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  1. Great support, I should try a soft reset. That's a big cover-up for incompetence. But not from support, but from the software programmers. today the dongle in the icue4 app got another firmware v5.5.102 same ****.
  2. Since the problem is known, I would have expected the support to react faster. I have received the confirmation mail, but in my account it says that I do not have a support ticket. Apparently the service is as bad as the software they deliver. If the headphones don't work again on Tuesday, I will send them back. Unfortunately, I already have to give a bad rating because the description makes everyone fall into the trap, even if the headphones are actually good.
  3. Oh my God, I stepped in the same shit. I hope the German support is faster than the forum. I was able to use the headset for 20 minutes. After so much research, I guess I chose the wrong manufacturer after all. With any other manufacturer, you can download the FW yourself, here it seems to be a company secret. I hope for a quick solution, otherwise they will go straight back to the dealer with a corresponding evaluation.
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