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  1. Do a search on Amazon for "Corsair CP-8920245 Premium" If that's what you need ?
  2. Evening. I am building 9 fans inc H150i Elite Capellix cooler into a 5000D Airflow case I have 2x packs of 3 of QL120 RGB and the 3x fans included with the H150i I also have .... a Commander Pro (bought separately) 2x Lighting Node CORE (included with QL120 RGB packs) 1x Commander CORE (included with H150i) I plan on using 3x QL120 RGB fans in front panel (1- Bottom, 2- Middle, 3- Top) I plan on mounting H150i at top of case with its bundled fans as "pull" on top of rad and 3x QL120 RGB fans as "push" underneath rad ([push under rad 4- Front, 5- Middle, 6- Back] ; [pull above rad 7- Back, 8- Middle, 9- Front]) I would like to have the ability to control each fan separately (RGB and fan speed) but also to link RGB lighting effects through all fans individually or sequentially. Also in the mix will be RGB RAM and built in motherboard RGB. 1) Do I just follow the connection diagram attached 2) Do the push and pull fans require connecting to the same Commander CORE Thanks
  3. Thanks , I have ordered these on Amazon ... 3x Corsair CP-8920245 Premium Individually Sleeved PCIe (Single Connector) Cables Type 4 Gen 4 – White 1x CORSAIR Premium Individually Sleeved ATX 24-Pin Cable Type 4 Gen 4 – White 1x Corsair Premium Individually Sleeved EPS12V/ATX12V Cables – Type 4 Gen 4 – White along with some additional combs You have been a great help 👍
  4. Great, thankyou 🙂 I note that within the PSU accessory bag there are 3x PCIe 8pin cables, which is handy .... although each has a dual end on which... a) look messy b) are quite bulky with the extra unused 8pin plug "flapping" around Would you recommend using 3x separate 8pin PCIe cables (separate purchase , one for each power socket on 3080) or connect as pictured with one cable supplying 2x power sockets and the other cable supplying 1x power socket on 3080 ? Many thanks for your reply
  5. Hi and afternoon. After many years of being a console gamer , I am starting my 2nd PC build. It is a big step from my first PC build which was from the Pentium P3-450 era lol 😄 A lot of time has passed since then (and technology) so I started to get myself a few things on my shopping list..... Can you confirm that the following connections on my RM 850x PSU are the correct ones to connect my Geforce 3080 into ? Many thanks 🙂
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