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  1. I think the rules should be amended to make it clear because I read Rule #9 a bit differently. The poster does not want to discuss a competitors product, he wants advice on where to mount a Corsair product in a specific case in which he needs to disclose the make and model of the case in order to obtain an accurate answer. In this perticular situation it's mounting a liquid cooling system into a specific case that the poster has. Wired: I believe it was you that stated that if we don't speak up, the rules will not be changed. I mean lets get real, are you, or really Corsair since it's thier forum, going to deny this poster of some help locating a reasonable spot to mount the item he purchased from Corsair? Is this sending a message that a person can only ask for help on a cooling system product so long as it's only in a Corsair case? It's this type of situation that the rules should be modified. This is my vote if you have any influence on the rules. -Joe
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