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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on... :( Going to create a ticket now with support, but I would love to get some quick tips if someone have them... Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting. *cry* Many thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post because i am looking for help and cant seem to solve this issue as ive tried everything that i personally can think of and maybe someone has a solution. Before my issue i will state what im currently running with Asus Strix z390e Mobo Asus Strix 2080 GPU Lighting Node Pro Corsair RGB Fan Hub 6 LL120 Fans 4 Corsair Light Strips My fans are configured in order from 1-6, 1 being Front Bottom --> Top Rear The problem i am having is that my 1 and 2 Fans are properly synced with iCue with whatever light effect i have set, and the 3-6 fans are either, glitching out, sometimes completely off, or showing a different color than i have (i.e. i do instant lighting red, fans 1+2 are red, Fans 3-6 are Blue). i know for certain the LEDs on all 6 fans are okay because i have unplugged each fan that are placed 3-6 and plugged them in number 1 and they light up fine. at first i thought it is simple the LED Hub that was busted, but i have an extra one that i never used (from LL120 3 pack) and replaced the one in my PC and it did not fix any issue. Lighting from fans 3-6 still completely off, or buggy. upon startup all fans turn on full Rainbow RGB but 3-6 begin glitching almost as if its doing a rain effect but in rgb. then my pc is fully started and my instant lighting turns on and the fans 3-6 go off. I have CCleaner'd my icue software AND all asus aura softwares incase that there was a confliction error or something going on with them. Note that i do NOT care if my mobo and gpu are synced to Icue. i usually manually set them to white LED through asus Aura. This leaves me to believe my issue is with either 1. Lighting Node Pro or 2. a bug in the iCue software or maybe 3. an issue with an update or maybe multiple programs causing an error of some sort. I will buy the commander Pro IF it solves my problem but i dont want to cough up 75 bucks if the problem will persist. any thoughts please help. thank you for reading *EDIT i forgot to mention that, of course, i do have everything properly configured in the iCue software on the LED channels. i should add that my lighting setup was completely fine up to some point in time that i cannot pinpoint. without ever physically opening my PC or changing any hardware the problem came out of no where.
  3. Adding buttons to start apps located in the AppData folder simply does not work for me. I get "The File cannot be accessed by the system" when trying to select the application to launch every time. This issue is present on ALL apps located under AppData. Most of the apps I am trying to add are ones I REALLY wanted to add to the Nexus, such as Spotify, the Xbox PC App, Discord,... I am logged in as admin (only account on pc), I have full control/permissions, tried making a shortcut (and placing that in various locations),... Am I missing something here?
  4. So I read most of the things on how to uninstall iCUE 3, did it, deleted all files on the system, even on regedit. Still have the same error, now I cant even use my corsair headphones anymore, what else can I do? :!: btw, im trying to install version 4.11.274 Error said: https:// imgur.com/a/5QCLAbQ (delete space)
  5. Hola. Compre mis hs60 pro hace dos días, recién el día de ayer instale icue para configurarlos para xbox, el problema es que icue no detecta el micrófono pues no me sale el controlador del volumen del audio que esta colocado del lado derecho. Ya revise mi pc y sí detecta el micrófono de los audífonos, además, tiene habilitado el que otras aplicaciones utilicen el micrófono. ¿Qué solución me dan? ya busque si no ocupa actualización tanto manual como automáticamente y no funciona nada.
  6. Desde hace seis meses tengo un LS100 con un par de kits de expansión. Funcionaba bien, con algún que otro cuelgue que se solventaba reinstalando la aplicación. De golpe un día dejó de reproducir movimiento en el canal 1, los leds quedan fijos, salvo en la primera mitad de la primera tira, que si reproduce movimiento. Dejo aquí un vídeo que he subido para ver si me pueden ayudar. [ame]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] [ame=https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] El botón de encendido y apagado de la controladora solo enciende y apaga el principio de esa primera tira que comento. Lo demás permanece encendido y estático. Cuando lo desenchufo de la corriente eléctrica y lo dejo 10 minutos sin corriente, al volverlo a conectar reproduce movimiento, hasta que enciendo el pc, en ese momento se queda fijo otra vez. He revisado conexiones, actualizado todo y demás.... Es un producto de bastante calidad y de bastante precio también, espero poder solucionarlo, y que todo fluya como debería . Saludos
  7. Hello. :maldad:. In icue, the second channel does not appear. The LEDs that I connect to the first channel, 2 strips of 250 and four of 350 do not respond either. The button to turn the lighting on and off also stopped working. My experience was positive, everything worked perfectly. Yesterday everything began to fail. Uninstalling ICUE does not fix anything. What I can do? Hola. Mi LS100 Starter Kit muestra un solo canal de iluminación. En icue, no aparece el segundo canal. Los leds que conecto al primer canal, 2 franjas de 250 y cuatro de 350 tampoco responden. El botón para encender y apagar la iluminación también dejó de funcionar. Mi experiencia era positiva, todo funcionaba perfecto. Ayer empezó a fallar todo. Desinstalar ICUE no soluciona nada. Que puedo hacer?
  8. Products: - Corsair K55 (keyboard) - VOID rgb elite wireless (headphones) I have multiple profiles in iCue, but I've only tested this on 1 of them, the one I use regularly. When I am charging the headphones with their USB cable, the connection is a bit "delicate", since with a slight movement it disconnects and reconnects for a second. Recently (2 weeks maybe) this error began to happen in RGB lighting. When the charging USB is disconnected from the headphones the keyboard illumination changes to stable red suddenly and cannot change it in any way. The only thing that works is to completely close the iCue software and activate it again.
  9. Habe seit dem Update das Problem das 2 meiner Lüfter nicht mehr leuchten. Habe schon so ziemlich alles versucht was mir einfällt. Neuinstallation mit AppData, Spannungslos machen, Settings in iCue... Jemand eine Idee? VOr dem Update lief alles einwandfrei :wtfeh:
  10. hey leudde meine relativ neuen corsair produkte m55 rgb pro und k55 haben beide seltsame probleme. kleine info: ich verwalte beide mit icue es hat zuerst mit der maus angefangen: plötzlich, nach etwa immer 10-15 minuten nach start des computers reagierte sie plötzlich nicht mehr und ich muss sie erneut anschließen. ab und zu sehe ich auch in icue ein kleines rotes dreieck bei den einstellungen der maus. dann fing es mit der tastatur an: manchmal reagiert sie nicht oder entkoppelt sich einfach so beim drücken einer taste und verbindet sich sofort wieder. machmal spammt die tastatur ohne dass ich etwas mache die letzte taste, die ich gedrückt habe und hört dann irgendwann wieder auf. auch bei der tastaur wird gelegentlich ein rotes dreieck angezeigt. ich habe icue reinstalliert, die geräte entfernt, updates erzwungen und komplett neue profile erstellt, aber nichts hilft. hat irgendjemand tipps? danke im voraus<3 leo
  11. Buenas, Acabo de adquirir los cascos Void RGB Elite USB y al probarlos he tenido que bajar el volumen de Windows al 06 por que se escucha demasiado fuerte. Hago pruebas de sonido con varias canciones, juegos, videos y si pongo el sonido a 30 me quedo sordo, se escucha demasiado fuerte (todo esto desde el propio controlador de sonido de Windows ya que por software de ICUE no hay modificador de sonido, solo del microfono). He probado a deshabilitar los de mas controladores de sonido que vienen con la placa base AMD High Definition Audio Device y Realtek High Definition Audio) y se sigue escuchando muy alto. ¿Pruebo a desistalar el software de ICUE o tengo que hacer alguna otra cosa?
  12. I have a self-build PC here (not built by me) that is performing very strangely. When it is turned on it starts up, everything turns and fans spin, but then it shuts down and the last code that I can see is 39, though I suspect there may be another that flashes quickly. It then goes throught the exact same process and shuts down with a code 39 again, but on the third boot, it stays on, however, there is nothing displayed on the screen and the Motherboard is showing a code 18 ... any ideas very welcome, please !!! The MB is an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390, I have removed the GEFORCE RTX2080 video card and gone to on-board graphics but it's made no difference.
  13. I'm at my wit's end trying to complete this RMA for my PSU. tl;dr: When I log into support.corsair.com I am greeted with "Error - Unknown Error". See attached image. The URL of the page is https://support.corsair.com/app/error/17. Long story: I cannot access the account under which I purchased the PSU (purchased on Corsair.com), so I created a new account. The old account can still log in, but cannot create a ticket. The new account can log in, but cannot access tickets. Longer story: I purchased my PSU through Corsair.com a few months ago (around March/April). I recently built my computer and discovered that the fan in the PSU knocks against the inside of it. I tried creating a support request, but I cannot currently access the email for that account, which is apparently required when creating a ticket. I called support to ask what I should do, and I was told to create a new account that I did have access to and create the RMA under that account. So I registered a new account under a different email address. When I went to log in to support again (with my brand new account), I was greeted with the super helpful error message seen in my screenshot. I called support again to inquire, and the representative said he would create the ticket for me and that I would receive updates through my email. That sounds great, and at this point I was thinking it was something to do with my account being so new. I check my email and indeed receive my RMA information, but I can't do anything about it because any links or anything that are in the emails require me to log in to the support site, which will only ever give me this error message. I called support again and spoke with someone for probably an hour trying to troubleshoot. She was very helpful, but we weren't able to figure out the issue, so she said she would follow up and let me know. She even went so far as changing my password to test it on her end, and she saw the same results. It's been over two weeks now and I've still heard nothing back, and she hasn't responded to any of my emails. Things I've tried: • Different browsers (my primary browser is Opera, as seen in the screenshot, but I've tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox) • Clearing browser cache and cookies • Disabling extensions Again, my old account can still log in and see the support page, but my new account, the one the ticket is under, brings me to this error page immediately after entering my username and password. I can access all other parts of the site except that page, which is the only one I need to complete my RMA. I can do some browser debugging and the exceptions I'm encountering have this message: [font="Lucida Console"][color="Red"]"Failed to execute 'querySelectorAll' on 'Element': '*,:x' is not a valid selector."[/color][/font]
  14. I have been attempting to login to the Support website, but continue to be told that my username/password is incorrect even after I change my password multiple times. How can I get someone to look into this?
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