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  1. A part une grande critique d'iCue, tu poses pas vraiment de questions. Avec quoi tu as besoin d'aide vraiment ? Et oui, le comportement de lighting link est normal. Son but, c'est de se mettre sur tous les appareils en même temps pour tout syncroniser. Rien d'illogique.
  2. Hey, I had the exact same issue before. I upgraded Armoury Crate to the latest version, and upgraded the GPU SDK from Armoury Crate. After a reboot, iCue and other lighting software were able to see the 22 LEDs from my ROG 3060Ti v2. Hope it helps!
  3. On my end, I just installed Armoury Crate without Aura Creator, configured my "Hardware lighting" correctly, and both my GPU and Motherboard appeared in iCue once I ticked the "Enable Plugins" in iCue. It seems that the Asus plugin is preinstalled in iCue now.
  4. Hello, I just upgraded to the latest iCue 4, and upgraded all my Asus Aura SDKs for both my motherboard and GPU. They both are working beautifully in iCue. However, old games integrations, like Far Cry 5 or Division 2 don't light up the GPU (the motherboard, though, yes). New games, like Far Cry 6 does. Could the Corsair team update old game integration profiles to support all new devices? In iCue 3, we could edit those profiles ourselves and update them. It's not the case anymore, sadly. If anyone else have any idea about how to make it work, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
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