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  1. Thanks for the info. I actually can't easily have the PC out in the open, so I have asked the person who built the cabinet for me to make some mods. I have also now ordered a 5000d, so will treat what I have learnt so far as good experience for that build. In addition to the temps that I have recorded previously, I changed the fan orientation so they are pulling air in, so all positive. Updated temps below....again all on Hydro X profile, which seem to really up the fan speed when the water temp is >40C. The only configuration that hasn't resulted in the fans ramping up is full negative pressure outside of the cabinet, so it looks like negative gives you the thermal performance without creating a racket. What would you recommend the config be for the 5000d? I see that Jayztwocents had the front fans pulling in fresh, with the side and top rad mounted fans exhausting!?
  2. So this is actually the second iteration of this build in less than a week. My first config was as you described; front intake and top exhaust. At the moment, this config is all exhaust.
  3. Thanks for the advice LeDoyen. I have repeated the tests with the PC out in the open. Results are below. I should say that the fan curves have been set to Hydro X at all times. Fixed speeds would probably have been a bit more of an apples to apples comparison. So the temps are better. I think the coolant temp is the critical result here. An ~11C decrease resulted in the fans running slower, which is why there is only a 6/7C decrease in CPU and GPU temps. I guess my next question would be - are the second set of results what you would expect to see? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I'm completely new to water cooling, and new to the forum, so please be gentle. I recently installed a Hydro X XH305i kit, featuring an XC7 CPU block and A-N-other brand of GPU block. The flow path of the system is pump/res > GPU > 360 rad > CPU > 360 rad > pump/res. Could anyone give me a steer on the temps I should be seeing. Honestly, given that my CPU temp was maxing out in the 50's with my AIO, I was expecting better. I'm also concerned about the coolant temps. I have a feeling that my setup may be sub optimal because I have the case in a fairly enclosed area. Ambient temp is ~22C and all fans are exhausting. Specs are: 5600x 6800XT 32gb RAM P500a Case 2 x 360 rads XC7 CPU block XD5 pump Thanks in advance for the help. Ignore the temps on the sensor panel. I have started to test the effects of increasing airflow with a tower fan.
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