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  1. Okay! Thank you very much for helping me 😄
  2. Oh, okay, my version is 3.38.61. And somehow, my mouse showed up in devices, bit still not my kyeboard.
  3. I tried installing the iCue version made especially for macOS, that one said i had a too new iMac, and when i tried the other two versions, of the mouse and keyboard i have, and they both said i needed a software to open iCue. So they all didn't work. So i still can't figure out which one magically was downloaded this morning. Sorry if my replys are a bit vague.
  4. I kinda forgot which version i installed, is it possible to see in the program/software itself? And i have the K55 RGB Pro keyboard and Harpoon RGB Pro mouse, both wired.
  5. I tried to download iCue on Big Sur yesterday, didn't work for some reason. Today, i started up my Mac and idk how, but i had iCue downloaded. I was excited and i immediately opened it. My problem is, it says there are no devices connected. Do you have to connect them, somehow, to the software (if you get what i mean), or do they have to be connected to your mac? Cause i connected them to my Mac via a dock, but tthey still didn't show up in the iCue software.
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