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  1. Did you know Corsair has an internship program for Undergraduate and Graduate students? It’s a summer program that is a total of 12 weeks. It’s a fun and challenging experience and I encourage everyone looking into getting into the industry and wanting a hands-on experience to be on the lookout for the 2022 internship and apply next year! I made many lasting friendships and networking relationships. I hope you will consider it next year too! Corsair Angie
  2. I recently built a PC and don't have much experience with using fans as it is the first time I have ever done such a thing. For some reason my back fan is running at max speed and I am unable to change it through the icue software app. The fan is currently plugged into a controller along witht the other 5 fans i have. I have tried plugging it into the motherboard but the same issue remains but it loses its RGB. The fan having the issue was a separate fan (2 are part of the water cooler and 3 came with the case) so im unsure if the fan itself is fauly or if it is another issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hola, Se me han roto las almohadillas de mis corsair virtuoso y me gustaria saber si existe alguna manera oficial de comprar recambios ya que no he encontrado ninguna. Gracias
  4. I am currently building my first pc (Yay) I just have a question about my aio which is Kraken x73 is it compatible with CORSAIR iCUE SP120 RGB ELITE Performance 120mm PWM? Im planning to change the fans from stock to the fans stated above. TIA guys
  5. Hi, i have recently acquired a new corsair case, the fan lighting doesn't seem to be working correctly, as you can see it the photo the fans seem to get dimmer as they go down and i cant change anything in icue, everything is properly connected to the node core, I'm stuck, thank you in advance the photo is here, wont let me upload to this website: https://ibb.co/j8H3dRX
  6. Bonjour, j’ai un soucis avec mon clavier Corsair k70. Celui-ci répète des touches de manière aléatoire. Je précise que ces touches se repentent bien plus que 2 fois, parfois si je ne rappuie pas sur une autre touche, elle se répéterait sans cesse. Parfois c’est même la touche supp, ce qui est très embêtant. Cela a l’air d’arriver lorsque j’appuie sur deux touches très rapidement (temps entre les 2 très court), ce qui est le comble pour un clavier mécanique. Ce que j’ai essayé : - Mettre à jour le clavier (même forcer la màj) - Mettre à jour ICue (même réinstallation) - Réinitialisation du clavier - Fermer tout autre logiciel qui rentrerait en conflit avec ICue (dans mon cas: ASUS Armoury Crate) Aucunes de ces manipulations n’a résolu le problème. (Je suis sur un pc fixe). Je penche plus vers un soucis logiciel, car en jeu je n’ai aucun soucis ! Dernière chose, je ne suis plus très sûr depuis quand le soucis dat, car il n’a fait que s’empirer. Mais j’ai changé de pc vers le mois de novembre et ça me parait être la période vers laquelle le problème est apparu. Ce serait peut être lié .. Je précise qu’au début, je n’avais le soucis que lorsque je devais rentrer le mot de passe pour accéder à mon pc. Une fois celui-ci lancé complètement, plus de soucis (mais ça c’était avant lol). J’ai alors partiellement réglé le soucis en utilisant le clavier virtuel. Merci d’avance pour toute l’aide que vous m’apporterai.
  7. Hey, seit dem neuen Corsair ICUE v.4 leuchtet mein RAM die ganze Zeit rot, obwohl ich statisch blau eingestellt habe. Woran liegt das und wie kann ich das ausstellen? Lg.
  8. When listening to music through the headphones, the music volume goes to the microphone. I want to acoustic echo cancelletion with Realtek Audio Console but I can't see the headphone microphone in Realtek Audio Console. How can I solve this problem?
  9. Hallo ich möchte in mein gehäuse eine custom Wasserkühlung verbauen bin mir aber nicht sicher wie man das ganze anschliesen soll . ich möchte eine XD3 RGB-Pumpe / Reservoir -Kombination der Hydro X-Serie XD3 - Weiß und eine XC7 RGB (1200/AM4) - White cpu block und eine grafikarten die auch wasser gekühlt sein wird mit dem wasser kühlblock von corsair. Und mit dem gehäuse:iCUE 465X RGB Mid-Tower-ATX-Smart-Gehäuse – Weiß währe nett wen ihr mir fieleicht so ein zeichnung machen köntet wo man was anschliest.
  10. I recently bought this keyboard last Saturday and this morning, the space bar started registering 3-4 key presses in only a single hit. I already tried hard-resetting the keyboard, plugging into a different port in my PC and restarting my PC as a whole with no luck. Anyone else having the same problem? What are the chances of this getting fixed without having to go through the hassle of sending it back for RMA?
  11. Hello, I bought myself a Corsair MM700 RGB Mousepad. The first time I could sync it with icue 3 but after every reboot, its always completely RED. I upgraded to Icue 4 but it didnt help. I cant even change the colormode with the button on the MM700. The Mouspad is directly connected to my pc (not with an hub). I really would like to fix it, because the price I payed for a mouspad is crazy, so I would like to get it working. Greetings
  12. Bonjour, Je constate des latences lorsque je bouge ma souris, comme un petit freeze qui survient régulièrement. En jeu (warzone) c'est clairement infâme ... Depuis peu je vois ces lags sur mon bureau. J'ai procédé à un test d'input lag sur internet, je constate des pics de latence qui reviennent fréquemment (ci-joint la capture). Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  13. Firsty I´m explaning it: So I have 4x 8Gb RAM parts of the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and if I´m using effect like color wave in icue than it looks like they´re in the wrong order? :[pouts: DIMM 1 on ICUE is visual DIMM 3 DIMM 2 on ICUE is visual DIMM 1 DIMM 3 on ICUE is visual DIMM 4 DIMM 4 on ICUE is visual DIMM 2 i´ve put some pictures down below Could somebody help me with is Problem?
  14. So I bought the Corsair h115i cooler and installed iCue but it doesn't show up. I just see the profile menu and a big empty space on the right. I don't know how to fix this. (Gigabyte Z390 UD mobo)
  15. So i got my PC a few weeks ago, and i noticed that my power button is red. On every youtube video i looked up, the power button seems to be white. What is causing this and is it something to be concerned of? The power button has been red since i got it i believe, otherwise not something i noticed right away. I know my way around a PC, but this is new to me.
  16. Hallo :) hab mir 2 neue Corsair Venegance RBG PRO SL (8GB) gekauft nun wird mir aber im ICUE nur eine angezeigt. Es wird nur der 3. Slot angezeigt. auch mit hinund her tauschen bleib es unverändert.
  17. Hello. I've seen similar posts about 3D printing here, so I think it's not restricted here... I did clips 3D model for my other case (non Corsair one) some time ago, so I have an experience, and interested in making such for the 4000D /4000X (these https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/iCUE-4000X-4000D-4000D-Airflow-Front-Bezel-Mounting-Snaps%2C-Black/p/CC-8900444) and publishing to the Thingverse. Think it will be good for the community. And these are almost permanently out of stock, so it makes sense I quess. I need small assistance of a person who has one of these cases, an ordinary 2D paper scanner and a caliper (for size measuring). What I need is scan (2D ordinary black/white scan, made by any paper scanner) of flat surface of the clip, and some measures with a caliper (in millimeters, tenths of a millimeter precision): item width (see attachment 2): and some other measures (see attachment 1): Thx
  18. From here I call all the people who do not work well the ambient lighting of the LS100, so that we protest together. Leave here your protest, your comment. Yes gentlemen, that is how sad reality is. We invested a lot of money in CORSAIR ambient lighting to have LEDs that turn on when they want and not always. It's reality. Gentlemen of CORSAIR, I know that this post will not be to your liking, but I hope you do not delete it. Let us express ourselves and update the software so that we do not have errors. It is not explained that it worked since August, and now it has not worked for a month
  19. Ich weiß langsam nicht mehr weiter.. Mein Mikrofon vom Headset ist viel zu leise. In der iCUE-Sotware ist der Regler für die Lautstärke aber ganz oben. In der Systemsteuerung bei den Aufnahmegeräten ebenfalls. Natürlich sind die Treiber und die Software alle auf dem neusten Stand - iCUE: 3.37.140 | Firmware vom Headset: 0.01 Das Headset ist das Corsair Void Elite RGB USB in Schwarz / Carbon.. Der Klang ist wirklich klasse, keine Frage. Aber das Mikro ist viel zu leise.. Ich musste in den MS Teams-Meetings in den letzten Tagen schreien, und trotzdem hatte man mir gesagt, man könne mich sehr schlecht verstehen, weil ich doch so leise sei.. In Discord ist es verschieden - Die einen sagen, die Lautstärke ist perfekt, andere müssen mich lauter stellen. Bei wenigen klinge ich ein wenig "abgehackt", als würden Teile meines Satzes fehlen. Die meisten verstehen mich aber ohne Probleme und sagen, dass die allgemeine Qualität gut ist. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen - Ich habe bei WhatsApp mal eine Test-Audio gemacht. Diese entspricht fast 1:1 meiner echten Stimme, ist allerdings ein wenig (!) leise. In der Systemsteuerung im Reiter der Aufnahmegeräte schlagen die Balken fast nie aus, wenn ich in normaler Lautstärke rede. Höchstens 1 Balken. Wenn ich absichtlich ins Mikro puste (So stark ich kann), dann schhlägt es höchstens bei 2 Balken aus. Eine Neinstallation von iCUE und erzwingen der Neuinstallation der Firmware habe ich gemacht - Hat allerdings nichts verändert. Hat irgendjemand eine Idee, was ich noch machen kann?
  20. The all I just bult my first "Super PC"... and for CPU Cooling I used a Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT. This Cooler cames with: x1 iCUE USB Cable - Just connected it on the Motherboard x1 SATA Connector - Connected it on the PSU SATA Cable x1 a Cable with 3 pins and only one wire - Connected on CPU_FAN (Motherboard). But there are 3 connectors (labeled as 1, 2 and 3 - as shown in the images attached), which I can't figure out where to connect them. Right now, the PC is working without these cables connected and I am worried if I am doing it right.
  21. Commander Pro is showing as a generic usb hub in USBDeview. Is there a way to fix this? Bios and chipset drivers are completely up to date acccording to what ASUS and AMD have on their website.
  22. Hello ; I bought the corsair void elite yesterday and made the installations, and I can't access the charging level via icue. I deleted the program, installed windows format, installed the firmware on the headset with Force update, reset the headset again the same and I can not see the charge, please help.
  23. So i recently finished my build without the extra fans and without the commander pro, and there all worked well and good. Though i have since bought the commander pro and 3 QL120mm fans and installed them. Worked fine for about a day or 2. Then i installed MSI dragon center, and the second it finished downloading keyboard turned red and the following problems began RGB on pump + QL fans freeze/buffer when the "disconnect" sound occurs in windows. Also the liquid temperatures reset, and slowly climb to real value from 0. Sometimes static/wrong RPM (i hope) readings of pump and fans. This ONLY happends when iCUE is open, when terminated it goes through the cycle once and then stops doing it (but ofc with default settings & lightning) The disconnect / cycle comes in everything from 3 times per 10 seconds to once per 2 minuttes, even sometimes 1 dc, 2 "plug in" sound followed by 1 dc so very intrusive and annoying. Following fan/cooling/corsair setup im using 1 x commander pro 1 x lightning core 1 x NZXT internal USB hub (followed advice from other threads) 3 x QL 120 mm 1 x H150i pro XT 1 x k100 keyboard After i have: 1. Installed a NZXT internal usb hub and plugged the corsair commander into it. (heard x570 chipset has problems with commander pro) - (installed so that motherboard header goes in the white, then commander pro, and then RGB hub into 3rd slot) 2. Clean uninstalled MSI dragon center and iCUE (following this guide https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- ) and only reinstalled iCUE 3. Reset BIOS settings 4. Tried setting PCI to gen 3.0 5. Reset windows (keep personal files) no dc's until i installed iCUE Problems occurs as seen in this video (imgur link https://imgur.com/a/pAL0OUi ). The disconnect audio happends slightly after the RGB freeze but otherwise at the same time. Does anybody know how to fix this?? Edit 1: SATA power daisy chain is only connected to lighting core and Commander pro, and separate cable for NZXT hub from PSU, incase it's relevant.
  24. I have the Corsair Dominator Platinum DD4 3200Mhz 64GB kit (CMD64GX4M4C3200C16) in my X99 system that I have been using for more than 4 years. It has been working great, however, I just put in a new PSU in the system yesterday and now the system won't boot. I have the Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard with the 6950X CPU and this Corsair RAM kit. The debug code the mobo throws is 'b7' so it is memory related. After spending hours trying to diagnose the issue, I've narrowed it down to the following. 1.) Default settings work fine - I can boot into Windows and everything seems to work. HOWEVER, the RAM timings are not at the advertised speed of the kit - they should be 16-18-18-36 but instead they are 15-15-15-36. I know that default settings should have a speed of 2133Mhz and not 3200Mhz, but that isn't the problem here - it is the timings! They show up as C15 instead of C16 (see screenshot). 2.) The moment I try to apply any XMP profile or even manually set the timings, it does not boot! When I go back into BIOS (after clearing CMOS), the RAM timings show up as C15. I have tried OC'ing the CPU and keeping the RAM at Auto/Default - still no boot/POST. I have tried setting XMP on the RAM and keeping the CPU at Auto/Default - still no boot/POST. I have also tried setting the RAM timings manually without OC'ing/changing anything else - still no boot/POST. Every single time, it shows the debug code of 'b7.' I have also tried reseating the RAM sticks several times to no avail. I also tested it with just ONE RAM stick, still no boost/POST when trying XMP, manual, or OC settings. Only default settings seem to boot with C15. The moment I change anything in BIOS, it does not boot/POST. I have checked and rechecked all the connections from the PSU - everything is connected properly. I am at a loss as to why it does not even POST when trying to use XMP or OC'ing the system. I had the OC fine-tuned and was using it for more than 4 years without a hitch! I really need help fixing this issue. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance.
  25. I bought a brand new AX1600i and set it up two days ago. This morning, when I was just browsing/email (aka no load), the system just shut off. It wouldn't turn back on. I turned off the switch on the back of the PSU and then held down the power button on the PC for a few seconds. Then it turned back on and it booted right up. After about 10 minutes, again, it just shut off. I have the PSU connected to a dedicated 20A circuit so it most definitely is not that. I had an EVGA 1600T2 PSU in the system right before this and it worked flawlessly for the past 6 months. Since the system is shutting down when there is no load, what could the issue be? Also, I noticed in iCUE that the Multi-rail OCP is turned on and all the settings are at 40A (slider). Should the OCP be set to Single-Rail or Multi-Rail? Also, the Fan RPM is 0 - is there a way to set it so that it turns on automatically? I don't want any "eco" mode or some such thing - I want the PSU to be as cool as possible. I am using the CableMod cable-set for the AX1600i along with a couple of the stock/default cables since I'm using 2x GPUs in the system. The system has shut off without warning three (3x) times now when just idling/doing light work like browsing or checking email. Yesterday, I was playing games on it and monitored the Power-In and Power-Out and it was regularly reaching ~ 1470W - but it worked perfectly fine and there were no issues. When I shut the computer off last night, I turned the PSU switch to the "OFF" position (as I always do with all of my PCs) and turned it back on this morning when I wanted to use the computer. This is driving me insane so I would appreciate some help! Is the PSU dying already? It's been less than 3 days since I got it! Please help!
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