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  1. I've narrowed it down to the charging cable that comes with the mouse. Installed Icue on an Intel NUC and plugged the mouse in. Icue came up with an error ! and the mouse worked for a spit second. Grabbed another USB cable to try, wouldn't quite fit right but it detected and the mouse worked. Proceeded to follow the steps for forcing the firmware. Once that was done the error went away, but as soon as I tried the OG cable from the Dare Core SE it errored again. Redid the FW once more and just tried the wireless mode on both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth and everything is working great. So new question, how do I go about getting a new cable for the Dark Core RGB SE? I can't find anything on the Corsair store for replacement parts.
  2. I've been having this issue for 2 weeks. I'm using a Corsair Dark Core RGB SE. Typically I leave it wired and don't use wireless on it. Now I've got my system setup where the Mouse is wired in to the Corsair M1000 mouse pad, to my monitors USB hub and then to my PC. I also have my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum plugged in to it as well and plugged in to my keyboard is my SXFI Theater using the USB pass through. For about 3 years I've had no issue with this setup, up until 2 weeks ago. As soon as I boot in to Windows the mouse would work for 2 seconds and then stop. Mouse is still on as all the RGB is working. Now if I unplug it and use it wirelessly it works, but when I restart or turn the computer on it take forever too boot. If I unplug the wireless from the PC then it boots fast again. The issue also occurs in the bios. The mouse will work for one second and then stop. Keyboard works fine though. And yes I have tried several other mice from other manufacturers that work fine. I've tried to hard reset the mouse but I don't think that is working or I've done it wrong. Also it is running the latest firmware. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Hey all, Just in the middle of a rebuild and trying to clean up the case. Looking at purchasing some Corsair Premium cables. But the Type 4 and Type 3 versions have me confused. On the side of the stock cables for the AX1500i it lists Type 3 so do I need to purchase type 3 or is it alright to purchase the Typ4 cables??? Type 3 https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Professional-Individually-sleeved-DC-Cable-Kit%2C-Type-3-%28Generation-2%29%2C-WHITE/p/CP-8920050 Type 4 https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Premium-Individually-Sleeved-PSU-Cables-Pro-Kit-Type-4-Gen-4/p/CP-8920224
  4. Sup all? I recently purchased a Corsair K95 Platinum, Dark Core RGB SE and an MM1000 mousepad and decided to move over too ICue. Basically since in no longer in the "Early Access" stage and it will control everything. Prior to this I was using Link. With Link I could change the settings manually for each device. I have 6x Corsair ML120 RGB's on my Corsair H150i Pro. I also have 4x Corsair ML140 RGB's in the system. I've got two Corsair Commander Pro's that basically control it all with of course the Lighting Hubs also plugged in. Like I said I could easily select the fan, adjust the speed and lighting done. I could even uninstall the Link software afterwards and the settings would remain. Not with ICue, which I find to be far inferior to Link in regards to Fan/Cooler support. Its fine for peripheral support. I don't want to run two separate pieces of software. So my question, is there a way to upload all my settings to the hardware and remove ICue after this is done? Even when I restart the system none of the fans turn on until the system enters Windows ( no RGB or correct fan speeds. They do spin at the lowest RPM from what I can tell ).
  5. Sup all, I am re-arranging my setup this weekend. My PC will be around 7' away from the Keyboard and Mouse. I currently use a K70 but I am using the re-arranging of my Home Theater room as an excuse to upgrade. Getting the following: K95 RGB Platinum Dark Core RGB SE QI Charging MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Is it possible to use the following: https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX31813 I would need one for the mouse pad and two for the K95. Is this supported and will charging still work or am I screwed?
  6. Quick Update. I've replaced the Corsair 900D with a Thermaltake View 71, I was able to mount the H150i in the front of the case with 6x ML120 RGB's on it in push pull. I can now also use the 4x ML140 RGB's. Current setup is as follows: Corsair H150i Pro + 6x ML120 RGB's Push/Pull = Intake 3x ML140 RGB's Top Mount = Exhaust 1x ML140 RGB Rear = Exhaust Corsair Link Profile = Balanced This is currently on a 5930K as the client has not decided if he wants the Ryzen+ available in April or the 8700K. Process is running at: 4.5GHz 1.3v LLC 8 SVID Disabled Idle Temp = 26c Load Temp Gaming = 38c Cinebench Temp = 50c That's amazing drop off by just swapping the radiator placement and case.
  7. You want to achieve positive pressure in the system. So top fans should be exhaust as well as the rear fan. Front and if possible bottom mounted fans would be intake. From what Corsair recommends top mounting the radiator as intake and yes this is strange and I probably understand why they recommend this. Fro my tests I've found the following: 1.) With 2x140mm mounted in the front of the 900D as intake, 6x120MM mounted at the top of the 900D as intake push/pull. 1x140MM mounted at the rear for exhaust. I see cooler temps, still find the cooling to be poor compared to other coolers and Corsairs older line. 2.) With 2x140mm mounted in the front of the 900D as intake, 6x120MM mounted at the top of the 900D as exhaust in push/pull. 1x140MM mounted at the rear for exhaust. I see higher temps which is way worse then Corsairs older line and competitors products. On my own personal system I run an EK Pheonix MLC with the same fans but front mounted instead of up top. I see about much lower temps on a delided 8700K. High 30s i gaming and mid 40s for cinebench.
  8. Unfortunately its the only way otherwise temps rise on the CPU. Again, design flaw, if the tubing was a little longer I could've front mounted the H150i but they are not long enough and the only mount location in the 900D is at the top of the case. Did a couple of tests and I am not at all please with the cooling performance either... This has been tested on a 5930K while I await on parts for the system. The current test was done at 4.4GHz, 1.3v, LLC8: CINEBENCH = 63c Max Gaming = 58c Max If I reverse the fans and use them as exhaust I get the following: CINEBENCH = 70c Max Gaming = 65c Max Before, the old H series that was in the system got the following: CINEBENCH = 58c Max Gaming = 51c Max In the same config it is now. The benefit of the newer cooler is of course the DBA of the fans, although I have it currently set to performance if I try balance temps go up by 10c to 12c. I also am using MX4 rather then the pre=applied TIM. I see a 155i being released shortly to address the design flaws in the cooler.
  9. I can confirm it comes with more then enough screws for push/pull. There performance isn't stellar though.
  10. What if I were to use the USB connection rather then the LED input on the CoPro? Would it then connect the fans and sync them all together? The issue right now is the Fans on one RGB HUB are connectect, and then there is a seperate entry for another 3 fans on the other RGB HUB. I can't sync all fans in the system at once, I can only sync the 6 and then the 3.
  11. My biggest issue was the fact that I purchased this based on the info that the H150i could be front mounted in 900D which it can't. I bought more fans because of what I had initially planned to do: 3x ML140 RGB ( Top Of The Chassis Exhaust ) 6x ML120 RGB ( Front Mount Push/Pull ) 1x ML140 RGB ( Rear Exhaust ) Now I've got: 2x ML140 RGB ( Front Intake ) 6x ML120 RGB ( Top Mount Intake ) 1x ML140 RGB ( Rear Exhaust ) 1x ML140 RGB Useless Can't take the extra fan back as I bought packs. Then the software is just trash when it comes to the actual support. At first I thought I had got a dud so I swapped the RGB Fan Hub's from another pack as only 3 out of the 6 fans would light up. Of course they are all pllugged in to the same RGB Fan Hub which is plugged into the CoPro. This is how I have everything set up: 6x ML120 RGB ( CoPro 1 + RGB Fan Hub 1) Corsair H150i Pro ( CoPro 1 ) Corsair RGB Fan Hub1 ( CoPro 1 through LED 1 ) 3x ML140 RGB ( CoPro 2 + RGB Fan Hub 2 ) Corsair RGB Fan Hub2 ( CoPro 2 through LED 1 ) So for whatever reason, the 3xML140's and 3 out of the 6 ML120's wouldn't light. What I had to do to get them too work was click on the LED indicator in the software, change it to ML Fans and then manually add the 6 fans on CoPro1+RGB Fan Hub1 and do the same for the LED for the ML140's. I also find the software to be very very convuluted in terms of layout. I'll post back later.
  12. Alright, spent a good 5 hours yesterday tearing down the PC and building it back up. And I have to say it has probably been one of the worst builds I've ever done. Issue 1.) The plan was to front mount the H150i Pro in to the front of the Corsair 900D, all the research I've done and even contacting Corsair about the support showed that it wasn't a problem. Wrong, you can not front mount the Corsair H150i in to the front of the 900D, the tubing just isn't long enough. I find it very very unsettling that Corsair would release this product with the same restrictions as the older products have when it comes to its Flagship Chassis. Issue 2.) The Commander Pro is not all its cracked up too be. Thinking and discussing it here I thought the CoPro would be all I would need I went ahead with the build, knowing now that you actually need the lighting node + CoPro to control the fan RGB lighting sucks. This is in turn creates a huge huge issue with cabling. For starters to do the setup I've done requires 2 CoPro's 2 Lighting Node Pro's 5 SATA power connectors Otherwise you can not controll the fans speed + lighting. The idea of the CoPro is awesome, the functionality of it is poor. I would have liked to see the lighting supported on the CoPro without the need of another device. Issue 3.) Cable length is a massive issue. Especially in a case like the Corsair 900D. I really had to think out the placement of the CoPro's+Light Node's so that the cables could reach. Even then I am still going to need power extension cables for the 140MM fans as its just not going to happen. The bigger problem is the Lighting cables for each fan are proprietary for Corsair and I can not get extension cables for those.... I need to completely re-think the placement. Will post back more in a bit.
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