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  1. I just tried plugging it into my MoBo and it didn't work either. I'm pretty sure the commander pro is dead. This is really disappointing. Off to submit an RMA.
  2. I just built a brand new, RGB decked out PC. It's really awesome but managing all the fans and RGB has been a pain. I have the Lian Li 011 Dynamic with 9 QL fans. Three are used with my AIO (Kraken Z73) and work great but the other six I have routed through a Commander Pro. I also used the Node Cores included with the QLs to link up the RGB. Initially I had the Cores plugged in via the Commander Pro but found that the USB passthrough doesn't work well at the moment. So I found the NZXT USB Hub. I decided to get it in order to save from more heartache. I got it today and installed it. I plugged both Cores and the Commander Pro into it. Then I turned on my PC and the fans saw no movement. I opened iQue and only the Cores showed up (before the Commander Pro showed up). I have double checked all connections and can find no issue. The only other thing I did was install an adapter to connect my Lian Li Strimer Cables to the Commander Pro but I doubt that could be the issue. I haven't tried connecting the Commander Pro back into the MB but I may try that next. This is incredibly disappointing as I wanted to avoid having to write this but if anyone could let me know if they've had a similar issue, I'd love that. Thanks. Setup: CPU: 5900X GPU: 3080 FTW3 Ultra Motherboard: Crosshair VIII Dark Hero RAM: 2x16 (32GB) G.Skill Triden Neo AIO: NZXT Kraken Z73 PSU: Superflower Leadex III 850w Fans: 9x Corsair QL RGB Hub: 2x Corsair Node Cores Fan Hub: Corsair Commander Pro Misc: Lian Li 24 Pin Strimer Plus Lian Li 3x8 Pin Strimer Plus Lian Li Lighting Hub EZDIY-FAB Adapter Cable for Corsair Lighting Node Pro and for Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Case Layout ------------------------ | AIO (Out) In | | In | | In In In In | ------------------------ In Wires ↓ In Wires ↓ In Wires → First Node Core RGB Headers In Wires → Commander Pro Fan Headers In Wires ↑ In Wires ↑ Out RGB ↓ Out RGB → Second Node Core Out RGB ↑ Out Fan ↓ Out Fan → AIO Fan Headers Out Fan ↑ Lian Li Lighting Hub WS2812B LED Control Signal → EZDIY-FAB Cable EZDIY-FAB Cable → Commander Pro LED Headers First Node Core ↓ Second Node Core → NZXT Internal USB Hub Commander Pro ↑ NZXT Internal USB Hub → Mobo USB 2 Header
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