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  1. Bumping again, still having this problem, still no reply from support whatsoever.
  2. Yeah I'm not sure what else I can do tbh. I've tried every avenue of contact other then phone support, and I'm not doing that because of international rates. I absolutely love this headset but I'll be forced to return it if I can't get any support.
  3. Bumping up again, no reply still, really hoping to get wireless working again on my headset
  4. Can I get this too please? I'm having the exact same problem, emailed support with no reply, posted here, told to DM someone...nada.
  5. I've got this issue with a brand new virtuoso headset. As far as I can see, the only way to fix it is to try your best to get corsair to send you the firmware
  6. Going to bump this up just incase, because I've replied to Corsair Kelsi but not had a reply with the firmware
  7. I am having this same firmware issue, I've contacted customer support but I've had no response. This was an expensive, brand new headset and I'm not happy at all
  8. My headset updated the firmware through iCUE software the other night, and since this has happened, the lights blink red on the mic and on the wireless dongle. I can't connect my headset to the wireless dongle. I believe the dongle needs a firmware update, but the iCUE software simply does not update the firmware when you try and force an update. Pairing is constantly greyed out on the dongle, and if you try and pair via the headset menu, it hangs forever. The firmware on my headset is v. 0.19.157, the dongle shows as v. 5.4.99 I've had this headset for two weeks, and I'm not happy that I can no longer use it wirelessly. I emailed customer support at the start of the week and have recieved no response. Having searched the forum for info, I see this is not a new problem for this headset, but people get told to message to recieve firmware? Why is this firmware not readily available?
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