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  1. The cynic in me says that this feature will only ever be present on the new LS100 until they release newer RAM, KB&Ms, Fans and the like that connect to a new, proprietary, hub. Making the LNP, CP and all of our current hardware obsolete. I don't know about any of you but I think it's stupid that iCue will have screen grabbing capabilities but not sync it up with any other hardware. For the record; it isn't a question of IF our current setups can do it (because they can). It's a question of why do I need extra software when iCue should handle it. My current setup (pre-black friday) [ame] [/ame] And before anyone asks; NO I'm not using "iHue". It's vaporware as far as I know
  2. That would be easy enough. Tell iCue that your PC is on the left or right and have it display the average color nearest that side of your monitor. You don't need to tell it the placement of all of your lights, just treat your PC as one single light source. Same goes for your keyboard and mouse. Tell it that both of these are to display the average color of the bottom of your screen. Something like this; [ame] [/ame] Does that application only apply coloring to the wallpaper or everything on screen? If it's only the wallpaper then I fail to see how your suggestion is of any help as it's not what we have been requesting for years now. [ame] [/ame] That's from 2015, by the way.
  3. Since as far back as I can remember, we have been asking for a way to use our Corsair RGB equipment as a source of ambient lighting that syncs with what's on screen. It would seem that now with the introduction of the LS100, that we might actually get this feature. I say "might" because I'm wondering if the only Corsair product that will support this feature is the LS100 unit or if it will extent to all current / past RGB products. The preview video on your site highly suggests that only the LS100 syncs with our on screen display. https://cwsmgmt.corsair.com/pdp/ls100/videos/LS_Movie.mp4 I for one sincerely hope that this feature is supported across all of your products and aren't nickel and dimed into buying new RAM, Fans, AIOs, Keyboards, Mice and so on (read; PRO ++) just so we can have this feature on something else besides a light strip.
  4. The hell is an AMD B360? I think you must have meant B350 as I believe B360 is an intel "thing". If you meant B450 then I would like to chime in and disagree. I have a STRIX B450-I and this does not work. The board simply fails to show up as a device. Odd considering at the top of the first post you say; I wonder which B450 boards this does work on... Hrm.
  5. Put me down for thinking ambient lighting was a more common request. That or allowing us to change the order (and direction) in which attached devices light up. :-( Still. Progress is progress and I am glad the year is closing out on a positive note.
  6. That is false. I have now owned two kits of Vengeance PRO RAM. Both arrived with the default Rainbow Wave animation. When I attempted to change that to -anything- else, the lights would turn on random colors and the iCue software (as well as CPUZ) no longer detect the memory modules. After MUCH research, I found out that this issue is very common with Vengeance PRO and Trident Z sticks of memory. Something about Ryzen causes the SPD to get corrupted. The only solution, as of late, is to use Taiphoon Burner and re-flash the SPD back onto the RAM. Problem is, that software costs $16. The RAM was expensive as it was and I am not paying any more to "fix" this. [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  7. Does this mean that iCue will no longer corrupt the SPD on the Vengeance RGB PRO modules? If so what can we do if the previous iCue rendered the lighting on said RAM inoperable?
  8. I reinstalled with the PRO sticks in place. Before that I made sure they were set back to the default JEDEC spec. Since then I have tried to enable XMP and restarted services and sometimes one stick shows up, sometimes none. When the one stick does show up I can't really change it's color. What it looks like it is doing is trying to display my selected color, but quickly strobes between it and the rainbow wave. If I select black as the "instant lighting" then it goes back to a solid rainbow wave. What's odd is that I could have sworn it was working when I got my first pair of PRO sticks. I *think* it stopped once I updated to the latest iCue but I could very much be wrong on that one.
  9. Just finished installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 and the latest iCue. RAM sticks are not showing up but they are lighting in the default rainbow wave.
  10. Thank you guys. I will give it a go with uninstalling the software and installing it again. If that does not work, I will give reformatting a shot. The SPD being wiped sounds an awful lot like what happened to my first pair of PRO memory. :[pouts:
  11. 2 weeks ago I purchased a kit of 16GB 3600MHz Vengeance RGB Pro RAM for use on my Ryzen system (ASRock B350 itx). Previously I had some Vengeance RGB non-pro sticks in that I was able to control the lights of within iCue just fine. When I got the pro I noticed something strange. At first I was able to control the lights just fine but then, without making any changes, they would disappear from iCue. To further my confusion, CPUZ would fail to display anything on the SPD tab. Thinking that the sticks arrived faulty, I requested an RMA from Newegg and reinstalled the two non-pro sticks. Once again iCue was able to see them just fine as did CPUZ. Not convinced I installed the pro sticks again only this time one stick was stuck on rainbow wave and the other had one single LED on and stuck in the blue color. I removed them and installed the non-pro. Once again iCue displayed no problems and even allowed me to change colors. Today I received my replacement kit from Newegg. I installed them and was happy to see that they both light up. CPUZ displays the SPD information correctly. iCue, however, sometimes shows I have to sticks installed, sometimes only one and sometimes it does not show any. Whatever it displays, however, I can not change the lights from the out-of-box rainbow wave. Oh and, while I am aware that 3600 is unsupported, I do have them running at the stock 1066MHz settings. I even updated the BIOS that was released today with no avail. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I just saw the latest "PRO" RAM video. Man I hate it when I end up being right on such things. The PRO sticks seem to be syncing with the game while the "older" ones still do not. [ame] [/ame] Planned obsolescence is really disappointing. :(
  13. You have to tie it to an application? That is a bit of a hassle since some of my media comes from the Netflix app, Hulu app or from my web browser. What I am proposing would be that the dimmer switch on the keyboard itself also dims the rest of the lights.
  14. [ame] [/ame] "..with a push of a button, start a movie and disable all of the LEDs simultaneously..." I am not sure I am seeing this feature within ICUE. Is this feature some how tied to launching an application? It looked like James hit the "Alt" key on the demo to perform that action. What I would personally love is if I could remap the light dimmer button on my keyboard and have it be the button that turns all the lights off. Heck, it would even be extra sweet if instead of an on/off toggle, it could also dim all the lights like it does on the keyboard. [edit] I tried to replicate the video by making a new Launch Application action. Sadly, under "Start Lighting", only "None" was available no matter how many Lighting Effects I had saved in or out of the Library.
  15. I hope that they do but my gut tells me they will, just not with the memory sticks that are available today. Corsair has a nasty habit of making kick-*** products that as soon as I get my hands on it, instantly become obsolete because something newer was released. The only product that I own that is still rocking hard over here is my 250D. That is, of course, unless they plan on getting around to releasing the ULTRA CHILL version. Why is that not a thing? WHY? WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME?!
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