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Found 14 results

  1. I finally was able to salvage all my parts for my first pc build and was super excited to build it. But to my disappointment, when I completed building the inside components (mobo/cpu/ram/aio cooler) and finally reached the point of getting my case open, I noticed that the glass side panel is shattered beyond use. Thank god there’s a protective film on it or else I probably would have glass shards everywhere. I just really want to keep my case because its so pretty and it took me 2 months to get it with no further stock instores near me. I was wondering how the rma process is to find a replacement side panel? Has anyone had a similar problem? I contacted the store I bought the case through and they just told me to contact corsair’s rma service but it has been 5 business days and I have yet to hear anything back.. How long should I wait to hear back from them? Side note: I did end up just putting my mobo and things inside the case because I can’t have those parts lying around for who knows how long and I’m honestly not sure what to do with the already attached cooler :(
  2. I recently bought 275R Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Black. I had an issue while disassembling the glass cover (carefully & smoothly) to fix a ventilation cable flapping on a fan, the glass unexpectedly broke into a thousand pieces (see attached photo). I have asked to my store seller (where I bought) the product, and he told me that there is no replacement for this piece and the best thing to do is to buy a new case. I would like to know if there is a replacement for this part and how I can get it, because for me it seems that he does not want to address the problem correctly. On the other hand, I would like to know if there is any replacement for this piece not made in glass material, I do not care if I don not see the inside of the PC nor LED lights. I am a big fan and buyer of Corsair products, they are always of great quality and I am always very satisfied with their products, and I am surprised that this problem is not solved correctly. Anyone had the same problem? Please I appreciate any feedback about this, Regards,
  3. Hello, is my second Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless in 1.5 Months... and both with the same problem, broken wheel, im not using the wheel button so often , like 2~5 times a day, the wheel i use a lot but not the button... Anyway the mouse cost 80€ and the material are so so *****, so please dont buy this mouse. The wheel now is inside the mouse fo some reason... and ofc i can not scroll the pages :mad: :mad: I am sharing this to prevent other people from doing the same as me, buying this garbage, as it is not even worth 1 €
  4. So after a week or so of lighting malfunctions I have my keyboard functional. It types a it normally does, but there are no lights except for the upper 3 indicators. the three lights in the top left (Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock) are blinking together at a constant pace. about 1 or 2 times each second. I am lead to believe my keyboard is in some manufacturers debug mode. upon opening icue, i am immediately prompted with a "mandatory" update which goes as follows: 1 open icue 2 "a mandatory firmware update is available and required for the optimization of your device." ( i can click away, and the keyboard still works albeit without many features.) 3the update progresses, once it reaches 100% i hear the windows usb noise, the blinking lights pause before the keyboard returns tom this limited state. 4 Icue remains on this update screen for some time before arbitrarilly giving an "update successful to version 3.21" after this process takes to long i presume. 5 nothing changes, and Icue still has a "?" for the firmware version of my keyboard. 6 immediately after icue has another update available once i click on the keyboard. same version update; 3,21. 7 repeat without any successful updates. i suspect due to the blinking lights that my board is in some factory reset mode that prevents it from interfacing with icue properly. there is no rgb functionality and icue offers no options. i feel like I'm just a step or so away from restoring full functionality. icue recognized the keyboard model, but has a "?" next to the current version. it says there's an update available, (v3.21) but that update never applies correctly. Here's what I've already tried to correct the issue: 1 turning everything off and on again. 2 unplugging everything 3 soft resetting the keyboard with the esc key technique 4 trying to put the keyboad in and out of bios mode. this does nothing, i cant tell if bios mode even enables. 5 manually reloading the firmware by using the pinhole on the bottom, then loading new firmware provided by corsair support. despite this, my keyboard persists in this limited state. the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock blink consistently, there's no rgb and icue offers no customization options. please help restore my k96 rgb platinum to its proper functionality. thank you for your time.
  5. So I have just updated to the latest iCUE software update and it would constantly crash when opening after about 3-4 seconds. I tried every fix and re-installing etc I could find online. I finally found a thread who said they uninstalled aura sync and it fixed iCUE. I have now uninstalled Aura Sync and which fixed iCUE and is now working. The issue is when I re-install Aura Sync, iCUE doesn't work again. So I can't have both running at the same time. In order to set my hardware's RGB, I require both to be run at the same time (never use to have issues with the old iCUE before updating). Is there going to be a hotfix as I can't be the only one with this problem. EDIT* I am running version 3.25.60 for iCUE
  6. So I bought the h115i elite capellix a few days ago. It works fine, but the only issue is, I can't seem to find it in the iCUE software. I believe this may be because of the usb connection, since both the headers on my MB were tested to work fine, but I can't seem to find it connected anywhere! No sound when I plug/unplug it like I would expect to hear, and no luck finding anything in device manager. I have tried reinstalling, doing a clean wipe of iCUE, along with updating every driver I could, and even my tears didn't wipe away the horror that is the rainbow colors laughing in my simplistic white themed build. :( Any help would be appreciated, I almost want to just unplug the RGB and leave it like that. My only idea as to what it could be is that the usb that is connected to the Commander Pro Core that came with it is broken.
  7. Hey Guys, i have a HS70 Pro Wireless which i have really enjoyed using for the past 4.5 months. It has a little knob/wheel to adjust the audio volume on the left side. Today i woke up to notice that the wheel was not moving and it was pushed in. Then the thing just fell off and went inside the headset. Now i have no sound whatsoever and i have been browsing for ways to disassemble the headset or repair it but apparently you can only open it if you break it. Does anyone know a way to open it without breaking it or anything??? Thank you for your help
  8. About a day or two ago I spilled some soda I had on my desk onto the right side of my K70 keyboard. It doesn't seem to be affecting the keys themselves, just the RGB. They keep blinking and flashing, they're also randomly changing colors or stuck on a solid color, or slightly dimmed. The caps lock, scroll lock and number lock indicators are also blinking and changing colors too? It's annoying and I want to fix this somehow, but it's alright if I have to live with the consequences of my mistake LOL. Any ideas of how I'd go about doing that?
  9. Hello Everyone, over the years i had a couple of Corsair mice, keyboards and other components and I'm pretty happy with them. But one thing bothers me about the mice. These I had since 2016: M65 RGB - Broken wheel (2016/5) M65 PRO RGB - Broken wheel (2016/8) Scimitar Pro RGB - Broken wheel / Still in use (2018/9) Ironclaw RGB - Broken wheel (2019/2) Glaive RGB Pro - No problems so far (2019/11) Dark Core RGB SE - Broken wheel (2020/6) Dark Core RGB SE - In use (2020/8) Everytime one wheel failed, either only scrolling or just middle click, I took it apart and saw that the wheel and axle are made out of translucent plastic. The axle for the wheel is like 1,5mm. The axle broke either left or right side of the wheel, one side meaning scrolling- and the otherside middle click not working. I'm happy with my corsair products, but this bothers me. Everytime I bought a new mouse i hoped they replaced the axle with a metal one...But nope. atm. I'm using my 2nd Dark Core SE, which I'm also starting to feel the wheel scratching/touching somewhere and sometimes the middle click doesn't work. I also googled. Other people are also having the same issues accross different models... I highly doubt Corsair are trying to fix this, since it is an issue for me since 2016... Kind Regards, Caklyn
  10. My Corsair K63 keyboard will not turn on after a failed firmware update. It's completely dead, basically a brick. Suggestions? I only got it within the past 3-4 months... sorta ridiculous it's dead already.
  11. Hi all, i have a problem with my ambilight.. it works perfectly but when i go to netflix (app or website) it stops as soon as i start watching. Now my friend has the LS100 starter kit and for him it works on the web-netflix. but i just cant make it work. is it a bug on my part or maybe on corsair ICUE? (btw im running LS100 starter pack+LT100 starter pack)
  12. Sehr geehrtes Corsair User Forum, Gestern mittag habe ich meinen PC gebaut mit dem Gehäuse 465x. Ich war gerade fertig und mit dem und wollte nur noch die Seitliche Glasscheibe einsetzen als sie grundlos einfach in meiner Hand explodierte. Ich hatte die Glasplatte fest in der Hand ich trage keine Ringe und wollte sie gerade ansetzen als sie einfach so und tausend Teile zersprang. Meine Frage ist wie ich jetzt damit umgehen soll. -Gibt es auf solche Teile eine Garantie? -Soll ich den Online Verkäufer informieren und dort einen Ersatz verlangen? -Wo bekomm ich eine ersatzt Scheibe ich konnte nirgendwo was finden. -Würde die Ersatz Scheibe vom 460x auch beim 465x passen. Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus, ich hoffe das mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Die zerbroche Scheibe macht mir sehr zu schaffen.
  13. Bonsoir On m'a offert un clavier Corsair K70 Mk2 Rgb pour Noël, et je dois dire que je l'aime beaucoup. Seulement, après 1 mois d'utilisation, un [et maintenant 2] des 4 angles en plastique sous une touche qui la maintienne en place sont partis comme le montre les photos ci-jointes. Cette touche est la touche "flèche avant" (^), et je dois dire que c'est très handicapant car je joue à un jeux de course où c'est la touche la plus utilisé, or elle ne tient plus en place. Je n'ai aucune idée de ce qui à causé ça ; mais j'ai remarqué que les 3 autres flèches commencent à se fissurer aussi, alors que les autres touches n'ont aucun problème. J'ai donc été sur le 'Customer Support' de Corsair, et j'ai maintenant plusieurs questions. Premièrement, le numéro marqué comme "Internationale toll free" est-il réellement gratuit ? (En France notemment ?) Ensuite, Lorseque j'ai voulu me connecter à mon compte Corsair pour accéder au chat en ligne (par exemple), le site m'a demandé tout un tas d'informations comme mon adresse assez précise ou mon numéro de téléphone... Est-ce que c'est vraiment nécessaire de donner autant d'information d'entrer de jeu ? Peut-on passer outre ? Je joins des photos de la touches, l'une à été prise il y a une semaine, l'autre à l'instant. Voilà, je vous remercie tous beaucoup de votre aide, j'en ai vraiment besoin car c'est très handicapant.
  14. Hey, sorry if this post is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. I was going to overclock a bit today, I haven't done it in a while since I've mainly played League of Legends. But now I wanted to try BF1, so I wanted to overclock a bit so that I could get 100% performance out of my GPU. (Was around 85%) However, I noticed my temps were already up towards 90 degrees Celsius on stock and started wondering if there was something wrong. I reset everything to stock in BIOS and went into CPU-Z and started stressing the CPU and sure enough it gets really hot. 90 degrees, on stock. With "Performance" in Corsair Link, so the radiator fans sound like a jet engine. Then I thought I should feel if the pipes/tubes were overheating but to my surprise both of them are very cold. Shouldn't at least one of them be transfering the heat from the cpu? I am confused and I want help as quickly as I can get it. Is it broken? It says in Link that the pump is running and everything. The temp on the H100i is the same in idle as it is under full load. I'm having idle temps of around 40-45 degrees on the CPU. It's a 3770k if that matters. Thanks a lot guys.
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