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  1. Thanks for info. I did some more research over YouTube and forums, It seems to power AIO pump RGB you need power from 5 pin SATA cable, I have connected SATA cable to RGB controller, but the connector which takes power to RGB controller has only 4 wires connected to PCB. So because of that it not being illuminated. Please refer to attached image. If check red box marked in image, RGB controller has only 4 pins. I think that may be the problem, but I am not sure.
  2. Thanks. How much time usually takes for RMA ? I understand it will take more time due to pandemic... Any suggestions for CPU cooler for Ryzen 5900x till replacement arrives. I have GAMMAXX 400 PRO from my old build. Will this be sufficient for Ryzen 5900x for time being. P.S I don't do overclocking. Right now AIO maintains CPU temperatures at 33-40 degrees Celsius .
  3. Update : RGB for fans is working now ... If I plug RGB cable from AIO pump to daisy chain cable , depending on which number I plug, Fans RGB stops working.. AIO pump RGB Plug Location wise 1) Plug No 1 : All 3 fans on Radiator stop illuminating. 2) Plug No 2 : Only 1 Fan illuminates other two don't 3) Plug No 3: 2 Fans illuminates. 4) Plug no 4: All 3 fans illuminate. But AIO pump header doesn't illuminate in any of cases. Thanks for the help till now.
  4. Hello, Can someone please let me know what is optimal DRAM voltage for CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3600MHz Memory CMK16GX4M1Z3600C18 ? I was running it at 3600Mhz. But due to constant system freezes and reboots, I am trying to run at 2666Mhz to see stability of the build. MB: Asus Rog Strix B 550-F CPU: Ryzen 5900X Cooler: Corsair AIO H150 RGB PRO Thanks
  5. I am using Antec B650 Bronze 650W 80 Plus. This is non modular one. I have ordered new one full modular 650W Gold Plus.It will arrive in couple of days
  6. @c-attack Okay. Right now all fans and pump is running. All RGB illumination is not working with respect to AIO. Case RGB fans are working fine,. I will contact Corsair for Support. @LeDoyen I don't want to overclock. Right now I have 650w PSU non modular one, just wanted to make sure PSU is enough for the Build. Thanks for input. Will keep posted with updates.
  7. Thanks for help. This diagram may help to understand what is happening and what may be the problem, At start I connected AIO pump RGB cable to these connectors on MB (11 both headers -Non Addressable RGB header +12V)) directly. After that I connected cable provided by corsair(Which has 1,2,3,4 numbered Slots) to Case's RGB controller. And Case RGB controllers cable to MB 10(Addressable RGB header +5V). At this point 3 Radiators RGB was working fine and AIO Pump was running except Illumination. Today I tried to connect corsair cable directly to No 10 on MB, so no illumination of all radiator fans and pump, So I again reconnected in same way as above. Now all RGB lights on radiator fans are not illuminated.
  8. I have AIO pump header on ASUS Rog Strix B550-F MB and AIO pump is connected to it and it works fine.. I tried to connect to connect RGB cable on ARGB header of Motherboard. Now RGB Radiator Fans also stopped illuminating. So in brief, now all illumination with respect to AIO has stopped working CPU boot error : I have already resolved this , I just mentioned it to give idea that one Fan from radiator is connected to CPU Fan header on MB. Case : Antec DF700 has RGB controller on back(Previously I had connected all 3 RGB Radiator fans to this RGB controller). I have total 5 fans from the case apart from 3 Radiator fans. From total 8 fans I had connected 6 to RGB controller of the case. As you have mentioned that it may be voltage issue, as MB requires additional 8+4 pin EPS connector. My current PSU doesn't have the additional ATX connector. So I am waiting for new PSU to be delivered. Once I install new PSU will check how it goes. Will keep you posted with the progress. .
  9. No Problem, I had also got confused in first place, I had ordered it online, Once it arrived It was even hard to fine manual as well, Thanks to Corsair they had sent a QR Code. Yes. Pump is connected to No.4 on that wire right now. 1-2 Two fans are connected. 1 Fan I have connected to CPU fan header on Motherboard so that Motherboard won't give error on BIOS POST . I will try your suggestion and keep you posted. Thanks a lot for the help, If I don't get any solution I will reach to Corsair Support.
  10. Hey, I found this text in product description The CORSAIR H150 RGB all-in-one liquid CPU cooler delivers strong, dependable cooling and stunning RGB lighting. A high surface-area 360mm radiator dissipates heat and three CORSAIR SP120 RGB ELITE PWM fans provide superior cooling performance. Each fan boasts CORSAIR AirGuide technology to channel concentrated airflow and optimize cooling, against the colorful backdrop of eight individually addressable RGB LEDs on each fan and 13 on the pump head. Control your lighting with +5V ARGB motherboard control, or use CORSAIR iCUE software to synchronize RGB lighting (requires a CORSAIR iCUE RGB controller, sold separately). With full LGA 1200/115X/2066 and AM4 compatibility, a three-year warranty, and easy installation into almost any case, the H150 RGB makes your PC a liquid-cooled light show. This is why I was trying to connect RGB wire from AIO pump to motherboard RGB header. Thanks and Regards
  11. Check this out https://linustechtips.com/topic/1281113-corsair-h150i-elite-capellix9-fan-set-up-diagram-help/
  12. Thanks for the help. My AIO has two already connected cables coming out from it. It doesn't have USB connector. I am attaching picture of contents of box. Can you please look and check whether I need to use cable from this kit(Cable just below the AIO in the picture) ? AIO : https://www.corsair.com/kr/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/RGB-Liquid-CPU-Coolers/p/CW-9060054-WW Regards
  13. Hello, Hope you doing good. I recently bought Corsair H150 RGB AIO Liquid Cooler(360 MM) couple of days back. Since installation, Pump lights are not illuminated even after trying to connect RGB cable to different RGB headers on Motherboard( ASUS Strix ROG B550-F). I even tried to connect with my case's RGB panel but same issue(Case: Antec DF700).Even iCue software is not able to detect AIO. Fans and AIO pump is running as per motherboard. Can someone let me know what could be possible problem? Thanks.
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