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  1. @DevBiker Thanks for the detailed install. I'm building my first custom loop with this case, and obviously a little bit overwhelmed now. I did have a question in regards to hook ups. I have a XR7 with 3 LL 120's in the top, XR5 3 LL120's (plus 1 to fill gap) in the side, and a XD7 plate in the front, with another LL 120 to fill that gap. So a total of 8 LL 120's & 1 140 (rear exhaust). I'm trying to figure out how I would hook these up with what I have or if I need to buy another controller. Besides the CoPro XT and the PWM hub, I also have a iCUE lighting Node Pro & RGB Lighting Hub. Also bought a pack of PWM splitters. Am I good or am I going to be short spaces?
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