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  1. Hello, made a ticket and answered 2 days ago and still got. in answer. Dont know how Long it Takes to reply To my ticket.
  2. Thanks, meant it that i didnt get Till now a answer, so in problem i will wait
  3. Its a Software Problem. Since the update of the dongle the headset wont connect. Did everything what you wrote also in other forums here and everybody says that i Need the older Version of the software so please Send me a older software version of the dongle and everything will be finde. Its really frustrating that this new headset wont connect After just one week i bought it. Please Send me Software that i can downgrade it myselfe Or fix this Issue fast, everybody With the newest version of the dongle and Virtuoso headset has this problem.
  4. Thanks but did it already. Problem is the updated driver of the usb dongle. Everything worked fine on newest icue Software. Only since i updated the dongle it wont connect. The button for the pairing is Not working and you ganz click it. I think the newest dongle Software is the Problem, everything works fine only the pairing. Maybe with a older Software file it will work, but the software anybody from corsair needs to Send me
  5. Did it and nothing Happens. Its a software problem please give a older version of the Software or repair it
  6. Hello, After Update of the icue Software and the dongle and virtuoso, ist wont connect in Wireless mode. In usb mode everything works, only Wireless is not working anymore since update. Need fast help please. Everything is on the newest Software update
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