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  1. hell yah. they are all working now. thankyou so much. one more question. my motherboard isnt showing up on the icue home anymore. how can i get that back up there?
  2. thankyou for the link. but where did you get the actual os from to install? or am i just missing it on that link?
  3. the fans are all plugged in from numbers 1 to 6. on number 6 i do have a splitter so i can use the 7th fan as well
  4. hi there. i am new to the forum. this is actually my first post. i just built a new computer and everything is working perfectly fine. but i have 7 corsair fans. and i had them all lit and working perfectly fine. i started playing around in icue and now only 3 of the fans are lit. so i tried rearranging the rgb fan cords on the rgb pro hub and i just cant get them all to light up. i thought i might have a bad rgb hub so i tried another one and only 3 lights up still. i rearranged the rgb plugs in every possible combination and i get nothing. as for the fans i have 2 different kinds. Fans - 4 corsair ml140 pro rgb 140mm Fans - 3 corsair sp120 rgb pro 120mm im not sure if the specs of the computer will help but here they are. Motherboard - asus rog strix z490-e gaming Hdd - samsong 970 evo plus 1tb nvme m. 2 Hdd - western digital 1tb ssd Ram - corsair vengeance rgb pro 64gb ddr4 Sound card - sound blaster x ae-5 rgb Video card - evga GeForce rtx 8gb 2060 super Gpu riser - asus rog strix riser pcie 3.0 Case - asus rog strix helios gx601 Fans - 4 corsair ml140 pro rgb 140mm Fans - 3 corsair sp120 rgb pro 120mm Psu - asus rog thor 850w rgb Cpu - Intel i9 10900k 10gen Cpu cooler - nzxt z73 aio 360mm liquid cooler Os - windows 10 pro workstation Keyboard - mad catz strike 5 Mouse - razor ourouboros Optical drives - blu-ray DVD burner External hdd - Seagate 2tb external hdd Controller - Xbox one remote
  5. is windows 11 a free upgrade like how 10 was? also where did you get windows 11 from?
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