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  1. Made a quick static background for New World, space on the right is for a clock, because dang.... one can lose track of time in that game. Trying to figure out what I want to do for an animated one, but that'll probably happen at some point...
  2. To my knowledge, you can't. The directions seem to imply that the intent is you follow the sizing templates and use photoshop if you want to create something customized. See: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046925812-Set-up-custom-screens-and-elements-in-the-iCUE-NEXUS-Companion-touchscreen
  3. Happy Diablo 2 Resurrected day - have some nexus backgrounds in the new and old styles. 🙂
  4. And Buldur's Gate 3: and a generic version without labels:
  5. And one for Divinity II: Original Sin, again with and without buttons:
  6. I use a 7.5W Anker Qi charger with mine. (Specifically, the "PowerWave 10 Dual Pad".) I've never tried to really time it to see exactly how long it takes, but it seems to be at least a couple hours. I typically just leave it on the charger over night, never had a problem with it. It definitely charges faster via USB-C.
  7. And here's one for The Ascent, with and without the buttons:
  8. Here's one for destiny 2. Apparently cuescreens aren't allowed as attachments, so you'll have to do some set up... Bind Roster, Quests, and Inventory to some key command in destiny 2 settings. (by default, they're not set to anything. I did Shift+R, Shift+Q, and Shift+I) Add buttons in icue and record macros for whatever you bound them to (leave text and icon off, just assign them to macros) I added a clock to the right of ghost. To match the color of the buttons/text, use R: 196, G: 197, B:200 EDIT: And in case you want the ghost without buttons:
  9. Just got my new Nexus, and so far enjoying it... Thought I'd share the background I created since I wanted a kinda simple burnt orange thing with just a bit of movement to it. May make some otherthings now that I have a template created for it with the divider widths and such... Thanks for this thread though, some of the earlier contributions were a good start.
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