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  1. the drive doesn't go in the bracket? on the outside only? I'll try when I get home thanks. I've built several PC's in the past, never had issues before.
  2. anyone else have this issue? The ssd mount is too narrow.
  3. the rest is too short and my wrist don't even touch the rest at all. i have extra large sized hands. is there a larger size that will fit onto the Strafe RGB?
  4. i'm using ICUE because of my Strafe RGB keyboard and Vengeance PRO RGB ram. I removed Corsair Link since you guys are saying it's not needed anymore. Between quiet and extreme pump speeds, is there a big difference in cooling performance? Will extreme pump speed wear the pump out quicker? It's a refurbished model with 1 year warranty.
  5. I just setup my H100i V2 with the latest ICUE software 3.9.93 I am able to set the fans using all 3 preset profiles: quiet, balanced, and extreme. The problem is that I can't get the pump to run on balanced mode. I can get the pump to quiet (1800 rpm) and extreme (2880 rpm) only. As I understand it, to set both fan and pump speed to the same profile I should be able to shift click both to set them at the same time. Is there not a balanced pump speed for the H100i V2? I see the profile but can't apply it to the pump right now. Also, should I uninstall Corsair Link? Full PC specs in my profile.
  6. any updates? i recently bought Vengeance Pro RGB Ram 8GB x 2 but would like to get 2 Dummy Modules for Moar RGB effect.
  7. Is there a way to upgrade the front panel or 5.25 inch bay in the 600T case to USB 3.1 Gen 2? My new Z390 motherboard uses that Asus front panel connector.
  8. I upgraded from an original H100 i got in 2011 for my Sandy Bridge 2500K cpu on a Maximus IV Extreme Z board. Fry's had a sale for $60 on Corsair factory refurbished H100i V2's so I picked one up last week. I'm having a few issues... The CPU backplate fits loosely even with the grey Intel standoffs for 1155 tightened all the way down. When I hand tighten the mounting screws on the waterblock all the way down by hand only, I get a CPU error and the PC won't boot! I then have to loosen the screws a lot in order to get it to POST and go into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS, the idle temp is 87 celcius! My PC then starts shutting down at 90 c before I can even get to windows. The pump header is plugged into the CPU fan header as instructed by the manual and online videos. The fans are spinning at full speed and plugged into the Y splitter included with the H100i V2. Either the block is not making proper contact with the IHS on the cpu or the pump is not running at full speed. I'm not sure. My motherboard doesn't allow CPU fan header voltage control. I'm not sure if i need to disable cpu fan monitoring or control to allow a full 12 volts to go to the pump. I also get CPU Fan ERROR when booting! It doesn't recognize the 3 pin pump header that's on the cpu fan header on the board. My old H100 ran on a Sata Power connector at 12 Volts so it always worked properly for the past 7 years. I decided to change coolers because i was hearing a lot of sloshing in the unit so I assumed the liquid was evaporating after all these years. I'm also planning to upgrade to Z390 and 9th gen Intel CPU's very soon. I hope this cooler will work fine with the new setup but for now it's on a Maximus IV Extreme Z and 2500K cpu.
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