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  1. I had an aluminum case before, metal was thicker to keep the same strength as steel, it was still heavy even with aluminum instead of the heavier steel. If you really want a super-high end (IE. outrageous) case, Mountain mods seems to have a place in that market. I for one like my 900D case, but considered them as well as an option for mega-customizable cases.
  2. Now that I think about it some more, and get a better look at the pictures of the 900D, the bracket might have been included in the box, just not installed, and it could have gotten lost/tossed with the box.
  3. I noticed in a lot of pictures of the 900D there are fans mounted at the lower left side of the case (just under the window). However on the case I have there is no mounting bracket on the left side, though there are places on the right side. Is the left side mounting bracket for fans/radiators only sold separately, or was something left off of my case by mistake. I'm planning on adding some AIO cooling to my GPUs, and need mounting points for them down there, (the top is taken for the most part by the CPU radiator) I also noticed that you can order a replacement part, but was thinking that if it was supposed to be included to begin with, it might be covered under warranty. (kind of hate to spend money on something that was supposed to be there in the first place, if it's not needed)
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