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  1. ok thanks alot for the info 🙂 i was baging my head trying to figure it out lol
  2. So, my PC has 7 fans plus the AIO cooler. Am i right in thinking that the ICUE software ONLY supports upto 6 fans to run in sequence? so if i have 7 fans then the 7th fan there is no way to have it run in sequence with the other 6!? If so, his is rather limiting considering one of best things about the ICUE is the sequence mode & with modern RGB builds usually way exceeding 6 fans its rather limiting. I also have 2x LS100 RGB Strips.
  3. can anyone help on this issue, if not how do i get support? thanks
  4. Hi guys! As per title. I have 7 RGB fans (QL), 2 Corsair RGB Strips as well as the H100i Elite Capellix AIO which has its own RGB hub that it has to connect to? How do i connect all my RGB so they sync with ICUE, i.e. so if i choose a Link lighting option then they all work in sequence? I have 2x Lighting Node Pro & i have 2x Lighting Node Core, And i also have the RGB hub that comes with the Capellix. Ideally i would like to have all fans connected to the Capellix RGB hub but i can only connect up to 6 fans & i have 7, but then i don't know how to add the RGB strips so it all works in sequence? I was thinking i may need the Commander Pro but hoping it can be done with what i already have? Thanks in advance guys :)
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