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  1. Hi, It's great that finally replacement memory was sent, I was really happy until I opened the package. So, I made an RMA for CMSX8GX3M2A1866C10 and you sent me CMSX8GX4M2A2400C16. What I sent is DDR3 and what I received is DDR4. So, what should I do now ? I left a message on my ticket, but it doesn't trigger answers really fast.
  2. Hi, I created a ticket on support.corsair.com and after a few messages and tests, I've been told the RMA was approved. But then, NOTHING happened. I didn't get any mail with instructions, and no, it didn't end in my spam folder. I updated the ticket saying I didn't get the instructions and no one answered it. So, it's supposed to be approved since the 21th and we're the 27th, maybe your new ticket system failed this ticket, and ok, it happens with any software, but I want to send back the memory. The stuck ticket number is 621505. Should I create a new ticket ?
  3. I'm under windows 7 and having the same issue. -Corsair void USB -Firmware is 0.12 (and I tried to update it) -Software says 1.15.36 (had 1.14.xx with same results, updated today to this) I'm using teamspeak 3 and pushed the mic volume to max, tried with or without the automatic voice gain control in teamspeak. And with or without the AGC checked in the device. But the mic feedback is really low too, so I don't expect it to be louder elsewhere. I can't really hear me in the feedback unless I try to make noises in the mic.
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