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  1. Well, it seems that everything is repairable and serviceable with enough patience.. I went to my local hardware store which has a good selection. In germany it's called "hornbach". I found an almost identical screw. with 95% same size. It's just a bit sharper and the head is like 0,1 mm bigger, but thats easy to fix with the right tools such as a file. It seems to have a better quality and it fits bigger screwdrivers for future services 😄
  2. So it seems that this was my last AIO I bought from corsair. I got a reply from support, telling me that their AIO Systems are "Maintenance-Free" and doesn't require service.. But sending me 2 links about how to shake your AIO cooler in different directions and how to mount it correctly. Very unfortunate.. I just wanted these screws...
  3. Well... Today the new liquid arrived so I wanted to start to dismantle the pump and then I realised that these screws are the most cheapest Corsair could use. None of my small screwdriver fitted so well that I could screw them out without damaging the heads. So this means I wont be able to put everything back together 😞 I wrote the support a couple of minutes ago. I hope I can get replacement screws somewhere. Would be a shame if it would get unusable because of missing screws for the copper plate :/
  4. Depends. Not always there is gunk stuff inside. I life the no waste policy. As soon as Corsair would take the old one they would throw it on the garbage. Everything is serviceable. It would be my first time, but its not impossible. 🙂 Thats why they all got screws on their heatplates.
  5. Thanks m8... After a little bit of try and error, I came to the conclusion that there must be air bubbles inside the pump. I heard quietly water bubling. seems like I have to service it. I dont know if I had a 5yr warranty, but I dont think so. This AIO Cooler was builtin since maybe 2016 or 17 and have not been unmounted until yesterday. maybe because of my cleanup the air went up to the pump and caused this. I gonna open this up and try to pump the air out.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently cleaned up my PC from all dust, rebuild it professinally with better cable management etc. Now after all my PC boots up, but it doesnt take long after logging in to windows that it's slower than before. Wen I open up Corsair Link only, I see that the CPU Package reaches 75°. As soon as I open up the browser the CPU jumps to 80°+ until it reaches 90° and shuts itself down. I checked the thermal paste multiple times. It's thin layered and has contact with the pump. Fans are spinning and the pump is vibrating slightly in my hand. The upper pipe that leads to the fans is warm and the pipe below is cold. Seems ok for me.. I checked the screws and the backplate multiple times. It's really tight screwed. No chance that it has no contact. I have even made extra pressure on the pump to the CPU by pressing it down with my hand while its running. It wont cool down. Only for once I managed to get it to 50°, but only for a short time. Any idea what could be wrong? I can set pump and fans to 100% and it wont cool it down... so frustrating..
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