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  1. Yeah, my 600T SE makes those thermal noises too. I took off my top fan 9 years ago when I put my first system for this case in and ended up going about 7 years until I updated the mobo/CPU and used that unused top fan for the front fan replacement. But now after few years I'm hearing some noises from it, plus it just feels time to update the look with something more modern and doesn't use 200mm fans. (just mainly gunshy from the 200mm replacement issues on this and it's still not as common).
  2. Corsair and/or AMD need to fix this. I read all this stuff on things causing high voltages, but it's only iCue on my system. Just monitoring the system isn't an issue, I've got Aida 64 running full-time, and the voltages are fine. So now I get to have a gimped motherboard at the moment, unlike a few days ago when I had an Intel system. Having the voltage run constantly at 1.4v isn't something I'll just settle with.
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