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  1. Hello everyone part III of my iCue RGB profiles, as well as adding support for HydroX to all profiles and fixing some issues with residuals of other profiles that were found on some channels. With fixing all iCue RGB profiles now comes support HydroX, HD Fans, SP Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans, and RGB strips on all channels with Commander Pro and the Node Pro. Showcase can be found for each link where the first portion is each profile in action in a PC case with a range of Corsair peripherals and the final portion is a view in iCue of each profile. Storm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/37-storm-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/38-retro-blood-dragon-icue-profile.html Veil Nebula: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/39-veil-nebula-icue-profile.html Arctic Aurora O2/N7: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/40-arctic-aurora-o2-n7-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon Spike: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/41-retro-blood-dragon-spike-icue-profile.html Witch Head Nebula: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/42-witch-head-nebula-icue-profile.html Arctic Aurora N7/1H/2He: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/43-arctic-aurora-n7-1h-2he-icue-profile.html Star Citizen Arial: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/44-star-citizen-arial-icue-profile.html Enjoy!, Cheers,
  2. Hello, I have been making a program that syncs all the devices I have. My Peripherals: Mouse 1 : Razer DeathAdder Elite Mouse 2 : Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Keyboard : Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mouse Pad : Corsair MM800 RGB Head Phones : Corsair Void RGB Pro As you can see here, my Razer mouse uses Chroma and Razer Synapse as it's LED controlling software. However, all my Corsair devices uses Corsair ICUE as it's LED controlling software. So, I decided to make a program that syncs all the Peripherals. Personally I am a freshmen studying Computer Science and Engineering in South Korea. I thought that it would be fun project for me to make a program to solve this problem. I have started this project about 2 weeks from now, and it is quite finished for me now, It does work for me now. And I would like to share you guys the working images of the project. If any of you would like to modify this program, feel free to do so. Also, huge thanks for all the wrapper projects in python. Gif that shows all the devices are being synced into one colour Gif that shows Two mouses using different SDKs are being synced into one colour. Sorry for that low quality gif. I had to downgrade the quality for me to upload it to github for image hosting. If you are interested , please check https://github.com/gooday2die/PyPheperial for more info. Thanks for reading this. I am quite new at this forum right now, so if there is anything wrong with my post, please let me know. Contact me at edina00@naver.com for further action.
  3. My Corsair HS50 makes static/buzzing noise when my Laptop is connected to Power Supply. I searched to fix this in many forums didn't get proper results. However I found some videos on Youtube which told me to use "Voicemeter" Software to get fix this. Voicemeter Fixes the problem but also makes my voice robotic/Non-Realistic. I record Gameplays mostly and I can hear the static noise in My Recordings. This Happens when I turn on the mic on the headset. Otherwise it's quite silence. Any way to fix this issue.?
  4. Hi, I am looking to build a new PC with the Zen 2 release tomorrow. I am going to use the 500D case and would like to have an RGB fan setup. I have had an AIO liquid cooler pump fail on me in the past so I have been considering air cooling, but am open to Corsair AIOs as have seen that they come with a 5 year warranty. I planned to buy the 500D case (without glass front) as I thought the 3 fans on the glass front of the RGB SE version may be a bit "in-your-face", then use some of my old non-RGB case fans in the front. So in this scenario I could use 3 LL Fans (1 rear / 2 top) + Air Cooler. My question here is would this require the commander pro module or would the light node be enough? Would it be better to buy a H115i mount on top, with a single LL fan in rear? Would this require a commander pro? Secondly - the RGB SE case comes with a commander pro and 3 LL fans and has dropped in price to £185, which is now only £55 more than the standard edition, this seems quite good value so I am also considering this now. Which setup should I go for? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I need help, the battery of my VOID Wireless is broken :( I have these headset since October 2017 approx.. I have been using them for months without LED lighting for longer battery life, but two weeks ago the battery drops VERY fast :( The firmware and software are full updated! When I touch the MUTE buttom, I can see how the battery goes down in iCUE.. and when I put to charge, spend an hour and only charge 15%. Sorry for my english, Im using translator, I speak spanish.
  6. Bonjour j'ai acheté récemment 32Gb de ram corsair RGB en 3000Mhz une fois l'installation faite le mode xmp activé sur le bios le logiciel ICUE installer et les effets d'éclairage régler tout fonctionner parfaitement mais parfois sans aucune raison les 4 barrette de ram change de couleur et passe aux orange alors que sur le logiciel ICUE l'effets d'éclairage est toujours bien présent je suis donc obligé de remettre l'effets d'éclairage et cela arrive de manières irrégulières. (CM = Aorus B450 pro) Merci d'avance pour ceux qui m'apporteront des réponses. ^^
  7. Been having this issue from since I bought this mouse. When booting up from a cold boot all my hardware except for the Glaive is detected. My Glaive doesn't work until I plug it out and plug it back in again. I've tried several solutions such as; - disabling fast boot in BIOS - using other USB ports - uninstalling and reinstalling drivers - updating chipset drivers - reinstalling iCUE Now funny enough when I uninstalled iCUE from my system and did another cold boot the mouse was detected just fine! So correct me if I'm wrong but it's looking like an iCUE issue here. I'm running the latest version after an update today and the issue still persists! Am I alone with this problem or is there a fix? EDIT This issue has now been resolved. It was due to the PC not being plugged into a wall socket and receiving constant power. Previously it was plugged into a surge protecter power strip which was turned off every night, for some reason when powering on the mouse would not receive power upon boot. Now it is left plugged into a wall socket that is left switched on and the mouse now boots up with everything else.
  8. I have added a wide variety of Corsair iCue profiles over the last weeks as well as adding short video's on YouTube as a showcase to get a feel for each profile for you to consider. Icy Blue: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/23-icy-blue-profile.html Borderlands 3: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/24-borderlands-3-profile.html Blood Red: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/25-blood-red-icue-profile.html Destiny 2: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/27-destiny-2-icue-profile.html Sun Yellow: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/28-sun-yellow-icue-profile.html League of Legends Classic: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/29-league-of-legends-classic-icue-profile.html Seductive Purple: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/30-seductive-purple-icue-profile.html Total War: Three Kingdoms Blossom Tree: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/31-total-war-three-kingdoms-blossom-tree-icue-profile.html CableMod Series: White/Red: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/32-cablemod-series-white-red-icue-profile.html Overwatch: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/33-overwatch-icue-profile.html CableMod Series: White/Blue: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/34-cablemod-series-white-blue-icue-profile.html World of Warcraft: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/35-world-of-warcraft-icue-profile.html Cyberpunk 2077 NEO edition: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/36-cyberpunk-2077-neo-icue-profile.html Enjoy!
  9. I have a Corsair K70 MK.2 and recently the "M" key isnt syncing to the profile. When i put a static white profile on it it turned pink. I have reset the firmware, reinstalled icue several times but nothing has changed. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks
  10. Hi, I purchased my Corsair HS50 few days back. The headphone is pretty good and I have no problems with it. But I could not try the Microphone of the HS50. I don't know how it works. I use the headphone on a laptop and it has only one 3.5mm Jack. I did not use the Y Cable. But without the Splitter the Microphone doesn't work. Now as I have one 3.5mm Port, I can't try the Y Cable. Then I decided to buy a cheap USB Sound Card. Using it, everything works fine, Except I get Static Electricity sound when I turn on the mic. When the Laptop is powered through battery, It doesn't make any sound but When I plug in power supply, It makes loud sound and there is no way to reduce the Static sound. Can anyone tell is if there is a way to use the headphone along with the microphone using the 3.5mm Jack? Or explain if It will work with the single 3.5mm Jack or not...! My laptop model is Dell Inspiron 5577. Thank You.
  11. I just bought 5 HS70 headsets for my team and we like them a lot. The only problem is that they are preventing our computers from sleeping. powercfg -requests shows USB audio device and Legacy Kernel Caller. I have no idea where to go from here, but having 5 computers on full time actual impacts our electric bill and keeps our small office hot. Anyone run into this and do you have a solution?
  12. Hey guys, yesterday i got my corsair glaive rgb pro mouse and now i would like to make 2 macros. i dont really understand the iCUE Macro creation. So how can i make a macro on my right mouse button that my mouse makes a right click and like 1ms later directly a left click? and how can i make a macro on my mouse button 4 that toggles scrolling mouse wheel up? can i assign these macros to a specific game? Yours sincereley
  13. Bonjour, Je souhaiterai acheter le casque Corsair Void RGB Dolby 7.1 avec un support le ST100 RGB. Mais je ne sais pas si le support est nécessaire pour le casque et a quoi sert le support autre que de le tenir. Pouvez vous me renseigner a ce propos, Merci
  14. Hallo Corsair Team, ist es irgendwie möglich das man die G-Tasten der Tastatur nicht nur als Makro Tasten nutzen kann sondern auch als Echte Tasten in den Spielen. Den im ETS2 "Euro Truck Simulator" braucht man immer mehr Tasten für die Funktionen für den LKW / Auflieger. Da würden nämlich die G-Tasten G1 bis G6 (G12) schon viele Funktionen machen können.
  15. Heiho, ich habe seit gestern die o. g. Maus. Diese hat wie so viele 2 Daumen Tasten, welche ich im normalen Windows Betrieb zum vor und zurück wechseln nehme, für Browser o. zum Beispiel Explorer Fenster. Nun habe ich das Problem das ich wenn ich auf einer Website bin und einmal "zurück" drücke es sofort um 2 Schritte zurück springt. Ich vermute man kann es in iCUE einstellen, aber dafür bin ich leider zu unbewandert mit derartiger Software :)
  16. so I've had these for a while and they worked fine. But I recently had dropped them while getting off for the day. I thought nothing of it because I dropped them a bit before. The next day I woke up and i heard on the left ear when I put them on my head or apply pressure, it makes a weird squeaking/clicking noise which I can't really describe but the audio has turned almost completely nonexistent. I could barely hear from the left ear anymore and I fear that its something internal, any help?
  17. Blessing :) I've got a non-RGB Corsair Dominator Platinum, and now when the RGB edition of it ("corsair dominator platinum rgb") is out, I would like to change my current non-RGB into those RGB shield. Is there a kit or a way to do that? I would like to see my non-RGB RAMs in RGB! Thank you :)
  18. Saludos, he leído que el gabinete 380T ya esta descontinuado, sin embargo, quiero sugerir la posibilidad de comprar un panel frontal pero con la función de RGB o incluso la posibilidad de vincular con Asus Aura y otro sofware de control RGB para poder variar el tema de color en caso de necesitarlo o incluso deshabilitarlo por si se siente molesto. Gracias.
  19. Hello all, I recently bought several Corsair products and love how the look all together RGB and all. However, I saw tons of youtube videos where people had their MM800 Polaris and their Corsair keyboards flashing together as audio visualizers. I searched for any sources or guides to program the MM800 and my K95 Platinum to function together as one giant audio visualizer setup. If any group of people would like to help to develop this thread to give a source of information and guides to help other people with their audio visualizer wishes for their MM800.
  20. Hi, new here. I've been researching and acquiring parts for a new build for the last few months. I've had the Obsidian 500D RGB in my eye for this build for ever now and was waiting for this exact week to purchase it. Now apparently its out of stock everywhere (Amazon, Newegg) and Canadas Computer only shows 1 and its pick up local and NOT even close to me. And the worst part is the fact it JUST happened. I had it in my cart for a week now just waiting, then I get a message from Amazon saying its not available, and then i checked Newegg and they had 1 and the next day, gone. Now Canadas Computer and Newegg both say they don't know when stock will return. So after all of that, can anyone tell me if its being discontinued? Doesn't make sense to me where it's been less than a year. Or do you think they're coming out with something new? Should I wait and see or plan a different case? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
  21. Hey guys, looking at switching my case over to a 570x because the thermals in my current case are horrid. I have an 8700k with a H150i pro cooler on it running a push/pull on the front of my case. I currently have 3 120mm thermaltake Riing Trio fans pushing air into the rad, and the ML120mm fans pulling air through the radiator into the case. I have 1 140mm exhaust fan out the back of the case and 2 140mm fans on top exhausting as well. I'm overclocked at 4.8ghz but my CPU temps are around 92C. I was looking at getting the 570x because I heard it had better thermals than my current case? Anyone else running a h150i on the front with the 570x? If so, how are your thermals? Thanks!
  22. Just bought a new watercooled mini-itx rig ft. corsair h100i v2 and everything is running smoothly except when cpu temps reach around 40 degrees, the pc begins to sound like a jet engine. How can i get my new pc to stop screaming at me? worth mentioning: The cooler is plugged into the cpu fan header as oppose to the aio pump header because the system wont boot with that slot empty and the rad fans are plugged into the cable coming off the cooler. the cooler is also not connected via corsair link because i ran out of usb headers :P thanks.
  23. I have been working on this build for a good 3 or 4 months or so. STILL have a couple of parts left. next couple of months should top me off. so far: asus ROG Strix z370 mb i7-9700k Samsung 970 PRO 1tb NVMe m.2 Corsair Vengeance PRO rgb RAM 16g CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i PRO Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair hx1000i PSU Corsair Commander Pro Corsair Lighting Node Pro Corsair ll120 RGB Fans x 4 Corsair ll140 RGB Fans x2 Corsair k63 wireless keyboard Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard Corsair Dark Core rgb wireless mouse Corsair Void Pro rgb 7.1 wireless headset Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand Corsair Link/iCue and Wallpaper Engine still pending/deciding: RTX 2080 or 1080ti 32-35' Curved Ultrawide 1440p 100+hz ips monitor (prob going with Asus Swift model?) Samsung Evo SSD(s) WD MyBook 6tb External HDD WD Gold 5tb internal HDD Custom ATX Cables from Cablemod.com Desk will be satin black, glass top MORE PROGRESS PICS VERY SOON!
  24. Hi, I was looking to buy this memory set https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Memory-Size/vengeance-lpx-black/p/CMK32GX4M2F4000C19 My motherboard is https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-Z370-P/specifications/ which in specs does support 4000 MHz memory However I wasn't able to find my motherboard in data sheet of memory on Corsair website, last chipset listed there is z170 Same applied for Asus website, its last update for supported memory list is beginning of 2018, so memory is not listed there I know that motherboard also supports 64 GB max, meaning I can buy two sets, but it's worrisome that it might not be compatible Can somebody help?
  25. So I'm planning to use a Corsair Crystal 570x and planning to grab a H150i pro cooler. What I plan to do is to remove all of the fans that come with the case and the H150i Pro and replace them all with the LL120's, for a total of 6 LL120's. I have 2 LL120's at home without the lighting node pro. My question is, if I bought a 3 Pack of LL120's (which include the lighting node pro kit) and a single LL120, would there be enough capacity on the lighting node pro to handle 6 LL120's? Also, since I am not using the included SP120's that come with the case, would I have to remove the included RGB hub, or can I still use it in that case without the SP120's? One last question, where would I plug in the 6 fans? I plan on using a ROG STRIX B450-F motherboard that comes with 3 chassis fan connectors, so I'm not sure how I would hook up all 6 fans to the motherboard. Thanks!
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