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  3. This is correct. On the PSU side, the ports are keyed so you can't accidentally plug something into the wrong place. Likewise, the other end is keyed for the component it's attached to. The 4+4 is for your motherboards supplemental power and, as you've correctly divined, connects to the additional 4 pin header next to the already-connected 8 pin. It's not required for normal operation, and attaching it won't cause any issues.
  4. Thanks, guys. I'll have a mess around before the build continues!
  5. Having received the Node Pro (with an RGB hub), and looking at the interconnect cable, this is what I figured was the best choice if going with supplemental power. So two 1m strips with 60 on each (total 120), with one strip on each of the Node Pro channels, works ok? I would have expected them to draw in excess of 6A at that point. I think I'll mock one strip up and see what its pulling from the Node Pro by itself - I know there are different versions of the same WS2812B with quite different ratings.
  6. If you have one set of fans, you will want to put them as shown in the picture - fitted to the case and pushing air through the radiator.
  7. I'm in the final stages of putting my new build together, and I'm looking to make two 1m/60 LED strips with WS2812B LEDs. I'm comfortable hooking one up to a Corsair Node Pro, as the rated output is 4.5A, but I'm going to need two separate strips. So I'm looking for a bit of advice - can I simply provide supplemental power to each strip directly (using a SATA/Molex to the +5V and GND) and connect the +5V, D, GND to the relevant Node Pro channel? Would it be better, to avoid damage to the Node Pro, to power the strips solely from a SATA connection and leave the +5V from each Node Pro channel disconnected (and in this case, should I connect just the data wire or both data and ground)? I'm going to be receiving the Node Pro today, and will likely play around with it a bit before doing the build at the weekend (getting my second vaccination on Sunday, so that might put a crimp in my plans!).
  8. I just did that yesterday, Andyvee, along with cleaning my loop. USB3 and front panel audio working wonderfully, and without any interference like the original panel. Thumbs up. On a related note, still really want a windowed side for my 700D! Can you chaps see your way to sorting me out? :)
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