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  1. Just download Lighting Control file, extract it, and install AuraServicesetup and AacMBsetup manually. And it should allow iCue4 to work with the Motherboard. AacTerminalHal might also be needed but I am pretty sure the first two is all you need.
  2. When you are on the lock screen iCue does not run or is suspended. There for it puts all corsair rgb devices into hardware lighting mode (non software control mode). You will have to customize the hardware lighting in iCue for those devices under the lighting effects list.
  3. Because it is just a hub and has no Processing chips in it to identify itself to the pc/iCue. This is why the Hub is plugged into a commander pro or lighint node pro.
  4. I can confirm it is the iCue.exe program itself causing the voltage to stay high and not its monitoring software "Corsair.Service.exe". I tested this by closing Corsair.Service.exe and Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe making sure they don't start up again and leaving iCue running. As soon as i shutdown iCue. Voltage will drop down. If i start iCue, voltage peaks at 1.4-1.48 and stays there untill i turn of iCue again. I know iCue isn't the only cause for this because Displayfusion keeps the voltage peaked also, And that is just a Display manager. Tho it does have to monitor the system for window and other processes for its triggering. But still, only having one of them run at a time peaks voltage and it does not go down until you close them. So I guess it is just a waiting game to see how it gets fixed. IMO Corsair still needs to do something to lower iCues process requirement. Also It didn't matter if i was on window balanced or ryzen balanced, high performance power profile. Voltage would still drop down to 0.9 on all 3 when iCue was closed. Maybe they could add a stop monitoring box by the hardware that needs. HWinfo seems to be on the ball when it comes to that.
  5. Any chance you guys could add a feature so we can use a Image of different cases? Not that I don't like corsair cases, but there is no Option for Open style cases in Generic. I have a Thermaltake Core P3 that I would like to see how the Hydro X series would look like on it. Thanks.
  6. This might help. [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4f11H35HRA]H100i Pro - Corsair Link Fix[/ame] I use iCue so I do not know if this will fix your issue with Corsair Link.
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