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  1. I tried to give the latest version a chance no matter how many times i gave windows 10 a fresh install but have had nothing but issues with it for example it would close down every now and then. Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB lights would go out of sync and lose connection with the iCUE Software. Until it's fixed I'm staying on v3.24.52 if ever it will be fixed don't like seeing my ram become out of sync and a restart temporary fixes it. Shouldn't have to downgrade to sort out a few bugs which should of been checked before releasing it if anything it should be pulled until it's fixed.
  2. So I've just finished fully upgrading my setup with all things RBG! A full spec list will be below the pictures. Feel free to leave comments and also any suggestions for additional peripherals or RBG. (Excuse the poor image quality, I had to compress from my Note10+'s widest aspect ratio to one that met the requirements for this forum) Wallpaper Engine + iCue intergration Video: https://twitter.com/TTV_Kryptoflux/status/1232030262218895361 - PC - Fractal Meshify S2 BLACKOUT Case Asus TUF x570 Plus AMD Ryzen 9 3900x ROG STRIX 2080 Super 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO (4x8gb) Corsair H115i RGB Platinum 240mm Radiator Corsair RM750x PSU 4x Corsair LL120 RGB fans + Controller Kit 2x Corsair SP140L PMW Radiatior fans 500gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus m.2 NVMe 1tb Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD 2x 50cm RGB LED strips Wireless 300Mbps 2.4ghz PCI-E Card Windows 10 Home 64bit OS - Peripherals - Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard Corsair MM800 Ploaris Mousepad Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse 4x 450mm Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips 2x 250mm Coraair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips + Commander Unit 28" Samsung 4k 60hz 1ms UHD Monitor (Primary) 26" Iyama 1080p 60hz 2ms HD Monitor (Secondary) Razer Kiyo 1080p 60fps Webcam Steelseries Artics Pro + GameDac Wired/Wireless Headset Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones (For music sampling) Elgato HD60s Stream + Record Kit Marantz MPM-1000u Professional Studio mic + Stand and Pop filter
  3. Hello, One day I set a macro on a macro key with iCue: press 2 keyboard keys. This macro used to work either in a normal windows session and in lock screen. Several months later I changed the pressed keys combination of this macro. This macro works well in opened windows session. But when I am in lock screen my led colors change and don't follow my setup and my macros don't work as expected. They simply don't follow my profile setup. Instead when I press the macro button I've got the old macro (the first one) which is executed, even if it doesn't exists anymore. Set up: - Win10 - Corsair K55 RGB (maj 30.08) - iCue (maj 3.25.60) Please give me some help!
  4. So I've upgraded to a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and a Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad. Now when I shut down Windows 10,the fans are still going. I've had to turn PSU off to full have my computer off. Also if I restart,it just kinda does the same thing. I have to hit the reset button to restart it. I'm using the latest version of Corsair iCUE. I really wanna like this new hardware and keep using it. I'm still running Windows 10 64bit version 1903. I haven't updated Windows 10 to the next bit version considering there is file issues going on.
  5. hola a todos, tengo una memoria corsair ddr4 de 8gb 2400mhz cl 16 y queria colocarle a mi mother otra memoria de la misma marca, tamaño, velocidad pero de latencia 14(por que no consigo una con la misma latencia), mi pregunta es: se podrá hacer dual channel si solo difiere en la latencia? desde ya muchas gracias
  6. Guten Tag, ich habe zwei Peripherie Geräte mit Slipstream Technologie von Corsair. Meine Frage dazu wäre, um unnötig viele Dongle zu verwenden. Wäre es möglich, zwei Geräte auf einen Dongle koppeln? Somit spar ich mir schon mal einen USB-Anschluss. Ist ja quasi so ähnlichh wie bei Logitech Unifying. Wäre sehr dankbar für eine Antwort.
  7. zenki

    Virtuoso Xbox Echo

    My mic is picking up everything and echoing when I plug it into my xbox controller with the supplied 3.5mm chord. I have the setting on xbox set to the second from lowest setting on mic monitoring and it's still picking up the sound from the headset. Game volume is at 2nd from top, chat mixer is in the middle. Also, does the volume knob not work when it's plugged into the controller? I was under the assumption that this was the best headset out and so far, it's definitely not hit the mark. Went from a $50 Rig, to this and I'm not happy with it at all..
  8. what I have: 6 x 120mm QL Rgb fans 2 x 120mm LL Rgb fans (come with H100i SE AIO) 1 x Lighting Node Core 1 x Commander Pro My setup: 1. I connect 6 QL fans to Lighting Node Core, I connect the 2.0 usb header from the node core to Commander Pro. 2. I connect 2 LL fans rgb header and fan control header derectly to the AIO pump, and connect 2.0 usb header from the pump to Commander Pro I test that out, I cannot get those 2 LL fans to have sequential lighting effect with the 6 QL fans. And after I did some research, I found out that I need to add another node core (connect to motherboard) or lighting hub (connect to Commander Pro) for my 2 LL fans. So, I added another node core for my LL fans. However, I still cannot get sequential effect. My question: 1. is there any way that I can get sequential effect like pong for my 8 fans. 2. If there is no way to have sequential lighting effect for more than 6 fans, does that mean it is the same that either I connect my 2 LL fans to pump or I connect them to a second node core. 3. any advantage if I connect 2 LL fans to a second node core. I appreciate if anyone can help me here, thx
  9. I have an Asus Prime Z390-A and Im having issues with 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro CMW16GX4M2D3000C16 With just the motherboard being able to boot with only 1 stick of 8GB. I have no bent pins and I think Ive messed alot with the bios and have not found anything that helps. So I would love If anyone can tell me something that Im missing. Thank you.
  10. Excuse me if this is posted on the wrong category, but it felt fitting for the issue I am trying to get my head around. I'm looking at buying a Corsair iCUE 200t Case, it comes with 3xSP120 Pro RGB fans. I am also looking to buy a Corsair H100i RGB Platinum which comes with 2xML120. How would I go about syncing these up with iCUE software? I've looked at the RGB Fan Hub and also the Commander Pro but I don't really understand any of it. Any help appreciated.
  11. Bonjour/Bonsoir, Premier post sur le forum, je vais essayer de faire synthétique ;) Je possède cette carte mère : ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING Avec ce kit de RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO (4*8Go) Mon problème : après avoir suivi méticuleusement le tuto de Corsair ci-dessous, mon logiciel Aura Sync ne détecte pas les barres de ram Corsair... (https://www.corsair.com/fr/fr/blog/Enabling-Aura-Sync-Control-for-Your-CORSAIR-RGB-Memory) J'ai tout essayer : tout désinstaller proprement avec RevoUninstaller, réinstaller dans le même ordre que le tuto, etc. Rien à faire, est ce que quelqu'un aurait la solution miracle ? :) Merci d'avance !!
  12. Hi over most of this year my pc will start and after about 5 seconds restart, in a loop for at least 3-4 times before finally booting. No input on the screen when it restarts. Occasionally it passes bios post and just before boot menu select it will cut out and restart then. It was quite random and used to boot fine for several days before the restart loops occured. But lately its every single turn on I have a corsair H80i and an overclocked 4690k cpu. [ame= ] [/ame] I am considering buying a new H80i to replace the current one which was bought in December 2014. -- -- Is a replacement worth thinking about, or do these coolers have lifetime warranty? I have uploaded a video today to show what happened when I took it out of the computer case. I have tested the psu with the paperclip method and plugged in a fan and it had no restart issues. I have tried new bios batteries, disabling the overclock completely. Checking stand offs on motherboard, plugging and unplugging the CPU Fan cable, unplugging h80i fans. Memtest with ram for 4 passes over 2-3 hours with no errors. Issue remains with no ram installed. And today reseated the cpu with new arctic silver 5 compound and the restarts continue. I think that the back plate of the h80i is touching the metal of the case behind the motherboard. I considered putting some masking tape over the metal backplate but haven't yet. Also when I took it out in the video it wouldn't of shorted at all on cardboard but the reboot cycle occurred. I am only guessing that a pc outside of the case with nothing connected to it should stay on permanently as i've not tested it outside like that before. Do you know if corsairs warranty is lifetime, and also do you think a new corsair h80i might do the same on my system. I am preying to get the system to turn on first time fine all the time Thanks for reading, Jake
  13. I got a K68 Keyboard yesterday. The lightning works but I can't type anything on it. I've tried diff USB ports and another computer but it dosen't work. I've also tired to soft restart it with no luck. HELP!
  14. Is charging Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB from phone charger bad for its battery?. Power Brick says it can provide 9V/1.67amp or 5V/2amp.
  15. Hi there! I had a problem with my rm650x which I returned to the webshop and they got me a new one. In the meanwhile I got my new pc components, including the mobo an Asus x570 Prime pro. As much other mobos with this chipset, they have an additional 4 pin EPS power plug besides the typical 8 pin. I know there is a lot of discussion whether to use it or not but since I don't want to risk anything it seems better to use the 4 pin anyways. So when it came back to me I've seen that this rm650x only has one EPS cable which means there is no 4 pin (2x2) power cable.. Which means I should try to sell my PSU (Still in original plastic wrapping atm) or should I mail the webshop to check if they take it back, or maybe I can even just buy another EPS cable. But I don't know if the modular plugs on the PSU will allow me to put an extra EPS cable in and if the PSU is designed for this..? Oh and which Corsair PSU would have this extra cable? Oh btw this is my first build!! Thanks for helping a desperate guy out! Cheers!
  16. Hi everyone. First time pc build/pc world. I got a corsair airflow case and as I understand, it comes with 3 sp120 fans and a lighting node included in the case. I also got a corsair cooler h100i which comes with ml fans. I'm a bit confused with compatibility. I read that in order to control all fans together with the included lighting node, they all need to be the same model which is sp120. Is that correct? If so, do I need to put aside the ml fans that come with the cooler and buy 3 separate sp120 fans? I would really appreciate the help as I have been looking online for this specific question. Thanks in advance
  17. Case: CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB Tempered Glass Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Ram: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) Power Supply: CORSAIR RMx White Series RM850x White Video Card: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 Boot/Storage Drive: Corsair Force MP510 M.2 2280 960GB (2) Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE W/ 240mm Radiator Fans: LL Series LL120 RGB White Triple Pack with Lighting Node PRO. And most important is the BitWit mug. :)
  18. Hi - When my Corsair i160 is sleeping, I am unable to consistently wake it by clicking the mouse and keyboard. Instead, I have to click the on/off button on the Corsair itself to wake the computer up. I have a LG 34GK950F-B display, and a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard. Windows is updated to the latest. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm coming from a Mac, and I'm used to my computer waking up fairly easily from clicking the mouse or keyboard. Thanks.
  19. Pic for attention: I have been having an issue with my iCue temps freezing stalling my fan speeds and having general freezing problems with my RGB Strafe and Scimitar Pro. I have 6 120mm Light Loop fans, 4 LED strips, H115i AIO, Commander Pro, Strafe RGB, and Scimitar Pro all controlled with iCUE and am wondering if the program cant handle all of it. I have a fairly beafy system with everything being corsair in my system besides RAM love the look but the freezing issues have been killing me. I cant upload the logs due to token error so here is a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vht71eg1vyt6lvl/help%20me%202.zip?dl=0
  20. Every other day the software forgets the buttons on my glaive that I programmed. I middle click and it's forgotten how to open tabs in chrome. I press the buttons to go forward or back, and nothing happens. I used to get frustrated and curse my corsair mouse, but now I grumble and go to add remove programs in control panel, and repair iCue. This fixes the issue most of the time, but doesn't soften the absolute aggravation that comes from Corsair selling me a faulty mouse and software. After years, and years, and years, iCue or whatever is still a horrible and intuitive, non working, anti-consumer piece of software. I just want it to remember my key bindings guys. Come on! Why do I have to repair this software on a near daily basis?! Why does Corsair not care about their software or customers to update and fix this?! I'm so confused. There's always something malfunctioning with their products and ruining my experience I don't understand why I keep buying them somebody talk some sense into me please.
  21. Hallo liebe Corsair Gemeinde, Gibt es die Möglichkeit irgendwo ein Acrylglas herzubekommen, sei es von Corsair oder irgendwie Firmen die sowas herstellen ich brauch dringend ein neues Glas für mein Graphite 780T, und finde im Internet überhaupt nichts damals hatte Corsair welche als Ersatz zum kauf stehend nun wurde dies wahrscheinlich eingestellt was ich persönlich schade finde da ich viele Leute kenne bei denen das Graphite 780T noch benutzt wird. Mit einem freundlichen Gruß, rGxOfficial aka Tobias
  22. Guten Tag, Ich kämpfe im Moment mit dem Problem, dass meine Wasserkühlung von Corsair H100i v2 bei jedem booten/Start laute Geräusche von sich gibt.:(: Dabei bin ich mir nicht einmal sicher, ob die Geräusche tatsächlich von der Pumpe, oder von den Lüftern auf dem Radiator kommen.:confused: Die Geräusche verschwinden daraufhin allmählich wieder, wenn der PC vollständig hochgefahren ist(so nach 2 Minuten). Mir ist aufgefallen, dass wenn ich meinen Computer kurz darauf ausschalte und neustarte, die Geräusche nicht mehr auftreten, sondern erst, wenn der PC für eine lange Zeit nicht angeschaltet wurde.:confused::confused::confused: Ich kann mir die Geräusche beim besten Willen nicht erklären und bin jetzt noch nach langem Research überfragt. Kann mir jemand bei meinem Problem helfen?:biggrin: Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße,
  23. My USB ports have been crashing due to iCue for the past year and a half. I can close iCue out + stop the Corsair services and I have no problems what-so-ever, but as soon as I load iCue, my USB ports (all of them) will crash about once per hour. Sometimes the crashes are so drastic that they cause my games to crash (losing hours of game progress *looking at you Astroneer*, or the USB devices simply don't reinitialize, forcing me to do a forced reboot, possibly damaging my hard drives. Upon researching the crashing USB ports issue I've discovered it's widespread. Through my reading, I learned that the issue is caused by USB sync issues across USB hubs from different manufacturers. Some users have success with putting all their USB devices on a single hub, but I have too many for that. Some reduce occurrences by lowering their USB polling rate, but my computer's USB still crashes. I'm to the point now where I'm selling my Corsair gear just to get rid of iCue. The only things I have left branded Corsair are my 6X LLRGB Fans and Corsair VOID RGB wireless headset (which will not function without iCue) Has anyone else had any luck diagnosing and fixing this issue? Razer's Synapse 3 gives me no problems at all and it's capable of managing RGB across multiple devices/USB hubs perfectly and without issues. Why can't Corsair offer the same reliability with iCue? Intel 7900X 10C20T CPU Asus Rampage VI Extreme 32GB G.Skilll TridentZ RGB Ram 3200mhz Corsair H1000i Asus GTX 1080Ti Poseidon Samsung 970 Evo 1TB NVME SSD Seagate 6TB NAS Drives 2X in RAID 0 Custom EK Waterloop NZXT Internal USB 2.0 Hub Coolermaster C600S Mesh RGB
  24. Hey guys. So I have just completed a new build from almost 100% scratch (only kept SSDs). Fired it up, everything is working fine except the CPU cooler. I have been troubleshooting all weekend and the only conclusion I can come up with is it is a faulty cooler. When plugged into a usb 2.0 header or a 2.0 usb from the motherboard I/O I get a port reset failure in device manager. When plugged into a 3.0 on the I/O I get device descriptor request failed. I have tried updating the drivers, disabling the usb power settings, disconnecting and reconnecting. Updated my BIOS, updated Generic usb. Updated everything. I have set cpu_fan power to full speed in BIOS. I have power going to the cooler because I have RGBs lighting up on the fans and cooler. It wont show up in my iCue. I have tried unplugging every other USB. My build is in my profile. Any other things to try? Starting to feel a little defeated.
  25. Hello all, While using the H115i with my i7-7700k i've noticed the temperature while idle and light applications has been spikey (from 29C to 60C), but then always quickly comes back down. When running a prime95 stress test (26.5) all the cores almost instantly drop up to high 90s and 100C where I stop the test. I've already reseated and reapplied thermal paste. I'm running my system through Asus' auto ExtremeTweaker overclocking tool, which brings the 7700k up to 4.9GHz. Do you guys think the system is capable of pushing the i7-7700K close to 5.0GHz? Or do you think there might be something wrong. The fans are set to balanced and the pump to quiet. Thank you all in advance!
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