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  1. If you were seriously dissatisfied with the cooler and were planning to replace it anyway would it really matter? You'd get warnings if the pump did start to break surely (rising temperatures) and you could stop using the PC/go ahead with the replacement?
  2. This mod is extremely intriguing. Obviously Corsair won't recommend this but definitely something I'm going to keep my eye on. If you and any other adopters of this mod could keeps updated that would be great. You're our guinea pigs 😄 Btw, if anyone from Corsair is reading this: isn't this the kind of thing you could have been doing? You did state the pump won't work at lower RPMs, but has this actually been tested? Surely you could have done something similar to what posters here have done manually and run experiments on our behalf. Who knows, maybe you'll get proved wrong and the pumps can indeed be cut lower? @FireWarner @Doggy How different/how much better are the noise levels now?
  3. What exactly will a ticket achieve? People have already RMA'd the AIO and had the same problem - it's either a fundamental problem in the design of the pump and/or a consequence of high minimum pump speeds. Based on the reports in this thread (including RMAs) and the line from one of the Corsair reps about the minimum pump speed needing to be high due to the AIO's impedance I'm quite confident in saying *all* the Capellix pumps are affected by this equally. It's just that some people are more sensitive to it than others, particularly if you have a quiet or silence optimised system already.
  4. Thanks for the response. I totally agree. Can't believe the Capellix passed quality control like this to be honest.
  5. Is the Pro definitely silent (or legitimately close to silent) on its low pump mode? I read some complaints online about the Pro's fans but I don't really understand why since they're also ML and surely adjustable? I'm also going to have to downgrade from the Capellix's hellish pump noise but I don't want to just end up with a new problem.
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