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  1. And as a Corsair employee this is an acceptable answer for someone with these boards? At the very least there should be a warning on the product page that this is not working on certain chip sets. But there isn't. And you guys continue to sell it knowing there is an issue. Be glad I didn't buy it because then we would be going back through marketing, advertising and general fraud laws in regards to what companies can do. Triggered by this statement: Absolutely because this has been going on for a while and people continue to buy an item that clearly has issues with certain hardware. And most people just see multiple PCIe slots and assume they are all the same. So they are going to be plugging into the one that "works" and wonder why their new [insert GPU model here] is preforming like horse puckey.
  2. Ahhhh, yeah that is kinda messed up. If you are down for this we can try to work through the problems to see if the problem can be tracked down and get it back up and running for you properly. Would need a few bits of information though: What keyboard? OS Version? ICurse version that last worked and the one that you have been having issues with? System specs? Again, only if you would like to try to see if it can be straightened out. On the other hand, I wouldn't fault you for saying no and going with say a Logitech G910 (just the first that came to mind, even if I consider Logitechs support to be near the top of the list marked "Worst case scenario").
  3. No it will not. As long as the LiquidMetal doesn't touch aluminium you're good. LM and Al react with each other and it does bad things to the Al. Nickle and Copper are safe. On the subject of a direct die mount, make sure you get the standoff they make for this purpose and be very careful. Easy to crack the chip doing this. Can't argue with the results though because a DD mounting just doesn't GAF about loads typically. Very good temps but definitely risky.
  4. The 5.xx indicates they are Hynix chips on those, now to the next part of this. 1) Quite possibly, the one thing you can try if you do use them is to keep them in similar channels so 5.21 in A and the 5.29 in the B channels. But as for issues, maybe. And generally not recommended. 2) As for the chips being the same in the two, depends what your definition of the same is. Manufacture, yes. Beyond that, likely not. Just be aware that you should expect to see issues so you aren't surprised if they creep up.
  5. So question here, just how old is the keyboard and was it in warranty when you contacted them regarding this? Also are you in the states? As for doing this to sell new versions, I am going to say that's a negative there. Heck if you knew how much I hated crApple you would see that Corsair pales to them in that department and with my recent history on here should speak to the fact I do not like what I have seen with them lately. Back to first questions, if you are in the states (not sure how this works elsewhere), and if the keyboard was in warranty WHEN you contacted them regarding this, so long as it is the same issue they cannot deny a warranty request as the "problem" was brought to their attention before the warranty ran out. I use quotes here because it isn't the keyboard that's the issue. Its the software, and its been the software all along with this stuff. Not saying the hardware doesn't have issues at times though. But no, not acceptable especially if that's the optics people are starting to get because of all the problems of late.
  6. What trouble shooting steps have you tried so far? Would rather not walk you through stuff you already took the time to do. :) OK, so I am assuming the update was the one of which you refer. And I pose the same question to you. Again rather not suggest something you already tried. I know how irritating that can be. That said, I will suggest this, if you have a laptop you can try to hook the USB cable into without removing the cooler from the case, using a standard micro-usb (can't remember the exact connection) and just plug it into a USB on that, install ICurse and see if that detects it. I feel comfortable in assuming that it is still working otherwise your post here might have been very different.
  7. It would be better to ask this in the cooling sub. Currently Corsair is hard at work porting Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom to a large wall of LED light strips. --TRANSLATION-- They are currently swamped due to a new ticketing system and problems with it that they totally brought on themselves, so it is more likely someone there will have the answer for you. I would have been happy to tell you if I knew but I am sure someone there does and it will be a lot faster. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  8. your energy bill wont be impacted any more (noticeably anyway if you account for the efficiency) than if you got a 650w. It will only use what power it needs. A way to look at it is this, if you have a 650w PSU and you only need 500 it will only supply 500. If you get say a 1200w PSU it will only use 500.
  9. Nooooooope. Those numbers are as the card is stock (for said manufacturer). I get how this can be misleading but for your own peace of mind you would be better off with a slightly bigger PSU if you plan to OC the card. So if the card is OCd from the factory then yes, that number should be correct but if you plan to take it further then go bigger. :) Can't speak on the 2070 for sure but I can tell you this, the 2080Ti OCs like a mother.
  10. Sure doesn't. It connects to the system via USB, the SATA is only to power it.
  11. Forgot to mention this was done remotely on a system in Croatia :) And with a lot of exacting details to only change certain settings. Normally I wouldn't go this far in something, but decided to see what was going on. And I also know when to agree with someone and in this last post, DB, I do agree with you but at the same time was going for help that didn't border on a total rebuild more or less for the guy. And while the setup may have not been ideal, it got him where he would like to be. Don't think anyone would complain too hard about 66-69C on the CPU package temps. Though I did have to explain a few things about temp sensors and certain readings. After (and I know 10-15 minutes is marginal) the temps basically stabilized where I mentioned versus the massive levels of throttling he was seeing. Still doesn't explain why the VCore was going to 1.38+ on auto which is what was part of the issue. The other being all the fans being exhaust. Plus I am rather impressed that a H100i Plat is coping with the 9900K as I really wouldn't go under a H115i myself. Even if it is locked at 4.7G. Thinking for my next magic trick I'll make peace in the middle east...or at least the next best thing. :P Forgot to mention that he will be testing this tomorrow more thoroughly in a gaming session on PUBG, so if there are issues I'm sure I will hear about it :P
  12. Truth be told I was stunned when I saw the VCore raise to 1.38 and 32x on the CPU. Haven't seen something like that happen in a long time with stock settings on the board. I mean that's closing in on levels of OCing that even I wont touch. Told him to send a note into ASUS about that as I can't think of any reason it would be doing that besides a bug.
  13. Lighting that jumps around if you have it set for rainbow wave or something instead of transitioning nicely, fans ramping up, or not, for no reason....weird things :P
  14. Yep its just telling you it's got comms. As for the other part, that's a hard question to answer. I guess the best answer is leave it as it is and if you start having weird things happen on the cooler front then switch it around.
  15. Sure is, the AOI sometimes gets a bit flaky going to the CoPro, this way you avoid that.
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