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  1. Thank you for that, it does appear to work fairly well, though the point still stands that users shouldn't have to modify their registry to fix software bugs. Also, the invisible Powershell/Command prompt bug still exists just the same.
  2. Hate to break it to you, but you're in for a long wait with the rest of us. They've at least verified it exists, but there appears to be no action in fixing it.
  3. Yeah, it's been present in CUE 3.5 and 3.6 We're past the one year report of this bug, I've lost all faith it will ever get addressed by Corsair.
  4. A slightly better workaround for anybody else with this issue, is to create a single batch file with the contents of and then assign the launch command as Then you only need to create one batch file. Unfortunately, you can't use environment variables such as %userprofile% for your path when doing this.
  5. Same issues with 2.24.35. CUE quality control issues are really starting to get out of hand. Each new release seems to bring very major bugs, and older existing bugs are completely ignored. This is getting really frustrating.
  6. Bump - Still an issue in 2.24.35. Corsairs ignoring of bugs is really starting to become a problem to me.
  7. Bump - Still an issue in 2.24.35. Corsairs ignoring of bugs is really starting to become a problem to me.
  8. This (2.23.40) appears to resolve the crashing introduced by 2.22.83 for me.
  9. 2.22.83 - 100% crash rate, same "QML ListView: Binding loop detected for property "model"" error as everyone else. Never crashed at startup with prior versions. Deleting Roaming data allows the program to work, but blows away all profiles, not an option. Reverting to 2.21.67, no crashing there.
  10. Bump - bug is still present in 2.21.67
  11. @hastegag - cmd.exe has the same hidden problems that powershell does, so launching powershell from cmd is a no-go. The batch start workaround does appear to work, but Corsair needs to fix this at the software level, users shouldn't need to make a custom batch file for every application they would wish to launch. The core issue still persist through CUE version 2.21.67
  12. No, it doesn't even work for me when I use the full path. It still launches a non-visible process. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned that, but now see I had not.
  13. CUE 2.20.72 (for sure was an issue on 2.19 as well). I believe it worked on 2.16, but unsure on versions between. Bug: When having the run command of "powershell" it will open the process in task manager, but it will not be visible (no taskbar entry) for the active user. I tried modified to the full path and the same issue still exits. This used to work fine in older versions. Does the same with cmd as well. It launches as the current user, but is not visible in any way.
  14. This still has not been properly addressed through Cue 2.20.72, the issue remains open.
  15. It's not a 32bit vs 64bit issue, it happens on applications that only have a single executable, and it doesn't matter which. It's an issue of how the launch function is executed. The bug is still present in 2.18.81
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