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  1. Ich weiß langsam nicht mehr weiter.. Mein Mikrofon vom Headset ist viel zu leise. In der iCUE-Sotware ist der Regler für die Lautstärke aber ganz oben. In der Systemsteuerung bei den Aufnahmegeräten ebenfalls. Natürlich sind die Treiber und die Software alle auf dem neusten Stand - iCUE: 3.37.140 | Firmware vom Headset: 0.01 Das Headset ist das Corsair Void Elite RGB USB in Schwarz / Carbon.. Der Klang ist wirklich klasse, keine Frage. Aber das Mikro ist viel zu leise.. Ich musste in den MS Teams-Meetings in den letzten Tagen schreien, und trotzdem hatte man mir gesagt, man könne mich sehr schlecht verstehen, weil ich doch so leise sei.. In Discord ist es verschieden - Die einen sagen, die Lautstärke ist perfekt, andere müssen mich lauter stellen. Bei wenigen klinge ich ein wenig "abgehackt", als würden Teile meines Satzes fehlen. Die meisten verstehen mich aber ohne Probleme und sagen, dass die allgemeine Qualität gut ist. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen - Ich habe bei WhatsApp mal eine Test-Audio gemacht. Diese entspricht fast 1:1 meiner echten Stimme, ist allerdings ein wenig (!) leise. In der Systemsteuerung im Reiter der Aufnahmegeräte schlagen die Balken fast nie aus, wenn ich in normaler Lautstärke rede. Höchstens 1 Balken. Wenn ich absichtlich ins Mikro puste (So stark ich kann), dann schhlägt es höchstens bei 2 Balken aus. Eine Neinstallation von iCUE und erzwingen der Neuinstallation der Firmware habe ich gemacht - Hat allerdings nichts verändert. Hat irgendjemand eine Idee, was ich noch machen kann?
  2. The all I just bult my first "Super PC"... and for CPU Cooling I used a Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT. This Cooler cames with: x1 iCUE USB Cable - Just connected it on the Motherboard x1 SATA Connector - Connected it on the PSU SATA Cable x1 a Cable with 3 pins and only one wire - Connected on CPU_FAN (Motherboard). But there are 3 connectors (labeled as 1, 2 and 3 - as shown in the images attached), which I can't figure out where to connect them. Right now, the PC is working without these cables connected and I am worried if I am doing it right.
  3. Commander Pro is showing as a generic usb hub in USBDeview. Is there a way to fix this? Bios and chipset drivers are completely up to date acccording to what ASUS and AMD have on their website.
  4. Hello ; I bought the corsair void elite yesterday and made the installations, and I can't access the charging level via icue. I deleted the program, installed windows format, installed the firmware on the headset with Force update, reset the headset again the same and I can not see the charge, please help.
  5. So i recently finished my build without the extra fans and without the commander pro, and there all worked well and good. Though i have since bought the commander pro and 3 QL120mm fans and installed them. Worked fine for about a day or 2. Then i installed MSI dragon center, and the second it finished downloading keyboard turned red and the following problems began RGB on pump + QL fans freeze/buffer when the "disconnect" sound occurs in windows. Also the liquid temperatures reset, and slowly climb to real value from 0. Sometimes static/wrong RPM (i hope) readings of pump and fans. This ONLY happends when iCUE is open, when terminated it goes through the cycle once and then stops doing it (but ofc with default settings & lightning) The disconnect / cycle comes in everything from 3 times per 10 seconds to once per 2 minuttes, even sometimes 1 dc, 2 "plug in" sound followed by 1 dc so very intrusive and annoying. Following fan/cooling/corsair setup im using 1 x commander pro 1 x lightning core 1 x NZXT internal USB hub (followed advice from other threads) 3 x QL 120 mm 1 x H150i pro XT 1 x k100 keyboard After i have: 1. Installed a NZXT internal usb hub and plugged the corsair commander into it. (heard x570 chipset has problems with commander pro) - (installed so that motherboard header goes in the white, then commander pro, and then RGB hub into 3rd slot) 2. Clean uninstalled MSI dragon center and iCUE (following this guide https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- ) and only reinstalled iCUE 3. Reset BIOS settings 4. Tried setting PCI to gen 3.0 5. Reset windows (keep personal files) no dc's until i installed iCUE Problems occurs as seen in this video (imgur link https://imgur.com/a/pAL0OUi ). The disconnect audio happends slightly after the RGB freeze but otherwise at the same time. Does anybody know how to fix this?? Edit 1: SATA power daisy chain is only connected to lighting core and Commander pro, and separate cable for NZXT hub from PSU, incase it's relevant.
  6. I have the Corsair Dominator Platinum DD4 3200Mhz 64GB kit (CMD64GX4M4C3200C16) in my X99 system that I have been using for more than 4 years. It has been working great, however, I just put in a new PSU in the system yesterday and now the system won't boot. I have the Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard with the 6950X CPU and this Corsair RAM kit. The debug code the mobo throws is 'b7' so it is memory related. After spending hours trying to diagnose the issue, I've narrowed it down to the following. 1.) Default settings work fine - I can boot into Windows and everything seems to work. HOWEVER, the RAM timings are not at the advertised speed of the kit - they should be 16-18-18-36 but instead they are 15-15-15-36. I know that default settings should have a speed of 2133Mhz and not 3200Mhz, but that isn't the problem here - it is the timings! They show up as C15 instead of C16 (see screenshot). 2.) The moment I try to apply any XMP profile or even manually set the timings, it does not boot! When I go back into BIOS (after clearing CMOS), the RAM timings show up as C15. I have tried OC'ing the CPU and keeping the RAM at Auto/Default - still no boot/POST. I have tried setting XMP on the RAM and keeping the CPU at Auto/Default - still no boot/POST. I have also tried setting the RAM timings manually without OC'ing/changing anything else - still no boot/POST. Every single time, it shows the debug code of 'b7.' I have also tried reseating the RAM sticks several times to no avail. I also tested it with just ONE RAM stick, still no boost/POST when trying XMP, manual, or OC settings. Only default settings seem to boot with C15. The moment I change anything in BIOS, it does not boot/POST. I have checked and rechecked all the connections from the PSU - everything is connected properly. I am at a loss as to why it does not even POST when trying to use XMP or OC'ing the system. I had the OC fine-tuned and was using it for more than 4 years without a hitch! I really need help fixing this issue. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought a brand new AX1600i and set it up two days ago. This morning, when I was just browsing/email (aka no load), the system just shut off. It wouldn't turn back on. I turned off the switch on the back of the PSU and then held down the power button on the PC for a few seconds. Then it turned back on and it booted right up. After about 10 minutes, again, it just shut off. I have the PSU connected to a dedicated 20A circuit so it most definitely is not that. I had an EVGA 1600T2 PSU in the system right before this and it worked flawlessly for the past 6 months. Since the system is shutting down when there is no load, what could the issue be? Also, I noticed in iCUE that the Multi-rail OCP is turned on and all the settings are at 40A (slider). Should the OCP be set to Single-Rail or Multi-Rail? Also, the Fan RPM is 0 - is there a way to set it so that it turns on automatically? I don't want any "eco" mode or some such thing - I want the PSU to be as cool as possible. I am using the CableMod cable-set for the AX1600i along with a couple of the stock/default cables since I'm using 2x GPUs in the system. The system has shut off without warning three (3x) times now when just idling/doing light work like browsing or checking email. Yesterday, I was playing games on it and monitored the Power-In and Power-Out and it was regularly reaching ~ 1470W - but it worked perfectly fine and there were no issues. When I shut the computer off last night, I turned the PSU switch to the "OFF" position (as I always do with all of my PCs) and turned it back on this morning when I wanted to use the computer. This is driving me insane so I would appreciate some help! Is the PSU dying already? It's been less than 3 days since I got it! Please help!
  8. Hallo Leute! ich habe mir meinen ersten Gaming PC zugelegt und habe ein paar Probleme mit der Verkabelung der Lüfter. Ich habe erst mal wild alles kreuz und quer angeschlossen was natürlich nicht funktioniert :laughing: Hier mein Setup, Lüfter und Anschlüsse: 1x Corsair 680x RGB 3x LL140 Lüfter 1x Corsair 115i Platinum AIO 1x Commander Pro 3x LL120 Lüfter (vorinstalliert, front) In dem Gehäuse ist schon ein Corsair Hub vorinstalliert, woran die vorinstallierten Lüfter an der Gehäuse Front bereits angeschlossen waren. Kann mir jemand erklären wie ich alles korrekt anzuschließen habe? Derzeit geht zwar alles, aber ich kann die Lüfter nicht korrekt steuern, es spinnt irgendwie alles. Außerdem zeigt mein BIOS mir einen CPU Fan Error an. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen.. Danke schon mal im Voraus !
  9. Bonjour j'ai un problème avec le rgb de mes ventilateurs sur le boitier, au début ils fonctionnaient très bien avec des nuances de couleurs dès l'allumage puis quand j'ai installé corsair icue et que j'ai mis un mode de couleur différent ils ont commencé à s'allumer uniquement en blanc au démarrage et à l'exctinction (en dehors de ca; pendant l'utilisation cela fonctionnait bien) je cherchais un moyen de retirer ce problème et pas moyen, donc j'ai désinstaller le logiciel éteint le pc et j'ai voulu vérifié que j'ai bien branché mon cable qui relie le boitier à la carte mère, j'ai démarré sans, j'ai éteint puis j'ai bien rebranché le cable et la maintenant il n'est même plus reconnu par le logiciel icue donc les ventilateurs sont toujours que blanc :( si quelqu'un peut m'aider merci beaucoup
  10. Would like to build a custom loop for my system but unsure about mixing different brands/products. Got all the Corsair Hydro parts I need apart from GPU block which is out of stock (reference 3090) Are alphacool and EK GPU blocks compatible with Corsair fittings and softline tubing? Also, does it matter about the coolant? Corsair XL5 Performance would be fine to mix with other GPU brand coolers? These are the GPU blocks I am thinking about getting: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-vector-trinity-rtx-3080-3090-d-rgb-nickel-plexi?___store=default https://www.overclockers.co.uk/alphacool-eisblock-aurora-gpx-n-rtx-3090-3080-graphics-card-water-block-reference-acrylic-wc-0bj-ac.html What you think? Very much appreciate advice/help :)
  11. I've had my virtuoso for about 5 months now. I've had many problems with this headset. First, I couldn't use it in the wired mode. This wasn't a big deal to me, since I didn't like the braided cable it came with. But now, it doesn't charge. Last night I noticed the charging light wasn't glowing, as it normally should. I ignored it assuming it was signaling something else. This morning, it was completely dead, and the left ear was very hot. I love the headset but the amount of problems I've run into makes me want to buy a different brand. I love corsair but this is just outright stupid.
  12. Bonjour à tous, J'ai récemment acheté deux kits de "CMW16GX4M2C3200C16", or à l'activation des deux Profils XMP existant dans le BIOS, le PC ne redémarre pas et après un redémarrage force, il ne boot pas bloquant sur EZ Debug CPU Led. J'ai donc tenté de flasher le BIOS de la carte mère (7C94v152(Beta version) et 7C94v14) or cela ne fonctionne avec aucun des deux. J'ai donc tenté de manuellement OC la RAM a 3000Mhz or même résultat. Configuration : MSI B550M Mortar Wifi Ryzen 5 5600X CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 (Deux Kits) Si cela peut aider : Dans CPU-Z les slots 1 et 3 de RAM sont du Manufacturer SK Hynix et en Dual Rank tandis que les slots 2 et 4 sont du Manufacturer Samsung et en Single Rank. Je suis à court d'idée, si vous avez une piste de résolution je suis preneur ! Cordialement
  13. Hello Everybody! How to Connect RMi 850W to MSI motherboard Z170a Tomahawk AC? I read an instruction but do not understand how to do it. Please, help me in this question). I will buy a new board and CPU, GPU later next year and now i still using my old PC. It's a link to my motherboard https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/Z170A-TOMAHAWK-AC image of motherboard with addition information https://www.dropbox.com/s/bx9h84oasjeq5ge/msi.jpg?dl=0
  14. Hello guys, just have two quick questions. 1. I currently have a Corsair RM 650 watt for my 3080 build and was wondering if that is going to be enough for it. 2. The PSU plug is a US plug, but soon I will be in another country for while and was planning to bring my pc there(Hong Kong). Obviously would love to buy a brand new psu again so I was wondering if buying this cord will work so I can just switch the main power cord/plug. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1373781-REG/gefen_cab_powercord_uk_iec_c13_outlet_ac.html
  15. Hello friends, I just built a pc that currently has 7 fans in total are 3 of my capellix 150i 3 on the front and one on the back, I use 120 rgb ql fans, I have a commander pro and I have a commander core and 1 hub, the problem is that I don't know how to make the 7 fans have the same configuration that have the same colors. I really do not know how to connect everything in those 3 things that I have in my case (commander pro, commander core and rgb hub) could someone tell me how I do so that everything is configured the same? :biggrin:
  16. Hello I've been having this issue for the past week where only my left side on my headset works. I tried to get some help from Corsair Support but no one has answered me yet and the "online chat" is never online, so I can't even talk to them through that. So I turn to the community to help me out with my issue. If you want to know what happened before the right side decided to just stop working, I was watching Twitch.tv and it went out with no warning, no nothing.
  17. Guten Tag, falls ich im falschen Bereich frage, gerne darauf hinweisen... Bin noch frisch hier. :-P Hintergrundinfos: Ich plane für eine Freundin einen komplett weißen Build zu machen und bin aufgrund der gut aufgestellten Auswahl auf Corsair gestoßen. Nun ist es ja so, dass MSI (z.B.) bei einigen Boards einen JCorsair Header an Bord hat. Ich hab gelesen, dass über diesen ein Steuern von Corsair Produkten über die Mystic Light Software möglich sein soll.. Dem würde ich gerne nachgehen. Leider gibt es nämlich keine GPUs die direkt Corsairkompatibel sind... Ich werde vorraussichtlich das neue iCUE 4000X Gehäuse nehmen, einen zusätzlichen RGB Lüfter nach hinten packen, das Corsair CX-F RGB Netzteil verwenden und ggf. einen Commander um genügend 12v Fan Header zu haben. Das 4000X besitzt schon einen Node Core. Frage: Funktioniert das wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe? Kann ich den Node an den Commander stecken und den Commander an den JCORSAIR Anschluss des MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon? Kriege ich vielleicht sogar noch 1-2 RGB Stripes untergebracht oder optional noch die Corsair H100i mit ihren zwei Lüftern und der Pumpe angeschlossen? Fragen über Fragen... So halbwegs steige ich ja durch, aber es ist wirklich SEHR viel input... Edit: Könnte ich den Commander ggf. auch ganz weg lassen und einfach Splitter-Kabel für die Lüfter benutzen? Besten Dank schon mal für jede Hilfe! Liebe Grüße, Yannic
  18. Hi eveyone, Im just wokring on getting the RGB profiles setup on my Legion 7i and i found that for some reaosn type lighting doesnt work on the laptop itself. To be clear i do not mean the hardware profiles that are built into the rgb controller. I mean the actual real type lighting that my k95 RGB, My K95 Platinum my MM800 and even my M65 corsair products do. This is very apparent that its a software limitation that is only there to upsell the real corsair products. When i plug any of my type lighting devices into the laptop it suddenly becomes available and i can customize the key response lights. but heres the kicker, in this mode i can only press keys on my K95 platinum to get my laptop keyboard to respond. What is up with that? Can anyone from corsair comment on this as its deeply infuriating and i cant raise a support request for a product that technically didnt come from corsair.
  19. Guys, hopefully, someone can enlighten me. I built my PC yesterday and am having problems with iCUE not showing the correct information for Fan #1. I have Commander Pro and six fans installed, all connected to the commander unit. The latest firmware updates have been made and I have the latest iCUE software (3.3.81). When trying to configure the Fan speed, fan #1 is showing as 0 RPM even though it is spinning. Changing the speed via iCUE has no impact on the RPM. The RGB on the fan works with no issues. The remaining five fans all show a valid RPM in iCUE and changing the speed on any of these fans have an impact, as expected. Has anyone else come across this issue? Hopefully, there is a quick fix. BTW, I have installed & reinstalled iCUE and checked all connections in the PC thrice. If it was a connection issue, the fan wouldn't spin or allow me to change its RGB. The Fans I have installed are Corsair LL120
  20. Hallo Corsair Community Ich plane schon länger den Bau eines neuen Gaming Systems, angetrieben werden soll es einmal von den jeweiligen Nachfolgern von Nvidia RTX 2080 TI und AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X. Also Nvidia "Ampere" und AMD "Vermeer". Es könnte aber auch Intel werden, die Gamingleistung wird entscheiden. Das Ganze wird eingebaut in ein "Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL white" Gehäuse mit drei 360er Radiatoren und einem Hecklüfter. Was, in welche Richtung bläst, habe ich noch nicht genau ausgetüftelt, aber ich habe erstmal 10 Stück Corsair LL120 RGB white bestellt (3x3er und 1 zusätzlich für hinten.) Ich habe mir jetzt verschiedene Optionen für Wasserkühlungen angeschaut, zuerst war ich auf EK Waterblocks fixiert, aber das schöne Design und das Komplettangebot haben mich auf die Corsair Hydro X Serie neugierig gemacht. Nun zu meiner Frage: Was brauche ich zusätzlich, um 10 "LL 120 RGB", die Pumpe und eventuell den Grafikkartenkühlblock beleuchtungsmäßig steuern zu können? Ich bedanke mich schon einmal für jede Anregung. LG, Ghosty
  21. Hey. Over the last few months I've been getting a problem with iCue of all my exhaust LL fans being stuck on the previous setting, and not changing with the rest of my fans when I change my settings on iCue. I suppose it's comparable to a stuck pixel, as the rest of my products (Case, Cooler, Keyboard and half of the fans) all switch, but these don't. Eventually it will, but it usually takes a long while. I was wondering if anyone knows a fix? I could try and replug everything in again. although I'm hoping there's a software fix as the cable management was very hard. :eek: Anyway. If you have any input thanks very much.
  22. Hello people, let me start off by saying that this 680X build is my 2nd pc build. The first one is my current 900D (AIR) only. Due my work, being away alot, I am a little hesitant going full water... So pls no comments on the 900D that it is overkill for just AIO.. I wanted a white build. It has to do with some factors I want to add to the case later on, like the figure of a crab /cancer logo because I've lost my mother to it, and my father is currently in his last phase with cancer.. On Tweakers (A Dutch tech/nerd site) I've got a bunch of photo's to look at, if someone is interested so far. ( https://tweakers.net/gallery/413684/fotoalbum/?MapID=95528 ) I am still somewhat in the planning phase on what to do, take looks in consideration, routing the cables (length) etc. The thing is: I have a decider to make considering a AIO. I wanted as much Corsair as possible, even had the new 280 rad, but opted to go for a 360 rad in white, so that is unfortunately a Asus LC RGB 360 (with white QL's push pull) I had mounted the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom of the case towards the pump. Last night I changed that to the tubes starting at the top of the rad, going slightly down towards the pump in a bend config around the RAM-sticks. Then this morning GamersNexus posted on YT a topic about the AIO orientation, and how it is mostly mounted wrongly. Long story short: Air (between 2% and 10%)-bubbles in a AIO tend to go to the highest point in a loop (logical). Is the highest point the AIO, then with 99% of the current pumpconfig the pump will run dry and dies over time. So then to my debate... My first opt; was on the bottom of the 680X, but didn't want the 240 rad in white. Best option according Nexus is placing the radiator at the top of the case, the air will stay somewhere in the radiator. I want the 360rad push-pull to the front. Do I place the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom side of the rad, straight up to the CPU/pump; which is slightly lower then the top of the rad. And let it run for some time on the back of the case so the air will flow to the (then oriented up position) radiator and after e few hours on the normal position or do I mount the rad with the tubes starting from the top side of the rad, in a fancy curl around the RAM sticks to the CPU/pump? New build specs: Case: 680X Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A CPU: 9600K NVMe: 1 M.2 500GB Samsung NVMe: 1 M.2 1TB Samsung PSU: Corsair RM850x (2018) White RAM: 32GB 2Dimms Corsair White 3000Mhz RAM: 2Dimms Corsair Light Enhancement kit Fans: 5x QL 140 white, 6 or 7x QL120 white AIO: Asus ROG Strix LC 360 White Edition Keyboard: K70 MK.2 SE GPU: Asus 1060 DUAL O6GB White
  23. hey, i recently bought a corsair h150 pro xt after installing it i fired up my pc to see that there was no lighting coming from the pump and i cant figure out how to get the rgb to work. the pump is on i can hear it and can feel it aswell i can control pump speed and fan speed in the icue software without any problems but the lights on the pump just wont turn on it just stays black heres what ive tried: i've tried connecting it to different sata connectors coming from my power supply. i've tried connecting the usb cable wich comes from the pump to different usb ports on my motherboard. i've tried updating icue. i've tried updating the firmware of the aio. i've tried instant lighting. all to no avail
  24. For some reason my title got cut.. (only with iCue) I bought a Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless headset a year ago. Good sound quality, but I had the same problem with it, that I have now with the Corsair VOID Elite. When I downloaded the iCue, a very annoying white noise appeared. Only when there's sound playing, and only when iCue is downloaded. For some reason it doesn't apply to the narrator (Mic off, mic on, etc..). When I searched up this on Google a year ago with my VOID Pro, i got more than 10 pages of the same question, none answered by the support team (including mine). I use Win10. What's the issue? Also: If I take down the sound in Windows to 10, and listen to music on Youtube with 100%, then it's perfect. Though I payed a lot for this and the other headphones, and I expect something better for this money.
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