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  1. but are the AXi series out of production? Will we see new stocks of AX860i and AX1200i in the future?
  2. Hi all, I would like to buy an AX860i or an HX1000i PSU but on the Corsair site it seems that they vanished. There is no digitally controlled PSU apart the AX1600i. Do they stopped doing PSUs? https://www.corsair.com/it/it/Categorie/Prodotti/Alimentatori/c/Cor_Products_PowerSupply_Units?q=%3Afeatured%3ApsuLinkSupport%3AYes&text=#rotatingText
  3. Hi all, is my AX860i good for newer motherboards that needs two 8 pins cables? As far as I remember my AX860i has only one 8pin cable for the CPU, am I wrong? Can I use the GPU cables for the motherboard as well?
  4. Commander Pro is rather expensive and is it unpowered? 😞 too many items needed, too many cables, I think that I changed my mind on buying all those things... thanks anyway 🙂
  5. As title. Why most Corsair's cases have all tinted panels? Is there some user who like it? I see everywhere that everyone complaints about tinted panels that doesn't let you look into the case, so why corsair continue to make tinted panels?
  6. thank you for the help my friend I really appreciate it. last question. Isn't a Commander PRO and option to rule them all without the needs of a USB Internal Hub?
  7. The only things I have currently is the Corsair AX860i PSU. I have to buy everything so what's my options based on the parts I have written I want to buy?
  8. As title. I like the Corsair QL120 fans more... Is it ok to swap the Corsair H150 Elite Cappelix AIO fans with Corsair QL120 fans? Will I loose a lot in terms of cooling performance? Thank you
  9. Hi all, I have a Corsair AX860i PSU that want a USB port. My motherboard has 2 USB headers. I want to add those products: 1x Corsair H150i AIO 6x Corsair QL120 RGB FANs 4x Corsair addressable LED strips. How can I connect all those components to my motherboards? What is the smartest way to do it? Should I buy a Corsair Commander PRO? If yes, is a corsair commander pro enough to manage all those things?
  10. Don't know what happened to Corsair support but it is Really worsened over time. I asked an express RMA by paying for the new part before sending the old one and they answered to me without even considering my request. I asked for a prepaid label, in Italy shipping costs more than the aio and since this is the third time I don't want to pay again. I have no reply since the 13th of January. What's the hell is happening to Corsair? Is this the premium support they have? What a terrible experience.
  11. I corrected the post, you are the best in terms of service, I need to admit it and I will continue to buy your product for it, because you deserve it. Hope that you will honor your warrenty again since it is really a "discomfort" to have all those downtime. Opened a ticket for RMA and waiting for the reply.
  12. As title. My H80i GT die every year and half or two. Pump simply broke and the AIO stops working ok, the rad is cold and the CPU is burning. I changed three of it in 4 years. Pretty sad to see it.
  13. are you answering me? if I have a 4x16GB on a quad channel motherboard, will memory controller see 4 DIMM or if I use the lighting enhancement kit it will see 8 DIMM ?
  14. I like this kit, do the memory controller see this kit a 0mb kit or it does not see it at all? I like to put less strain on memory controller with less dimm
  15. As title. I want to buy a 8x8GB kit for the new threadripper 3960X... where are the kits for those processors? I want an 8x8GB kit 3600MHz CAS16 or CAS18... is there anything similar from corsair?
  16. Thanks for the reply. I'm just trying to understand what is the best kit for my next threadripper 3000 build.
  17. sblantipodi

    DDR5, when?

    is there some expectations on when DDR5 will hit the market on desktops?
  18. Isn't it the case to explain the differences between Vengeance pro and dominator Platinum once and for all on your official site? Why I should pay more for Dominator? Even now that I can easily find 8x8GB 3600c16 on vengeance pro and the fastest dominator is 3600c18?
  19. The fact that you need "non Corsair adapters" to use non Corsair products says it all. All those Christmas effect that sincerely I really dislike needs to know how many led is connected to the devices, if you connect a third party device, can you specify how many led the device have in ique? Even if yes, I repeat, I can't uninstall the motherboard software, so really no need for another software from Corsair that adds Christmas effect and drain my wallet. I'm not buying Corsair products anymore just for this. No Corsair fans where I prefer them, no custom loop because of this RGB ecosystem. Hope that things will change in the future, that every manufacturer will use the common ws2812b and that this "non standard way of doing simple things" will stop.
  20. I don't mean you, I mean corsair, sorry for my unpolite way :) in any case, I don't like the corsair ecosystem, I don't need all the christmas effect and I like the cheaper easyer way. it's only my hopinion but I think that many people will abandon corsair for this. it would be cool to know how many people prefer to spend more and be "less compatible with other products" for the added corsair's features and how many people agree with me.
  21. very few people prefer christmas tree over simplicity. motherboard way is easyer, cheaper, and widely supported by many manufacturer. this are only my two cents, hope that you will stop with this nonsense or at least that you will offer the possibility to choose between your small ecosystem and the big one.
  22. guys, corsair's way it's too complicated. you can't avoid using the "motherboard" software since all the motherboards now have RGB and it is not reasonable to have all corsair's products inside a case. corsair ique is the reason why I abandon corsair, I want a product that can be driven via the motherboard software and not having dozens of software to drive some rgb. hope that you will stop with this madness and start supporting the motherboard's software like all the others.
  23. what is the adapter you are talking about? can't find it on your signature.
  24. The problem isn't in the aura that breaks things is the problems is that Corsair wrote his own software without doing like everyone else. Support motherboard standards. This is the reason why I will not buy a Corsair product anymore. I want RGB but surely I don't want to be forced to use Corsair's only products
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