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  1. So this is applicable for every corsiar psu . Say RMx750 has single rail with two pci-e with pig tail for 4 connector. Is it safe to run 3080 draws 335 watts from single 8 pin pig tail or its always recommended to run another cable for this card. If mb is supplying 75 watts then both the pci-e supply only 250 watts
  2. As the subject says need link of 08/23/19 - Corsair SSD Toolbox v1.2.5.7
  3. still same no data on corsair toolbox but showing on crystalmark.
  4. was this new firmware released 4th oct'18. As far as i remember my LE200 480gig have last firmware as 60.xx can your confirm why it was downgraded to 21.2
  5. i finally replaced another cooler 280mm. Now the cooling is upto the mark. 30-33 idle and 60-65 cinebench. Earlier idle-45-56 and cinebench 75-91 I believe H100i is not meant for 8th gen or it is worning out . I can see some dark side lines either side.
  6. HI I recently got the force LE 480gb . It seems the read/write date is not populated. I know it takes time to generate atleast 1tb of data is needed for it to show. But its blank. even 0tb makes sense.
  7. i have same issue 50.15at times avg 43 coolant
  8. the 150i pro made of 6th gen asetek pumps. failure is unavoidable but rate is slightly less compared to last gen.
  9. try 150i pro and see if this can be avoided .
  10. I will check that and post back.
  11. was it normal or high ambient is 32 and coolant temp is 37 but cpu tem is avg 50+ its hardly 10-15 % usage. 4.3ghz all core. was it not suppose to be under 45 or even 40
  12. his setup has exaust fan in the bottom which pulls air from case and leaves it out. so it keeps hot air from gpu to exaust through the bottom
  13. ok i changed the tp and here is temps. Is this fine now @ 4.3ghz oc 1.216v
  14. thanks for the input. My gpu doesnt produce much waste heat. it idles 45 deg and never goes up on normal pc usage check the above video he is oc'in 8700k @ 5.1ghz not sure what his room temp or case temp as its open while video was taken. If this cooler can get the cpu on full load say aid64 under 82 then cant 150i pro can do or not. I am worried that you point may be true or the ML bearing cant reach the 2000+ rpm when at full load. Its quiet profile can make the cooler not upto the mark.
  15. [ame] [/ame] this is what i am expecting. corsair 15oi pro or fractile s36 . i belive corsair has more warranty than fractile 80 deg is all i need if it going on full load. max 85.
  16. true I agree. was the point here is radiator meant to cool the quad core vs hexa core is kind of overload. Even running the rad in push pull which helps 1-2 degree less but still idle and coolant temps is rather hot Also case i mentioned has the space enough for air circulation. I mean it has enough room for air to go. say 3 intake from front and 3 intake from side left and 2 from right out and 1 from rear out and 4 from top moving the hot air from rad and pc out . Not sure if any other options to give more air flow. My current ambient is 27 deg but the cpu is 53-66 wasnt this high . Also the peak is not prime95 it just gaming temps or normal encoding temps i am again back to zero if i need a cooler or not does 150i pro doesnt do enough cooling than 100i v2
  17. ok i have a new case may be my sig misleading. All i want is less idle and less peak temps. Surface area yes it matter's Also the cooling efficiency when cooler was designed for quad core but getting 6 core head will eventually degrade the cooling effeciency by 33 percentage more or less. Here are some snaps. can i improve with 360mm rad My case is TT core x71 tempered model. I have close to 13 fans including rad 3 intake 120mm x3 side R 3x 120mm side L 2x 120mm rear L 1x 140mm rad top 2x 120mm SPL120 2400 RPM Bottom 2x 120mm CM slick flow 2000RPM
  18. Many say coolant temp should be 30-33 not 40 or above . its wrong. At worst case even ambient 35-38 will coolant be also 40-47
  19. What's your ambient temperature? 28-33- What's your coolant temperature?38-44.5 What's your case internal temperature? (Assuming that the radiator is configured as exhaust).35-38 Despite your manual setting, what is the actual vCore being supplied to the processor? __________________ max 1.23-1.25
  20. So even for 4.3ghz will the h150 pro will help in reducing the heat or not . Currently i am having following config 8700k @ 4.3gzh all cores sync with 1.23v manual . Best case scenario with LL4 power handling . i am getting 38-47 idle and above 80-88 on load peak. But gaming is under 85 deg. Even though i had push pull config , But the push is lower rpm 2000 and pull is 2400 RPM original sp120. Will 360mm can disipate extra 5-8 deg or not . Say my current idle can it bring down to 35 and upward less than 80 degree on load. @ 4.3ghz. idle scenario the best cooler and chip combo should be 33 on idle and 66 on load.
  21. ok tell me this is this because we do all core sync. I have 100i v2 which also shoots high as 100 from 90-99. All i had is 4.7ghz and still it hits high. On 4.3ghz its still goes upto 94-96 but not 100. Will 150i pro will ease the heat. I dont want 5ghz , Not even 4.7ghz now. Just all cores 4.3 which itself faster than my older 2600 non k. So was 150i pro made for 6 core in mind or just 4core. I cant remember when it was released after 8th gen or at 7th gen. As corsair took a sweet time for 360mm rad. Not sure will they launch a 420mm aio .
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