RGB Strip.. Effects similar to a HD series fan. . can be chained onto the end of up to 4 strips (maybe 5!) . http://i.imgur.com/e0IIYrjt.jpg LS100 Smart Lighting Kit Includes 2x long strips (450mm) with 27 individually addressable LEDs each, 2x short strips (250mm) with 15 individually addressable LEDs each, an external lighting controller, USB cable, and external power cable. Comes with and External PSU and all cabling and clips needed. require 1 x USB Connection.included accessories http://i.imgur.com/wTeUFyKm.png ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ iCUE Enabled Cases 1.http://i.imgur.com/hUqUBQbt.png Obsidian 1000D Supplied Devices, 1000D edition Commander Pro. This differs from the normal Commander Pro as it also has a Chassis Lighting option to control the 22 RGB LED's in the Sails Logo and Front IO. this is is connected to LED channel one the 1000D Commander Pro. in the Following order, Sails Logo/Front IO and then there is a Pass through Female RGB socket hanging towards the front of the Case which is Lighting Channel 1 in iCUE. more info here My 1000D build Log 2.http://i.imgur.com/8U7S8FWt.png Obsidian 500D SE Supplied Devices, 1 x Commander Pro, 3 x LL 120mm RGB Fans, 1 RGB Fan LED Hub More info here Obsidian 500d SE Faq 3.http://i.imgur.com/sdFj6rAt.png 570x Mirror Black Supplied Devices, 3 x SP 120mm RGB Fans, 1 x RGB Fan LED Hub, RGB PSU Shroud and Sails Logo's and the Sp Button controller More info here 570x Mirror Black Faq 4.http://i.imgur.com/ZE5V9CAt.jpg 280X Supplied Devices , 1 x Lighting Node Pro, RGB Fan LED Hub, 2 x LL 120mm RGB Fans 5.http://i.imgur.com/2YU2zcVt.gif Spec Omega RGB Supplied Devices, 1 x Spec Omega edition Lighting Node Pro. This differs from a Normal Lighting Node pro as it's LED channel 1 is set to power the front chassis lighting's 30 LED's, it appears in iCUE as the Spec Omega rather than a normal Lighting Node Pro. 2 x HD 120 RGB Fans, 1 x RGB Fan LED Hub ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some Basic Questions Answered. None of the below items are compatible with the older Commander Mini and Lighting Node Products.. Do NOT attempt to mix the two product ranges. The Commander Mini and Lighting Node are now discontinued, You may get help for these items by asking in the Corsair Link Section 'Click Me' . 4 strip Limit in LINK and 6 Strip Limit in iCue . Commander Pro's can be Daisy chained. . Can have as many Commander Pro's and/or Lighting Node Pro's as you like. . You can NOT mix fan types on the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub. . Corsair RGB fans have 2 Cables.. one for power/rpm control and one for RGB control . Fans must be plugged into the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub in order, You must not miss ports out.. 3 fans? ports 1 to 3!. . Do Not Hot Swap Fans and Strips into the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro while Your system is powered up. . Fans & Strips must be added Into iCue/LINK in the Correct devices 'Lighting Setup' Tab. . Pro Strips will NOT work in the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub and will result in a damaged Pro Strip should you attempt this. . RGB fans will NOT work plugged directly in to the Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro, you MUST use the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub which then Plugs into a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro . ML and LL multipack kits come with both the RGB Fan LED Hub & a Lighting Node Pro . . SP and HD Multipack Kits come the RGB Fan LED Hub & a Button controller. . SP/HD/ML RGB Fan's and Pro LED strips have Hardware playback, Meaning they will will continue to display Custom Profiles when iCue/LINK isn't Running. . LL RGB Fan's Have no Hardware Playback meaning they will not display Custom Profiles when iCue/LINK isn't running . Button Controllers, SP button Controller only operates the SP RGB Fans & the HD button Controller only operates the HD RGB Fans and are in NO way compatible with LL or ML RGB Fan's . If you have one bad fan (LED's) it could possibly effect the following fans on the RGB Fan LED Hub, Bad fan in port 1? fans on the following ports may not light up correctly. . Not Officially supported but there is no reason why you can not use Fan header Splitter cables on the Commander Pro (note there is a 1A limitation per fan header and a 4.5A limitation for the entire unit (including it's MCU and any Corsair RGB Strips you have attached) and I recommend no more than 2 Fans on any one Channel (note, seen plenty of issues when trying to use triple PWM splitters or more). . iCue/LINK Is also a Hardware Monitoring Program. It's not recommended you run other monitoring programs along side it. To do so risks Software Conflicts. . When encountering problems like coolers not being detected by iCue/LINK, it's worth heading to Device Manager/Universal Serial Bus Controllers and look for the Corsair USBXp driver, Even if it is present and enabled, disable/re-enable and see if that helps. General Cooler FAQ: By DevBiker . Lighting Node Pro not appearing or failing to Update in Corsair iCue/LINK? Try This Video for how to Reflash it's Firmware.. This can also apply to the Commander Pro. same procedure but different Firmware, Both Commander Pro and Node Pro Firmware can be found here . Need More USB Headers?. You could use the ones on the back of your case by routing a standard Mini Usb Cable out to it.. Or You could Try this Click Me . Corsair 570x Mirror Black RGB logo's are Connected as a Single SP RGB fan. they are Plugged into Port 4 of the supplied Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub along with the Supplied SP RGB Fans. You would need to Add a Lighting Node Pro or a Commander Pro for iCue/LINK control. Should you replace the stock SP RGB fans with other Corsair RGB fans you would need them on a Second RGB Fan LED Hub and you would need to Move the Logo's to port 1 of the RGB Fan LED hub it's connected to. More to Follow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diagrams Note. Fan Type does not matter in these Diagrams. the Wiring is the same across all 4 fan types (see Button Controllers in 'Some Basic Questions Answered' at the top of this thread for other connectivity details on these items and compatibility) Lighting Node Core Setup http://i.imgur.com/Xx60jRAl.png Lighting Node Pro Setup. This allows RGB control of 4 Pro Strips in Corsair iCue/LINK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corsair Lighting Node Pro & Pro Expansion Kit Setup This allows RGB control of 8 Pro Strips in Corsair LINK/iCue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corsair RGB Fan & Lighting Node Pro Setup. This allows RGB control of 6 RGB Fan's in Corsair iCue/LINK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corsair RGB Fan & Commander Pro Setup. This allows RGB & RPM control of 6 RGB Fan's in Corsair iCue/LINK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corsair RGB Fan & Commander Pro & Pro Expansion Kit Setup. This allows RGB & RPM control of 6 RGB Fan's and RGB control of 4 Pro Strips in Corsair iCue/LINK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Advanced Node Core Setups using Corsair Platinum/Pro series AIO's to control all Fan Speeds.. http://i.imgur.com/lxZv62Wl.png http://i.imgur.com/L1TFfhpl.png http://i.imgur.com/FBumocNl.png ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commander Core Diagrams. this one would be your typical way of setting it up (more to be added once its in my hands) http://i.imgur.com/mn0MDS4l.png One for more than 6 fans http://i.imgur.com/4FwtdFil.png ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corsair 570x Mirror Black Setup. Standard http://i.imgur.com/nXUYL9Gl.png With Commander Pro Giving iCUE Control of 6 SP RGB Fans and the Case Logo's http://i.imgur.com/7HL8Ibbl.png this one shows use of a Custom Cable to allow the use of a Single RGB Fan LED Hub. it must be noted that the Custom cable can only be used with fans/logo's of the same type! the Logo's in the 570x Mirror black are technically an SP RGB Fan. this is how they are connected and also detected in iCUE/LINK and indeed by the SP button Controller..YOU MUST NOT MIX SP Fan RGB fan connections with any of Corsairs other RGB Fans/Strips. and of course this is in no way Supported by Corsair in anyway.. this is a custom modification!. at your own risk guys! http://i.imgur.com/zziWck0l.png and another taking things a step further by adding the Custom SP RGB Fan splitter Cable and also a Commander Pro and Pro Lighting Expansion Pack http://i.imgur.com/tClqBcHl.png ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Advanced Corsair RGB Setups This show's the use of Multiple Lighting Node Pro's and RGB Fan LED Hub's. The plan with this one is to have two of the Lighting Node Pro's outside the case Powering 12 x Pro Led strips spread across the back of all Monitors and 12 x Pro Led strips under the desks and behind the TV on the Wall. http://i.imgur.com/n0CQZ2Vl.jpg updated http://i.imgur.com/2zqD6EHl.png diagram below shows use of DevBikers RGB Fan LED Hub Splitter Cable. more info here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=174759 http://i.imgur.com/JCX2B0gl.png http://i.imgur.com/g22mWOnl.png http://i.imgur.com/bxtWZBzl.png http://i.imgur.com/Q2bE2bml.jpg [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] I have also run a Usb cable from my Wifes Lighting Node Pro in her PC to my Rear IO so I control her Node Pro in My iCue, meaning her RGB is synced with mine Note. When using PWM splitters please do your Math to make sure any power you are drawing from a device (Pump/CoPro etc) is with in the devices specs [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Worth the watch.. certainly for new 570x owners ;) [ame] [/ame] My Discord Channel Corsair Case Owners Club https://discord.gg/b6x8HpM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If anyone else has anything to add and can see something that needs editing, just PM me and I will add it in for You and of course add Your name to the Contributors Credits :) If You found this Thread/Faq Helpful then please head back to the top and Rate it please.. Helps show others it's of use :) Contributors So Far:- DevBiker - Fan Specs
  9. -Let us to stop macro by pressing the same button that starts it -Let us set one button which start the macro and second button that stops the macro (can be the same button) -Let us change profiles in software -Let us make normal gradient (Show us a rectangle similar to the keyboard and let us make some color points, ex left down corner blue right up corner pink this will look like you have beautiful gradient with two colors mixed in the middle of keyboard) -Let us make the same gradient but with animation (You will be able to record movement of single color point separately that will make chill color movement) -Add a box that can be checked to make macro repeat endless (ex press Ctrl delay 250ms) repeat endless to crouch and stand up, crouch and stand up infinitely -Let us use more than one macro at once, that will be sooo much easier for specific macro actions Don't thank me for making Icue more usefull for gamers, just apply those things, maby I will add some more points. I want everyone who want those features to like or something. Also I'm sorry for any mistakes couse my English is not perfect.
  10. Hey Corsair Community, I seem to be having a problem with my Corsair QL120 Fans. I have them set to all white in iCUE and it's been working perfectly until one day one of the fans had a LED stuck on purple. I tried everything that I could to fix it but couldn't. I RMA'd it for a new one and that was a success. Now another two of my fans are now having the same issue. Has anyone else got this problem? Would anyone know a fix or am I looking to RMA the fans again? See attached photos. Thanks, Beauzinga
  11. It would be a fairly simple thing (it seems) to have the ability to schedule profiles to activate at certain times/on certain days in iCUE. Is this currently possible, and I'm just missing it? I keep my system awake so I currently quit iCUE so that the hardware lighting profile takes over at night, and I have that set to have all of my leds off for sleeping. I would like to have it automatically turn the LEDs on at 7:30 am and off at 11:30pm for example, but this has proven difficult to automate via task scheduler in windows. I have tried force killing icue at 11:30 but while icue is closed it sometimes leaves a few of the LEDs active and static, on the last colors they had. Starting icue via task scheduler also has issues, as I can run a powershell script or scheduled task to launch icue but it seems to show up in the task manager without showing the window in the foreground or taskbar, and doesn't actually activate the rgb. If I manually run the powershell script or launch the program from the start menu, icue seems to load just fine. Any tips or tricks? I would really like to avoid the need to schedule it via killing the process, so a built-in icue schedule would be awesome! Maybe it's be nice to switch colors each day or based on time of day.
  12. hello, I have corsair vengeance pro rgb memory and an asus x99 deluxe motherboard but as it stands the motherboard doesn't allow the control of the rgb. I'm upgrading my system and looking at msi meg z590 ace and I'm wondering if anyone is able to tell me: - will the motherboard allow me to control the colour effects of the vengeance ram via Icue? - If this motherboard won't allow the control of the vengeance memory lighting effects via Icue, which motherboards will and how can I check this is a feature of a given board? best Laser
  13. Hello, Ever since the last iCUE update, my mates has reporting that my mic sound quality is very bad. Is anyone else getting this?
  14. I have updated iCue to lastest version and installed that lastest vbios for the 3080 and the lastest game ready driver. Whenever i set a custom fan curve in iCue for the 3080 it immediately puts the 3080 fans at 100% no matter what the fan curve is set to. Can I disable the fan control in iCue so i can use other software to Control the fan curve? I would still like to use led control, and i am happy managing the fan curve in something like afterburner. But if I have afterburner open it fights with iCue for control of the 3080 fan Ideally I would like the fan curve in iCue to work, but will settle for disabling it if possible. I have opened a support ticket, but want to see if their are workarounds while i wait
  15. Hi I have recently bought Corsair CC-9011166-WW Carbide SPEC-Delta RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Gaming Case - Black. The text spec at amazon does not make clear that for the RGB fans to run and light up it requires an RGB motherboard, which i dont have ( requirements for fans to run should be clearer) I tried to solve problem with a Corsair Commander PRo. Alsas the fans now run but still no RGB lights . I think the dable connection is incompatible. I was told that there was no solution for the installed fans. That the only solution would be to replace them with "Corsair CO-9050104-WW iCUE QL120 RGB, 120 mm RGB LED PWM Fans (102 Individually Addressable RGB LEDs, Speeds Up to 1,500 RPM, Low-Noise) Triple Pack with iCUE Lighting Node CORE Included - White". I note that this includes the Lighting Node Core which i cannot find anywhere as an individual component. At this point i am not sure i have confidence in my advisor and i wonder if you can help me understand 1. Can the current fans , installed in my case work spin and light up with the addition of any other hub or controller. Maybe it's just the Lighting node core for lights to attached to the commander pro and then on with sata to psu? OR 2. Is there something i am missing or doing wrong and it either can work without anything additional or with another part OR FINALLY 3. is it correct that i must buy the white fans i lit above and replace the fans in my case to get the RGB lights working and why would that be? Do the fans have a different connector, or do the fans simply need the included lighting node Core. thanks Pic of case i bought https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07KGSJRC3/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza
  16. After updating to the newest Aura, I now have a Asus GPU icon in my icue but I have a EVGA 2080 super ftw 3 gpu. NOT a asus.
  17. Hi all, I own 6 LL 120 mm RGB fans along with the lightning nodes and a Commander Pro. I use iCue. When I first got the fans and commander pro (including the newly replaced ones), everything worked fine! I had maximum control of all rgb fans and I was very happy with them. But after some time, say three months, the fans started to exhibit weird behaviour. Sometimes the colour of one or more fans would display incorrectly, no matter which mode the fans were in (Rainbow, static color, alternating colors, I am familiar with the software bugs using static color). I was able to curb this behaviour by reducing the number of LEDS per fan. This solved these problems and the fans were fully controllable. Until not much later, because some fans would not react anymore or be consistently at the setting I wanted, with the exeption that the LEDS can be shut off without a problem. Disabling more LED's did not solve the issues anymore. Now I am in the situation where the RGB on only two fans work properly, the rest is disabled. The rest does not respond, either not at all or not consistently to the settings I feed them. I do not have any problems with fan control, only the rgb control. Now comes the kicker. I have had this exact problem twice! I RMA'ed my fans, rgb controllers, lightning nodes and commander pro under the premise that this problem was due to either faulty fans or commander pro. Does anybody know if I am dealing with an hardware issue or software issue here? Is this caused by iCue, Windows, the fans, commander pro or other hardware? I reinstalled iCue multiple times, tried shutting down Corsair services (other known bug), etc. I am gonna rule out the question which everyone is gonna ask: have you connected the fans properly? The answer is yes, all fans are connected to the commander pro for power and fan control and all rgb connectors are connected via the rgb hubs (with the six rgb connector inlets) to the commander pro. I have tried multiple setups to check whether it was a problem on my side. I've tried switching every rgb connector and also tried to divide the rgb connectors between the two hubs, with or without the lightning nodes and switching between them to eliminate the possibility of a faulty lightning node. I even disconnected some fans from the system altogether. I am fairly certain that if it was due to the order of the connections on the hub or node, the chance is 1 in a billion that this would happen to me twice, in the exact same way, with two different sets of products. Furthermore, it does not explain why it worked fine in the first three months. I also tried different ports for the Commander Pro on my motherboard, with no succes. I also have plenty of power to power all these fans (and other hardware) Any help would be appreciated. RMA'ing is within my rights as a consumer, but it feels a bit wasteful to keep RMA'ing fans every three months to have the products I paid for.
  18. Hello everyone! I'm a software developer who has been working on what I call iCueConnect. iCueConnect is a Android app that allows you to control your iCUE leds in real time from anywhere in the world, as well as offers the functionality of notification controlled leds (i.e. flash your leds to the color of the app that you received a notification from). For anyone that is interested follow the two readme links below, and you'll be controlling your leds from your Android device in no time! iCueConnect-API iCueConnect-Android DISCLAIMER:I do not work for nor did I partner up with Corsair to produce this application. I am simply an enthusiast who just wanted to bring an idea to life.
  19. So I was in the middle of a game when my fans, which had been set to white, suddenly turned red. All my other corsair stuff like the keyboard, lighting strips and cooler stayed the same, it was just the fans that changed colour. At first I tried changing the static colour back to white but it was already on white, so I wasn't that surprised when nothing changed. However, when I changed to the other static colour pre-sets, I noticed some weird stuff. Pink/Magenta, white, yellow and of course red, all instantly turn red. Dark blue is definitely the right colour, but light blue is pretty... teal? Green is super weird because it is alternates between the correct colour and red. So after the pre-sets failed me I decided to mess with the colour wheel and that's when I realised any value of red gives waaaaay more red than it's supposed to. This means that basically anything in the top half of the colour wheel including the very centre, just gives some shade of red. Sometimes it goes red immediately and others it goes to the correct colour for less than a second and then goes red. It's not all 1 shade of red, it seems that it gives the right colour but with loads of red added to it. This is even the case on rainbow. There you get a rainbow with too much red that then flashes a bunch. I'm not sure what to do or what even happened. I've got "enable SDK" disabled which fixed my keyboard being red a few weeks ago but other than that I'm stumped. Help me out here please.
  20. Ich möchte gerne Makros erstellen. Seit dem Update auf iCue 4 geht das nicht mehr. Die Tastatureingabe (in iCue) sowie die virtuelle Tastatur (in iCue) zeigen das US/QUERTY-Layout an. Die Software ist auf Deutsch gestellt, das Layout auch (in den Geräteeinstellungen -> Layout). - In Windows sind keine weiteren Layouts installiert. - iCue up-to-date - Firmware up-to-date Es funktioniert im ganzen System. Nur die Makros nicht, da sie das Englische Äquivalent senden. Und ehrlich gesagt, das ist der einzige Grund (neben dem Alu-Finish) warum ich diese Tastatur gekauft habe. Einstellen der entsprechenden Englischen Taste als Send-Befehl (ich brauche das '+' Zeichen) funktioniert nicht, da mein Shift-Modifier nicht erkannt wird und somit nur das '=' gesendet wird. Auch auf der virtuellen Tastatur kann ich keine andere Sprache/Layout auswählen, da passiert einfach gar nichts. Neuinstallieren der Software hat nichts gebracht. Was mach ich jetzt? PS: Das erzeugen von Makros ist inzwischen extrem aufwendig, ein paar Sachen wurden (echt) verbessert, das meiste aber nur verschlimmbessert.
  21. Hallo Corsair Community, ich bin seit ca. einem halben Jahr stolzer Besitzer einer Corsair K57 Wireless Tastatur. Leider habe ich seit letzter Woche das Problem das sich diese nicht mehr Aktualisieren lässt sowie sich nicht mehr mit dem K57 Dongle Koppeln lässt. Sobald die Aktualisierung startet geht die K57 aus und muss erst vom USB Kabel getrennt werden und dann Aus und wieder Ein geschalten werden damit sie wieder an geht. Ein Soft Reset und die Versuche diverser Foren Einträge haben auch nicht geholfen. Das ganze wurde auf 3 verschiedenen Systemen getestet, mit iCUE 3 und iCUE 4 (auch mit Clean Install) und mit verschiedenen USB Slots (USB 2.0 & USB 3.0) jedoch ohne Erfolg. Der Dongle wurde ohne Probleme aktualisiert. Derzeitige Versionen sind folgende: iCUE v4.9.350 (Aktuell) K57 Dongle v2.2.71 (Aktuell) K57 Tastatur v1.1.164 (Veraltet) ---> v2.2.71 (Neue Version) Ich denke das der Dongle und die Tastatur durch die Software Unterschiede nicht verbinden können. Kennt jemand das Problem oder hat einen Lösungsvorschlag? Ich habe bereits Anfang letzter Woche ein Support Ticket (2004197933) geschrieben jedoch noch keine Antwort erhalten. Grüße
  22. Hi zusammen, ich als PC-Neuling habe einige (vermutlich) blöde Fragen bezüglich Lüftern und wie man diese anschliesst etc ^^ Ich entschuldige mich schonmal für etwaige falsche/komische Begrifflichkeiten. Ich hoffe ich kann das "Problem" verständlich schildern. Kurz meine Specs: - Gehäuse: Corsair Crystal Series 680x - Motherboard: Asus TUF z390 plus gaming wifi - AIO: Corsair Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM Nun sind in dem Gehäuse standardmässig ja schon 3x120mm RGB-Lüfter verbaut (vorne). Ich möchte nun gerne den (hinteren) Lüfter austauschen da dieser out-of-the-box leider keine RGB-funktion hat. Zusätzlich würde ich gerne im "Boden" nochmal 2 Lüfter hinzufügen. Hierfür habe ich mir nun direkt bei Corsair das Set bestellt mit 3x LL120 RGB-Lüftern, hier ist ja auch der Lighting-Node-Pro enthalten. Nun habe ich mir diverse Tutorials angesehen und gegoogelt aber bin gefühlt so schlau wie vorher ^^ Ich habe (leider erst nach dem bestellen) gesehen dass mein Mainboard nicht so viele Anschlüsse für Lüfter hat. Daher meine Fragen: - Wie kann ich das anschliessen? ^^ - Laufen die Lüfter (ich nenne es mal laienhaft) Power und RGB-Anschluss über den Commander oder den Node oder was es da alles gibt oder muss ich tatsächlich jeden einzelnen Lüfter an das Mainboard anschliessen? - Ist in dem Gehäuse schon ein Commander enthalten über den ich dann die zusätzlichen Lüfter anschliessen kann? Ich hoffe ich konnte einigermassen verständlich erklären was mein "Problem" ist bzw wieso ich gerade so am Hirnen bin ^^ Danke für eure Hilfe!
  23. Mein PC: Ryzen 5 2600x Rx590 Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8 3200mhz BQ pure Power 500W 250GB & 500GB WD Blue SSD MSI B450 a pro MAX Hey ich brauche dringend eure Hilfe, wollte seit langen mal wieder Far Cry 5 spielen, aber jedes mal, wenn ich das spiel starte geht die Beleuchtung meiner Aio aus, die Ram Beleuchtung geht auf rot und weiß und nach einer Zeit kommt manchmal so ein Geräusch von der Pumpe....als ob sich das Spiel und die Hardware/Software nicht verstehen. Es hat mit dem PC schon vorher geklappt....gibt nur Probleme mit dem Zeug von Corsair also dem Ram und der AIO. Habs noch nicht weiterspielen lassen also bin dann immer direkt gequittet, das ist schon alles nur beim Spielstart, Ladescreen passiert. Sobald ich das Spiel geschlossen habe ging die Beleuchtung wieder so wie vorher war, alles lief so wie gewohnt.
  24. Hi, I have a k70 mk2 and a glaive rgb. The glaive works fine with icue and also the macros on my keyboard work. But my keyboard is just dark. But the lighting works without iCue. I already tryed to update windows, update icue, reinstall icue, force-update the firmware, update all of my drivers, nothing did work. Thanks for any help, AragornDc
  25. So let me get this straight. iCUE previously had lighting link for the K55 keyboard which worked with other corsair products such as the Harpoon mouse. Corsair decided to update the software and remove the K55 keyboard from the lighting link. Now Corsair are working with 3rd parties such as Asus to get lighting link working with their motherboards, such as my X470i. Yet, the K55 has still been left out and not allowed to integrate with lighting link. Even though its a Corsair product? Your options are simple. Either use the old software with lighting link features on both keyboard and mouse (no motherboard). Or use the new software with mouse and motherboard lighting link integration (no K55 keyboard). Or there is a third option. Use old software, get K55 keyboard into lighting link settings, then update software to most recent, which will also include the Asus motherboards. This glitch method allows for all three to synchronise with lighting link, but iCUE starts acting up and crashes occasionally this way. Q1. Why did Corsair officially remove K55 keyboard from lighting link? Q2. On a separate note. Why is your iCUE software acting like bloatware, eating up all the memory? I did raise this issue with Corsair customer support, but they lied and told me to uninstall and re-install new iCUE software again, which is load of nonsense. If I knew this before purchasing your products, I would have stayed well away and not purchased to begin with. In future I've made a decision not to purchase from Corsair.:mad: Look forward to hearing from you.
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