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  1. Any news? The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.
  2. Maybe the majority never knew any better? I'm thinking, when black switches appeared, everyone started buying such keyboards and kind of got used to the linearity. I tried, and within five minutes the keyboard went back into its box... I'm on this borderline failing, filthy bigass (it's so long I can't really game on it properly with my hands spread apart, grr) Chicony keyboard from ages ago, and I just could never find any viable replacement :( And the regular height "mechanics" are just way too tall for me :(
  3. I was SO excited when I finally saw the first low profile mechanical keyboard - only to realize it's only being offered with either red or speed (I think) switches. Does anyone from the Corsair staff know whether there will be something for people like me who absolutely hate linear switches? Low profile that is - standard height mechanical keyboards simply make my hands hurt after prolonged use :(
  4. I have bought the K70 Lux RGB meanwhile, only to realize the physical layout is different between american and czech (and I presume other european languages) types, which makes it completely useless. Who the hell games on a keyboard with miniature left shift with a useless extra key next to it? Well, that's it for Corsair. The search goes on.
  5. Is there any comparison chart for keyboards? There are several models and I can't quite tell the differences.
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